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"If I were an admin [on the 2b2t wiki], I would probably go through an autistic powertrip"
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JoinedApril 7, 2018
BasesZiggurat base, Elliot's very sad tower, Cobble City
Alternative AccountsYouKnowTheDeal (Until early 2019)
Current2b2t Wiki
Past2b2t Space Force
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EllioTricks, formerly and more widely known ElliotRodger523 and with the current account name Nakba, was a newfag that joined during the Sixth Incursion via AntVenom. He is most notable for his contribution to the 2b2t Wiki, with a total of 2,000 edits on the current wiki as of March 30, 2021. He was also a former wiki administrator and bureaucrat.


The Ziggurat
Build at Cobble City
EllioTricks joined sometime after AntVenom uploaded his 2b2t video, "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy...", on April 3, 2018.[1] The earliest screenshot taken by him on the server was taken on April 7, 2018, four days after the video was uploaded. After managing to survive the protected spawn, Elliot found a castle sanctuary about 10,000 blocks from spawn. He helped keep the castle in form for a week but was eventually killed by its supposed owner after destroying his signs. This made Elliot search around the net on how to escape spawn, making him discover the 2b2t wiki, where he would become an active contributor. In May, Elliot started his first true base, Ziggurat base. Named after the structure built in the center of the base. After about 4 months and lots of fishing and enchanting, Elliot got tired of the base and griefed it.

He then traveled to around 160k, 195k in September, and started a new base, the base he first invited people to. One of its members suggested the name "Cobble City", as most of the builds there had been built with stone and cobble. EllioTricks quit 2b2t for a while after being finished with the base, but came back two months later, as he wanted to join a group. He decided to create a few more god sets and started a temp base at about -130k, -120k out in early 2019. He planned to make it an actual base, but decided to grief it after inviting multiple people. Upon griefing the base, he joined a minor group affiliated with the Astral Republic called the 2b2t Space Force, where he participated in base building and had drama with CodeMePlz, a basemate. EllioTricks quit for good in mid-2019 after passing the coordinates of the base to friends of his unaffiliated to the 2b2t Space Force.


Elliot made his first edit to the wiki on May 20, 2018, under the name AutisticBoi27. He used this pseudonym because he didn't want people to discover that he was a total newfag and damaging his ego. Under the summer of 2018, he lost access to the AutisticBoi27 account and created AutisticBoi28, but he would eventually gain access on his main. Elliot became an administrator on the wiki on February 12, 2019, and a bureaucrat on November 29, 2019.

Elliot resigned from his staff position on June 27, 2020. He was the top editor by edit count on the Miraheze wiki, until he was beaten by Melofors.


  • This article was written as EllioTricks' 1,000th edit on the current 2b2t wiki.
  • EllioTricks was the first person who joined after the Rusher War to be promoted to administrator.
  • EllioTricks gave away his main account (Nakba).

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