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The Collective
Purple Collective.png
The Collective Logo
Founded23rd February 2022
Collective Sky, Spleef Championship, The Gathering

The Collective is a project-oriented group based around the goal of creating a space for the more relaxed, mature and less toxic side of the community. The Collective aims to prioritise in-game involvement and activity over status or 'clout'.



The Collective was founded on February 23rd, 2022 at 3 AM by the Collective's Council and Inner Circle. Previous to this they were members of The Imperials, but increasing distrust in higher leadership, past controversies and arduous infighting caused them to reconsider their future in the group. After deciding it was better for them to leave, most of the current active member-base left with them. The people that stayed within Imperials weren't happy about this as it meant that they had to rebuild their presence on 2b2t from scratch, even though Toska and ACABMichael stayed behind to aid with making sure there was a smooth transition between power as the old leaders resigned and new ones were appointed. Certain higher-up Imperials became increasingly harder to work with so eventually the Collective had to break ties completely. The Imperials have remained at odds with The Collective ever since.


Project Collective Sky

Official plan for Collective Sky, including Conquest (To 20 blocks accuracy)


Project Collective Sky was originally conceptualised by penisballs22. Whilst a member Imperials in October of 2021, he created a poorly edited image of the Imperial Dragon logo on top of the Masonic Eclipse spawn logo. He proposed jokingly that the Imperials should create a spawn logo larger than the current largest one, so large in fact that it should completely cover up the 27 million obsidian logo built by the SpawnMasons. While this was impossible at the time, the members of Imperials settled on building a logo roughly 1.2 million obsidian large. This project was titled Project Imperial Sky, or PIS. After this first 1.2 million obsidian structure was completed, a second one was planned which would be the full size original idea. However, the planning took a long time, and the members of Imperials that were planning to construct this final version resigned before it could be launched.

Final Plan

When The Collective was created following this mass resignation, the project was changed to reflect the logo of the new group the members were a part of, and so the Imperial Dragon was discarded and replaced with an adapted version of the Collective logo. The project was renamed to Project Collective Sky.

FitMC Incident

In July of 2022, a player by the name of oofplux approached the planners of Project Collective Sky and proposed to lie about the project's current state and create a story about how it was already in construction when oofplux found and griefed the project's main obsidian stash, which supposedly destroyed the project. The fabricated story was given to the 2b2t YouTuber FitMC, and subsequently appeared in his video about oofplux's attempt to grief the spawn logos of 2b2t[1]. This incident caused the Collective Sky project to be exposed to the 2b2t population well before it was planned to, making construction of the project more risky due to possible saboteurs. oofplux also vowed to (try to) stop this project when it finally reaches construction.


Ranks within The Collective


Toska - Head of the Council and The Collective.


A few of the founding members of The Collective that are responsible for managing group activities. They are responsible for major decision making/voting/group management/admin.

Inner Circle

Mostly founding members of The Collective, trusted with anything.


Experienced, trusted and relied upon members of the group. Although not quite within the Inner Circle.

Operative Second Class

Second class of the Operative rank. There is little difference besides having proven themselves further.

Operative First Class

Fully trusted member of The Collective. Has full access to most of the group's projects and bases.

Initiate Second Class

Second class of the Initiate rank. An Initiate that has proven themselves in trust and compatibility.

Operative First Class

Preliminary member of The Collective. Has access only to lower security aspects of group projects and basing.


Inactive members


Potential member in the process of joining, given to people who have applied but are yet to go through the interview process.

Member List (September 2022)

Former Member List (September 2022)



  • DonFuer
  • Mew Revolution - (Until disbandment)
  • Conquest - (Unofficially collaborating)
  • Omada
  • Southern Canal Association
  • Kingdom of Terrasen
  • Roséa PvP Division
  • The AntiCheat
  • Yttrium
  • Spawn Cleaning Coalition
  • Zaba - (Until disbandment)
  • Olympia - (Until disbandment)
  • Sync Client Development
  • Multi Gaming Network



As mentioned in the Origin paragraph, the founding members of The Collective were previously members of a sort of faction that formed within the group The Imperials, this group was unhappy with the higher leadership of the group, and had many qualms with its owners. For context, the leaders of a "branch" of Imperials is below the owners. A branch being 2b2t branch, 0b0t branch, etc. The issue was that the owners, who didn't play 2b2t at all, were micromanaging the things that the branch managers were tasked with and were better qualified to do. In February 2022, this all came to a head where some of the higher leadership brought in a random ex-member back into Imperials, this member had previously been banned from the group for nuking the Imperial gold bot economy. This person that was brought back in wanted to remodel the group and give more and more power/status/security to those who owned it, while neglecting the real workers and group managers in a way. Even though this was all cleared up and no changes were made, it was the first instance where things completely crumbled apart between the high rankers and the managers. In short, more disputes like it continuously drove the members of the 2b2t branch to mass-resign and form The Collective. After leaving, ACABMichael and Toska stayed behind to help the transition of new branch leaders, but the high rankers became increasingly difficult to work with and so eventually the groups were completely separated. As the months went on after the split, a few more members left Imperials to join with the old leaders in The Collective which spurred on high tensions between the groups as The Imperials were having members stolen over from them. As of 17th of September 2022, the relationship has been repaired and although not allies, the groups have agreed to cease any kind of hostility.


The founding members, when in Imperials, dealt with a plethora of different dramas on various scales, far too many to even remember them all. After establishing The Collective there has been a remarkably limited history of conflicts, so this section is fairly small.