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B4dCompany became part of the 2b2t community in August 2021. In the initial months of gameplay, B4dCompany took on the role of a nomad, immersing themselves in the rich history of 2b2t. Subsequently, B4dCompany joined a group called ‘The Order,’ led by a player known as aodrael.

During the time spent with ‘The Order,’ B4dCompany experienced a string of unsuccessful base ventures, spanning about a month or two. Throughout this period, aodrael frequently discussed DonFuer and D_Loaded, expressing a desire to disrupt their efforts.

Similar to many newcomers, B4dCompany learned about DonFuer through a FitMC video. Becoming increasingly frustrated with aodrael’s talk of griefing and attempts to uncover DonFuer’s base coordinates, B4dCompany reached out to D_Loaded. They shared information about aodrael’s plan to betray and target DonFuer.

Following this, B4dCompany joined ‘The Watchmen’s’ group, facilitated by D_Loaded. This marked the start of B4dCompany’s journey on 2b2t, providing valuable insights into the server’s mechanics. However, their time with ‘The Watchmen’s’ was short-lived due to the group disbanding.

Later on, B4dCompany became a member of DonFuer. Initially, they served as a scout and gradually advanced to the position of noble. B4dCompany played a crucial role in driving DonFuer’s growth and expansion, introducing innovative recruitment ideas that effectively doubled the group’s size.

2/24/2024 B4dCompany left DonFuer due to disagreement between D_loaded & B4dCompany