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The Ancients
The Ancients Logo
Founded17th February 2022
Our/Place, Squid Games 2, Squid Games 3

The Ancients is a group of friends known for their events such as our/place and Squid Games 2 and Squid Games 3. They have also contributed with builds on different group bases with Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association and the SpawnMasons.


Originally, the Ancients didn't start as a group, but as a friendship. It all started in late 2021 when minecraft_simon and Hovecs met on the nether highway. From there, Hovecs invited minecraft_simon to build the second event of 2b2t Squid Games. Approximately a month later, YoMoBoYo became a part of the friendship and build team for the third event of 2b2t Squid Games. In the same period, xrayessay and Harrrissonn joined in to help construct the third event. At the end of the construction, chiekn helped out with the final touches, which led him to also be invited into the friendship. Around this time, the group Ancients was formed. In the next following weeks, they started building together at different group bases.

Through friendship with chiekn, the player Rules_Off, who was known for his knowledge with coding, also joined the group. Around this time, minecraft_simon came up with the idea of making a replica of the r/place that just have happened on reddit. This was made at a base called SBA 30. After this, the idea came to light in the group, to make a our/place on 2b2t, and let everyone with a Minecraft account to place pixels on a map at a website, which would then get placed on a map ingame on 2b2t. With the knowledge of coding from Rules and minecraft_simon, Rules started making bots and connect it to a website that minecraft_simon made for the event. Roles and jobs were distributed amongst the group, and work was set to find location for the map, and also build it. Location was decided to be in the end, around 14 million blocks out. This was accomplished because of the help of Harrisssonn, who was flying out to the end worldborder corner. They then used a teleport exploit to get everyone in the group out there to start on building the our/place. They decided to make a design, to make it look like it was built in the overworld, and also used real terrain from 2b2t. This was done so that the place would be almost impossible to find.

After a few weeks of working together, they launched first a stress test with the help of the youtuber IceBlueBird and his fans. After a successful stress test, they cleared the canvas, and launched the event. The event turned out very successful, with over 267,732 pixels placed, and over 847 players registered.

After the successful event they had, they later got joined up by _Genetics_, who also was apart of helping in the project. Since the project ended, they have been building at different group bases, and also been joined by their good friend BIKMUNNI.


OurPlace Account.png

First project that the Ancients were apart of was Squid Games 2. This is where the friendship of minecraft_simon and Hovecs started, and the idea of making a friends group started.

The second event was Squid Games 3, which was joined by YoMoBoYo, xrayessay and Harrrissonn. This is where the group really started to spark, and the Ancients was finally formed. Squid Games 3 was one of the post popular events, and was joined by a lot of close friends. (to be added more of)

The Our/Place would be the most serious project to be taken in for by the Ancients. When the planning of this were in the doing, it had to be perfect and up to standards of what they wanted. This event was based on an event which was held on reddit, r/place. The idea was made first on one of the SBA bases (SBA 30), and was called r/sbaplace. After this, they decided to make it as our/place. This took a while to get started, but was a very popular project, with over 847 players registered, and 267,732 pixels placed.


Today the group is still active and have plans for future events.



All ancients are equal. All group decisions will have to be unanimous.

The group is driven and run by the friendship between all members. No ancient member is forced to any commitment, and can do whatever they want outside of the group. In quote: There is absolutely no need to set any ground rules in the group, because all members are not gonna do anything bad to the group with the existing internal friendship and respect between all members.

The only way to join the group is through invitation. Invitation also has to be a unanimous vote between all Ancients members. Invitations is decided by two factors:

- Friendship with every single member in the group is very important and needed to join.

- Talent in any useful area is needed to contribute to the high standards that are expected.











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