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"fuck elmo"
JoinedJune 2022
Alternative AccountsBabaFluentry

Fluentry is a newFag, known for helping lead the group Pnuema out of its infancy. His Specialty is Redstone and Building, but after joining Pnuema, he took a more active leadership role. Having no real enemies, Fluentry try's to stay out of drama the best he can.


Fluentry first joined the server June 2022, after he watched countless videos online of the servers anarchy. When he first logged on, he was successfully able to make his way to the Eastern Highway, and began his journey out of spawn. On this Highway, Fluentry would run into the player oofplux who was a well established player at the time. He would receive a notch apple from oofplux which he used to help him escape Spawn. After about 2 weeks of playing Fluentry would become inactive for about a year and a half.

In January of 2024, Fluentry would return to 2b2t after he saw a salC1 video. When he joined, he was still on his own, stash hunting. After about 2 weeks stash hunting, Fluentry decided that he wanted to join a group. After seeing the player notjohnless advertise his group in chat, Fluentry decided that he would give it a try. Fluentry got along very well with notjohnless and another member HitTheDash, and soon he would be basing with them.

In April of 2024, Fluentry would Leave Pnuema and Create his own group called the Crusaders. They would focus on a more chill gameplay on 2b2t and more importantly make friends


Fluentry had a huge impact on the growth of Pnuema. When he joined the group in January 2024, Fluentry was one of 4 members. He was able to gain trust quickly and was promoted to Senior Member, where he would help build an assortment of redstone farms, and create a map art that Pnuema used for recruiting.

After giving countless hours of work to Pnuema he would then be promoted to Veteran, were he would join the base Orion, which was named after the constellation. This base would be his first true home on the server.

After building more farms and doing more builds, Fluentry was brought into the Pnuema inner-circle as an executive. There he would help as the groups ambassador to other groups. With his help Pnuema was able to resolve issues with the Imperials and also maintain alliances with Donfuer and Emperium. Fluentry would also help to resolve any infighting that happened among the groups members which allowed for various Projects to happen.

In Early April, Fluentry along with many other Veteran Pnuema Members were surprised when a player named MahiroKaname located the base Orion while stash hunting. This sent the group into a panic as they moved countless shulkers of gear to a safe location. Following this incident, notjohnless became more strict and uptight about how Pnuema was run. This led members to start fighting one another, and made Fluentry realize that the group he used to know was changing.

Fluentry decided that his best course of action was to create a group of his own, the Crusaders, that would be a lot more chill and fun. The group would be what Pnuema originally was founded to do, and would give members more freedom to do what they choose. After notjohnless found out about Fluentry's group, he and the other members kicked Fluentry and other Pnuema members from the group they deemed security risks. Fluentry Holds no grudge against any Pnuema members, and remains close friends with many of them.

Present Day

Fluentry is in the process of growing his group, and holds no grudge against any Pnuema members, and remains close friends with many of them. The Crusaders, are a group that will focus on the fun and friendships rather than the actual monetization of 2b2t.