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prostaatnitraat (mostly referred to as unknown) was a Builder, leaker, griefer and larper on 2b2t who joined around June of 2022. She has leaked and griefed multiple bases with other groups such as the Fifth Column, often for favors.

"i want to eat his poop"
JoinedJune 2022
BasesVOID, Pyramid of Cairo, donwest, obsilica, mithomyr, stonefield, temple of the sun, r24, r23, Sunnureid, obsilica 2, NSO 3, r25, beneath, mercatraz, ihop hideout, r26
GriefsDonVas 2, SBA 41, SBA 44, cake valley, spawn haven, don maximus, a few unnamed spawnbases, Oceans 21, 2b2t museum. mercatraz
Alternative Accountsvt55
CurrentThe Order, DonFuer, The Nobility of Cairo, The VEA gang, catmasons, Southern Canal Association, travellers, JAM, Luminaria, Millennium, bedrockcity, Communist Party of 2b2t, The Unknown Order, The Sun Knights of 2b2t, The End Portal Union, Cult of Mer


one of the buildings at VOID spawnbase of 2b2t,group
one of the buildings at VOID spawnbase of 2b2t,group

Early History

Not long after prostaatnitraat joined 2b2t, she met a player named bgp; she managed to join his group called 2b2t.Group and built at their spawn base VOID.

She was never blamed for the grief as most 2b2t.Group members believe they were orchestrated by gumis. However this is not how prostaatnitraat sees it.

prostaatnitraat was banned from the 2b2t.Group server and after this she has gone inactive for 3 months. After starting to get active on the server again she started base hunting and became friends with Byzantine, zegasus and dinofan420. After being part of their group for a little while things went the other way around and got her banned from the group.


one of the buildings at VOID spawnbase of 2b2t,group
one of the buildings inside of a lavacast at VOID spawnbase of 2b2t,group
obsilica 2
obsilica 2

She had her own base griefed by zegasus and dinofan420. She was solo for the following 7 months and got to join catmasons and attempted to host various events after this she got an invite from Dima788 to revive the Vortex Coalition. After a failed attempt to inside DonFuer by prostaatnitraat Dima788 kicked her from the Vortex Coalition.

and got her banned and blacklisted from all DonFuer discord servers and branches.

As a reaction to Dima's behavior, she started her own group called The Unknown Order with as main goal to destroy DonFuer and their reputation as a group but also revenge on Dima788 who betrayed her and joined the legion of builders. And is since trying to rebuild friendships and relations with other players like bgp and gumis and yamez8. And has since griefed a handful of bases.She joined The Order led by her friend Aodreal around the 10th of november 2023 and had a base with Codysmile11 and a few others named ''ihop hideout'' which was leaked in a KitNightingale livestream and later posted on reddit. The drama she was involved with surrounding the Fifth Column intensified when she became friends with Nettasini and DokiMin when she got added to a discord groupchat named ''5c interview'' made by Orsond purely to make fun of her existence. When she uploaded a video covering the larp she got hated on by the community even more. As of 26-11-2023 she got banned from each and every major group for example bsb, 5c and astral and left the sunknights. People often rephrase to her as being the new Dima788, because they are hated on by almost the entire community no matter what actions she takes. Calico also hated her for using his bsb intro on one of her videos without consent. Outlast griefed a sunknights base because they hate CuppyK and Unknown. venroy and F_00 hate her for leaking their bedtrap method while acting like it's hers.

Late History

After getting her hands on leaked coordinates to a travellers base at 22/06/2023 she decided to tell the leader of the group about the coordinates being leaked to her instead of going there and grief the base and got her a spot in travellers's trusted circle. At 24/06/2023 she joined The Sunknights of 2b2t. she built at their 23rd recruit base called ''temple of the sun'' which lasted about 1.5 weeks and got griefed by dinofan420 and some Fifth Column members at 7/08/2023. Around 1/09/2023 she joined LAVA TEAM in their battle against the NSO. after being harrassed for months by micron, clair2b2t, prism, D loaded, Muskwizard, dinofan420/hazel and Dima788 saying she is a pedophile for allegedly trying to sell CP whilst being a minor she decided to go solo. After being challenged by c0mmie to find every single new generated end portal she created The End Portal Union to find and document end portals for the community and took the End portal page upon herself. In november of 2023 this project has since been abandoned. She changed her main ign to ldky. She has left the server as of 27-11-2023.

Base History

Her first base was located around -17k -58k and lasted for about a month and got griefed by zegasus, dinofan420/hazel and byzantine. Her second base is yet to be found and was active till this day only a few select group of players know of the coordinates.

Her third base was VOID the spawnbase of with bgp as leader at the time and was located around 15k 20k. The fourth base she was a part of was the Pyramid of Cairo with a few other players like builderofold, xpsupernova, ihatehause, prisoneridiot and fern it is unknown if this base is griefed or not. Her 5th base was obsilica with a few select players they also made obsilica 2 after the first variant got griefed. She has been part of 5 sunknights bases 2 of them were recruit bases.


nobility of cairo spawn party
nobility of cairo spawn party
sunknights r25
sunknights r25

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warden spawning with Atrika
warden spawning with Atrika