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"Peace is the way" — AnimeTiddie
Obscension Logo.png
FoundedMarch 2021
BasesObscension, Boletus, Heimsland

Obscension members

Obscension is a group on 2b2t known for hosting large public events, most notably Pitfight.

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The original Obscension base pre-dates the founding of the group by a little over a year. Founded by AnimeTiddie in February 2020, the base started as an area for them to learn Java Minecraft. In January 2021, AnimeTiddie started construction of the central obsidian structure by placing buckets of lava from the nether into shaped water streams. Construction continued this way, slowly building upwards until March 2021, when AnimeTiddie would make their first friend on the server, FreeLees. With only two thirds of the obsidian tower complete, FreeLees brought echests to mine and finish the tower. As the tower neared completion AnimeTiddie started calling it "Obsidian Ascension", this was later shortened to "Obscension". A Mapart was constructed with the groups motto "Peace is the Way"

Early Obscension

Very quickly Obscension gained 2 more members, Svenn_Svenn and Hasuemaster. Obscension also had a sister-group "The Untitled Goose Gang" that came to stay at the base. Together, they would make a few accomplishments such as locating stashes, constructing an large pearl loading complex, building a massive obsidian archer at spawn, and befriending other groups on the server. One of these early groups was Mew Revolution. In May of 2021, Mew Revolution invited Obscension to partner on a Fight Club type event, where naked players would fist fight until their totems popped. The event was unfortunately griefed after only 1 fight. Thankfully, a player skilled in end crystal pvp, SyndicateNA, was present at the event and he quickly killed the griefers. This event and first hand interaction with end crystal combat gave AnimeTiddie the idea to start a new event, Pitfight.

The Fall of Obscension Base

Shortly after the Success of the Early PitFight events, the at-the-time co-leader of Obscension, FreeLees, joined other groups in griefing the Spawn Masons. Most notably, FreeLees targeted the base, Chunk Haven. Out of retaliation, a Spawn Mason member, Dectonic, located and griefed the Obscension base using the nocom exploit. Shortly after, the group decided to shift their main focus to the Pitfight events. However, construction of a new base, Boletus, would still begin in the summer of 2021. The group would also gain another valuable member and friend, Mindhax, who owned a large kit shop.

Boletus and PitFight

AnimeTiddie was the primary builder at Boletus, building a large system of clouds connected with golden stairways. There were plans to build greek style buildings on all of the clouds, but unfortunately, the base would be griefed after only a couple clouds were finished. After the greifing of Boletus, it forced Obscension members to become entirely focused with PitFight. The group would also gain another valuable member around this time, Bigokewang, who began sponsoring the PitFight events with 100 US dollars for every event. This allowed PitFight to start offering huge prizes to the winners that the event would later become known for. Around this time Obscension, taking inspiration from Forceken's 2b2t times, would begin their own map campaigns for the PitFight events. A system was constructed within the group to build, reset, and distribute maparts around spawn that directed other players to the PitFight discord server and event. With this new mapart system PitFight would grow exponentially. Through this mapart system, Obscension would also gain two more notable members, Zero18485 and Fresh_herbs. In some months, all the maps placed at spawn were placed entirely by these new members.

The Year of PitFight and Heimsland

From March 2021 to March 2022 PitFight was a monthly event on 2b2t. This completed the groups goal of hosting a year long event. During the last few months of PitFight, Bigokewang invited AnimeTiddie to his base and together they built Heimsland. This base featured a large castle and Ice spire built by AnimeTiddie, as well as a SkyTemple and Ice-Theme End City constructed by Bigokewang. The base was also visited by many other Obscension members. Heimsland would be unfortunately discovered by a new player on the exact same day as PitFight 12, two hours before the event. Bigokewang killed the new player who, on death, dropped a full inventory of TNT. Because of this, all the members at the base decided to self grief. The destruction of Heimsland was completed only 30 minutes before the start of PitFight 12. PitFight 12 was the groups largest event, bringing in 107 players in two hours.

Group Burnout and PitFight 13

Following PitFight 12 and the greifing of Heimsland all of the Members of Obscension were dealing with burnout from the intensity of hosting a year long event. This caused many of the group members to take extended breaks from 2b2t, and a few to step away from the server entirely. Around this same time AnimeTiddie would have all of their accounts banned from priority queue. The group entered a period of inactivity for 3 months. After this time, the group started planning another event- PitFight 13. In addition to AnimeTiddie's accounts being unbanned from purchasing priority queue, this revived the small group and most of the members are still active.

Current Members

  1. AnimeTiddie (An1metiddie)
  2. Bigokewang (Lrgemaleorgan)
  3. Svenn_Svenn
  4. Chiwarn
  5. FreeLees
  6. KitNightingale
  7. Mindhax
  8. Opo (Hasuemaster)
  9. 7red
  10. Fresh_Herbs
  11. Zero18485
  12. Osmobyte