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EnderNemesisMC is a player inspired by The Valkyria Story, a content creator. It began in December 2019, starting with a hoax on a poster putting a different date than the one that was at that time, why did he do such an act? At that time his user name was different from now, it was called xEntityNemesis and he signed with his next name not yet created. It's easy to understand when he studied before entering his first time in the server that he must cheat if he should publish videos, at that time Youtube was full of videos about 2b2t, he saw how the community began to hate Hispanics and did not want to increase that hatred, so he thought "I better invent a date for two months from now in case someone goes to the coordinates" His personality is mysterious, in how he has calculated step by step his paths so as not to be seen and when he wants to be "easy prey" for something in particular, he has prepared himself enough to play inside the server and being quite crazy inside Minecraft, keeping his solitary nature without having friendships in 2b2t, he knows not to trust anyone, he is known for his Suicide Explorer series.

Inside the 2b2t server he has demonstrated that he doesn't care about dying for other players, since he was already informed about how the environment and the community was toxic, he didn't care, while he has missions to explore, see ruins where he once was a city he will have reason to return again and again without any limits. He is too suspicious if someone approaches his position, in his videos he shows how he rarely meets others, why he knows where to go, he is often in the Spawn, as he said at the time "Why do I want to form a base if sooner or later they are going to destroy it? "Why the hell do I need to be like the rest of the people in the Kit if I am not from pvp? Is it obligatory to be like the others?" "Wherever I go I don't need to equip myself at all, I am going to die constantly, that is what I have in mind, I live in the Spawn, while the rest try to escape, I adapt to those places even more, I am already very comfortable among so much ruin"

His group called Las Sombras had it in mind since May as an alternative if he hadn't entered Zispanos, he didn't send any more forms after accepting the refusal to be an extra member, that's why he already had in mind to create a group adapted to his mind, now it has opened on 01/06/2020 with everything officially prepared.

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