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"Life is Weird"
StatusOn and Off
BasesTerminal Base
GriefsNo Griefs
Alternative AccountsNone
CurrentThe -Xiled

Medicated_ joined 2b2t in mid 2019 as a complete noob to Minecraft, having zero experience previously with the game. He spent the first few weeks wondering around spawn "flattening" areas in order to make them more traversable for his inevitable death and respawn. At first, he only used iron pickaxes as to not risk losing anything too 'valuable' to players patrolling the greater spawn regions.

After some time of doing this he eventually setup a small rest-stop type of base at -2222 on the Western Highway. Acquired a hack client and began learning how it functioned, and taking advantage of the fact the AutoFish functions could keep him logged in for days at a time while providing much needed food for himself and other new players passing through the highly trafficked area. After many deaths Medicated_ made a foolish mistake of putting a bed near the -2222 base and was bed-trapped for sometime until a random passerby freed him.

After this experience he decided to travel further down the Western Highway, stumbling on many ruins and abandoned farms, repairing some along the way, terraforming & cleaning loose blocks as well. On his way down the -X highway he discovered a Cathedral that later became known as the "Terminal Base". For some time He would travel between -50k on the Western Highway to -2222 and back, stopping at Terminal base to afk on each trip, repairing rest stops and replenishing farms.

Eventually the events of the 3 phases of the Terminal Base played out and Medicated_ stopped playing in late 2021 only to return in 2023 upon the servers Update.

He is loosely associated with the group known as "The -Xiled" and is often found AFK fishing somewhere along the -X Western Highway.