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BasesShenandoah, Batcave, The Homeland, Sleepy's Hollows, Erebus, The Spike, Huggie Town, Cloutlantis, Beneath, LinkGonzo's Base, Midnight Council 2023, NintENDo DS, Boyland
GriefsThe Homeland, Skymasons, Stellaris, The 2b2t Museum, The Isle, Mushroom Isles, Whistler, Orange City, South Park Island, Time Valley, Molaris, Angband, Block Game Babylon, Fort Concord, Valley of Jesus, SBA Spook Base 2022, Party Committee Halloween 2022, Donfuer Halloween Base 2022, Corner Base, Menegroth, Skylight's Haven, Helheim 2, Terrestial Sisterhood 1, Poppy Town, Hurtbase, Jakethesnake's 24/7 Stream Base
TypeGriefer, Builder, PvPer
Alternative AccountsBEZ0, DrEnderPickles, jacobigrat
CurrentFifth Column, Midnight Council, Emperium
PastKoS Assassins, Legion of Shenandoah, Cloutclub, Guardsmen, Snake Platoon

Bezopasan, previously known as DrEnderPickles or jacobigrat, is a prejune player, griefer and content creator. Currently he is an active member of the Fifth Column.

Early History

Bezopasan first joined 2b2t in the fall of 2014, under the name jacobigrat, after seeing it mentioned twice in a magazine called "The Advanced Minecrafter 2.0". However, due to lag, he did not play consistently until early 2015, resorting to playing 3b3t instead, a clone server run by iTristan and Pyrobyte. There, he encountered many players such as CainesLaw, drewbookman and Branillon, with whom he based with, as well as x0XP, who griefed the base the next day. He also met and interacted with Victor96 at the 3b3t World Border prior to migrating to After migrating to 2b2t, Bezopasan was invited to the base Shenandoah.

The base fell after a series of conflicts. Bezopasan invited the player and known griefer drewbookman. Even though drewbookman didn’t destroy the base, this damaged Bezopasan’s reputation. In 2015, Bezopasan spoke about the base while arguing with a different player: Anonymoose, on 3b3t. Not long after, the player destroyed the base on 2b2t. The core members started a few new bases and were invited to the Valkyrian base Asgard II. This resulted in tensions between Bezopasan and players such as Sato86 and _Henry_. In early 2015, Bezopasan established the KOS Assassins, a group aimed at combating the Valkyrians and mocking Sato86.[1] Bezopasan considered Sato86 his personal nemesis due to many former members of Shenandoah joining Valkyria, resulting in Bezopasan being put on the KOS (Kill On Sight) list during the Third Incursion.[2] During the Incursion, Bezopasan was attacked by Incursion members including Sato86 and Henry, resulting in his death; he was bedtrapped and quit for a few years.[3]

In 2016, he became active on 9b9t; another clone that was gaining popularity at the time.

Return to 2b2t

On 9b9t, he met the players jared2013 as well as iTavux, with whom he returned to 2b2t in 2018. It was also during this time that he changed his name permanently from DrEnderPickles to Bezopasan. In late 2018, Bezopasan started the DrEnderPickles Show: a series of interviews with prominent, mostly prejune players. jared2013 was the first guest and would play a big role in selecting and contacting guests. Throughout the years, many other guests would appear, including drewbookman[4], the two historical owners of the policemike55 identity [5], Jacktherippa[6], iTristan [7], SilverKrownKing, c1yd3i, doctrzombie, CainesLaw, Sun_Wukon, Sato86, exaltedspartan, Joey_Coconut, DocSmurf, TheJudgeHolden, pYr0v1aniac, HermeticLock[8], x0XP, Beardler, Armorsmith, TheDark_Emperor[9], D_Loaded and SalC1[10]. Bezopasan also brought the KOS Assassins back, this time as a more organized PvP group. In 2020, the group targeted the Guardsmen and played a role in the attack on Fit during his initiation into the Guardsmen. Soon afterwards, due to drama, many members moved over to The Emperium, causing the group to stagnate.

Later, Bezopasan temporarily joined the Infinity Incursion and met new friends such as Smeek, with whom he would become close friends, as well as Jakethasnake52, whom Bezopasan would target occasionally for griefs.[11] After meeting orsond, Bezopasan joined the Guardsmen and later on the Fifth Column. He played a prominent role in the Copenheimer Project and the destruction of multiple bases, most notably SkyMasons. In February 2023, Bezopasan was interviewed on the DigCast.[12]


The new KoS Assassins after a victory