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The Turuvan Empire (also known as the Turuvan Khanate, Turuvan Khagnate, and the Turuvan Sultanate), is a Sunni Muslim, Turco-Mongol group in Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server, 2b2t. The group or empire was founded by Akhmet Turuvan, a newfag 2b2t player from Kazakhstan. The empire was founded in 2020 as a relatively low profile group composed mainly of Akhmet’s personal friends from Kazakhstan. He is commonly referred to as Sultan Akhmet, Turuvan Khan, Emir Akhmet Tururvan, Sheikh Akhmet Turuvan, among others.

Banner of the Turuvan Empire
Akhmet Turuvan himself

The empire started small with only about 15 players, until it grew to a massive 300 players in just a matter of a 1 year, thanks to advertisements of the group being all over Central Asian internet, becoming one of the most influential groups in 2b2t, encompassing a wide range of bases, (or as they claim to be cities). Approximately they have about 120 known bases.


Government Style

The khanate was known for being extremely controversial among regular 2b2t players. The group is notorius for having a strong govenment in which they rule the populous of their bases, which is very uncommon for 2b2t groups. The government is ruled by the Sultan himself, every year he picks the most pious and dedicated of the group to be elected into the Sultan’s Court or Court of the Khan. In the court, members would analyize situations that the population is going through. They would come up with solutions to said problem in the form of a bill, the bill gets carried to the Khan, if the Khan approves, it becomes law. There are many subsections of the court, part of the court is dedicated to Sharia or Islamic law, parts of the court are dedicated to traditional Mongol law, called the Yassa, and so on and so forth. There are about 253 different laws spanning all the 120 bases of the Turuvan empire. The laws are split into 3 groups as mentioned before, Sharia Law, Yassa Law, and General Law.

Jizya Tax

One very controversial aspect about the group is it’s treatment of non-muslims. In the bases of the empire, non-muslims are often called dhimmis, and are subjected to the jizya tax. The jizya tax occurs every 3 months, in which non-muslims are forced to give up to 10% of their rarest coolest items to the Sultanate’s authorites (called Soliders of the Khan) ; those confiscated items would be sold, and revenue would be used for the building of new bases. The rate of the tax would vary depending on how wealthy the dhimmi is in rare items,if the dhimmi cannot pay, other dhimmis would be forced to contriute on his behalf. Refusal to pay the tax would result in jail time for 3-5 days (real life days). Refusal to pay the tax a second time will result in jail time for 10-15 days (real life days), refusal to pay the tax for a third time would result in slave labor for 30-60 days (real life days).

Law Breaking

Violations of the laws were in general very harsh for an anarchy server,

  • You could be punished for taking something that someone accidentally dropped.
  • You can be punished for going on raids and conquests, and griefings without the permission of the Court of the Khan or a commanding officer in the Soliders of the Khan.
  • You can be punished for eating pork and NOT killing swine on sight.
  • You can be punished for building a house without permission or participating in building of the base without permission.
  • You can be punished for disrespecting or not showing respect to a Soldier or Court member, or even a Turk or Mongol in general regardless of the circumstance, being a non-muslim and disrespecting an actual muslim would have you be executed.
  • If you intentionally lie to someone, that someone can report you and you would be executed on the spot by a Soldier.
  • You can even be punished for stealing items from players chests.

These are only some of the many laws that, in violation, carry a punishment. The actual punishment can range from paying a fine (in rare minecraft items) to jail time to slave labor, to execution. Executions were harsh in that the soldiers would find your house and destroy your bed, so that when they kill you, you cannot respond there, you start all the way at spawn, hundreds of thousands of chunks away.

