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About Me

I recently heard that there is a server in Minecraft where's no place for the peace and rules. I was inspired. And I join 2b2t Wiki on 09.01.21. I made a new design of 2b2t wiki main page. I know wikicode very well, so I'm making sometimes templates for wiki. But mainly I'm making only social pages, because I don't know 2b2t very well, and I can't add new info (so maximum I can make pages more beautiful). I also start a project on 2b2t wiki, which aims to evaluate all articles so that future editors (for example from Wikipossible) can focus on bad articles. Join my project C: From Summer of 2021 to November many trusted editors with me are working on article History of 2b2t. Now this article is merged with article 2b2t. On 14.11.21 I made 1.980 edits!
I hope I'll be useful to this wiki!

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