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Rrdrock/Drafts/Kingdom of Derp
Inhabitantsrrdrock, Ranlen, MajorasEnd, postto, Dekto, MrSourKiwi, CurrentThing, Osmobyte, NugVault
Location-1684443, -1416446
StartedJanuary 08 2022
LeakerFlourish, Olivka9152
GriefedNovember 14, 2022
World download
LinkNot Available

The Kingdom of Derp was a base founded by rrdrock in 2022 after the original Derplands were found by Ic3Tank. The base was built at from January of that year, until its grief in November 2022.



The base was founded by rrdrock as a second home away from spawn, and the antics of SBA. While he invited 20 or so people to the base, only about half of those invited came to build.


derpy derp derp
The Tower of Derp

The first build was the Tower of Derp, which can be seen looming over the base. It was built based loosely off of a design from youtube and was the centerpiece for the base. The construction of the tower took three months, after which rrdrock began inviting the first people to Derp.

The second completed build was The Garden of Retards, a monument to those who travelled to the base and built there. Ranlen arrived around the time of its completion, and added his face to The Garden and earned the title "The First Pioneer". He then began work on the third build at Derp: The Troll Face Staircase map.

The Troll Face Staircase map was built by Ranlen beginning in March of 2022, and was finished in May of that year. The nature of staircased maparts led to some frustration and delay in completion, but the final product turned out to be perfect, and the mapart remains the only build that was ungriefed as of March, 2023.

Also beginning in March of 2022, was a recreation of Negative_Entropy's Hanging Gardens, built of quartz doubleslabs the massive build took up much of rrdrock's time between March and May of 2022. When it was complete, it was the largest build at Derp, slightly ahead of MajorasEnd's Companion Cube.

Around that same time, MajorasEnd had proved himself to be a loyal and trusted companion, and joined the Kingdom of Derp, immediately beginning to build what would be one the largest and most detailed builds at the base, the Companion Cube. Built by hand, and featuring a different biome in each corner, with a large atrium, and extravagant fishing area it was a testament to MajorasEnd's building prowess.

A nomad hut was constructed in the middle of the base, to which MajorasEnd affixed a Live, Laugh, Love sign, which is now a staple at Kingdom of Derp Bases.

the cake is a lie
Majoras Companion Cube

Throughout these days the construction of Osmobyte, Dekto, Paulsteve007, MrSourKiwi, CurrentThing, and NugVaults faces occurred as they travelled to the base. Dekto built his traditional horse atop the outcropping above the Garden. The ship port was completed, with a small boat feature, and the Inn at Derp foundation was laid. A monument to BigGreasyEggs contributions, both in items and in friendship to the Kingdom was built in the form of his banner, as it had been in the original Castle of Derp. A very lengthy pearly bridge was constructed to allow for many people to fast travel to the base. A set of rainbow beacons, a lazy river, and a fair bit of terraformiing were completed leading up to a time of inactivity.

Building stagnated between July and September of 2022, as the summer had come, and people went outside to touch grass.

In late September, rrdrock returned to the Kingdom of Derp to continue work terraforming the base, and spent a lot of time hanging around at the base with various visitors, building kits for the Spawn Builders Association events, or sorting items. Not a lot of building happened in this time before the grief, as everyone was busy with other projects on the server.


On or around November 13th, 2022 a player named Flourish found the pearl bridge outside of the Kingdom of Derp, and stole some materials that were stored there. He then leaked the location of the bridge to a discord he was part of, which resulted in Olivka9152 coming to the bridge, blowing up the 30 or so dubs of materials on the bridge, and loading everyone's pearls. When he loaded MajorasEnd's pearl MajorasEnd was immediately teleported to the bridge, and began engaging in PvP with Olivka9152, resulting in Olivka9152 death. Not knowing whether the base itself had been compromised MajorasEnd alerted rrdrock the the bridge had been found, and plans were put in place to move what was left of the materials stash. CurrentThing, postto, Osmobyte, and rrdrock travelled there on the 13th and 14th of November. Upon their arrival it was found that Olivka9152 had indeed found the base itself, and griefed it using wooden slabs scaffolded around, as he couldn't find any tnt after the stash had been moved. Lavacasting began immediately. The base was considered griefed by the end of the 14th of November, with lavacasts covering the entire base.


Pictures of the base and builds at it

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