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Joined 2b2t wiki yesterday, anyways, i have played on 2b2t for 1 year now, so here are some things that I have accomplished:

400k blocks away from spawn, currently making a tower there, hope to make it a city.

Made a small 'room' in which you may shelter 100k or so blocks away from spawn.

Made friends (amazing, I know) including AnzeBlaBla and Blockisuperpsi.

Apparently 0 deaths and 0 kills, to check do !stats De5tr0yr when you go on 2b2t.

Playtime of over 48 hours from what I remember.

Great timing "5 players and an end crystal, I wonder what will happen

5 seconds later*

(not on 2b2t) was banned from a server for aimbot even though i wasn't using it.

hope you have enjoyed reading!