Soldiers of the Khan

The Soldiers of the Khan are the strongest military force in 2b2t as of now. Every year Turuvan Khan holds a tournament to see who can become a soldier, it quickly became one of the most popular pvp tournaments in 2b2t, with hundreds coming in to participate, many of which were from Central Asia, new to the server like most members of the Empire, which caused problems for server lag at spawn and nearly started an incursion, regular 2b2t players were killing a lot of them at spawn. Which prompted the Khan to organize volunteers from the Empire to build a massive highway from spawn to Khanistan (capital base of the Turuvan Empire) so that contestants for the tournament would not have to encounter the autistic foolery that goes on at Spawn. Despite threats from 2b2t players to blow up the highway, it is regularly guarded by Soliders of the Khan, as it is apart of their rigid morning routine to guard the highway for a few hours, than attend to their duties at Turuvan Bases. At the end of brutal combat pvp and acrobatic tournament, the top 25 are the ones who become soldiers, as of now there are 75 Soldiers of the Khan stationed across all 120 bases of the Turuvan empire. Thanks to the jizya tax, they are supplied with rare armor and tools, combined with their highly advanced pvp prowess, makes them some of the most feared in 2b2t history. When Fitmc stumbled across one of their most populated bases, Mojizalar, he challenged 7 of the Soldiers of the Khan stationed there to pvp matches, in which he lost all of them, pretty badly as well. It is said that if the Soldiers of the Khan fought on the side of Veterans during the 2016 Rusher war, the war would have ended in a week.


The bases of the Turuvan Empire contain some of the most beautiful architectural achievements of the Automation period of 2b2t. The capital base of the Empire, Khanistan, contains a beautiful Mosque, known as Beýik Hanyň Metjidi, the Great Khan’s Mosque in Turkmen. It also contains the beautiful Sultan’s palace in which Turuvan Khan himself lives in, built in calcite blocks, it was built to replicate a traditional turkic or mongol nomadic tent. The base contains beautiful courthouse buildings built in persian styles, even the regular inhabitants of the base have nice looking houses, bulit in Turkish, Persian, and Arabic styles, however most live in houses built in the style of Mongol tents. There are street markets in which people sell golden apples, carrots as well as other vegetables. There are beautiful looking mosques in every corner of the base, people speak multiple languages, among the languages people speak in the base you will read, Turkmen, Mongol, Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkish, Kyrgz, Farsi, Arabic, and others, these are also commonly spoken in Discord groups related to Turuvan bases, rarely you will hear English. The place quickly became a tourist attraction in 2b2t, and thanks to the 20 Soldiers of the Khan stationed there, and the strong resilience of the population, it is very difficult to grief. Most of the 120 bases function like this, although they are not as magnificent in scale as Khanistan. Unlike many 2b2t groups, the 120 bases of the Turuvan Empire are very close to each other, distances between bases range from 2,500 to just 53 chunks away from each other. This would be considered suicidal for other 2b2t groups as instead of one, multiple bases run the risk of being griefed. However because of how well protected the bases were with high-skilled pvp soldiers, and a very fiesty populace willing to fight, in addition to fortified walls, the risk became minimal.

Conflict with the 2b2t community

Because of the way the Turuvan Empire functions, it was disliked by the majority of 2b2t players, the laws, the governance, them being Central Asian Muslims, it was called for the bases to be griefed. The Turuvan Empire was subjected to mulitple skrimishes and battles with angry 2b2t players wishing to grief the bases, but because the Soldiers of the Khan were so powerful, and the normal players in the bases fought back, all those attempts were squashed in just a few hours. That being said there are many groups lobbying for the complete annihilation of the Turuvan Empire, with many placing bounties on entire bases being griefied with prices ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 in real life money. There is currently a lot of tension between Turuvans and 2b2t griefers, the Sultan/Khan has stated if another major griefing attack occured on any base, he threatened to go to war and grief every single base of those responsible, the last major attack on a Turuvan base involved 15 griefers. A war like this can easily become massive, creating incursions, and causing chaos on the server not seen after 2016. Knowing the cost of the massive wars and incursions that can be followed from these back and forth threats, Hausemaster has asked for peace between the Turuvan Empire and the angry 2b2t players.