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The Mew Revolution (also referred to as Mew Rev or simply Mew) is a group founded by MrAllNet in December of 2020. The group was started with the goal of connecting people on the server through bases, projects and voice chats.

The Mew Revolution
Mew logo with black bg.png
FoundedDecember 2020
DisbandmentAug 22nd, 2022
Members51 (Recruit and up)
LeaderMrAllNet Andrewmc12
BasesMew HQ 1-5, Tabby's Point, Siamese Landing, Easter Island, Bombay,


Mew's original project involved building outposts and rest spots along highways, or occasionally in random locations. After the leaking of Mew HQ 1's coordinates in general chat of the first discord, this project was abandoned, and the discord was deleted for a short time. A few days later, MrAllNet launched the 2nd iteration of the server. This time, the group would be a multi-division organization of players, with 3 main bases and 3 matching roles, along with a Spawn PvP team. During this time, Mew became the target for harassment and insiding. The discord grew to over 150 players before MrAllNet was token logged, and the 2nd iteration of the discord was destroyed. The 3rd iteration of the discord is the present day discord, and has been in service since June of 2021.


A member named Charizard (who was one of the first to join the server) who became influenced by another player, CZ to leak the coordinates to Mew HQ 1.0, which caused the subsequent deletion of the discord mentioned above. His influence didn’t come to light until much, much later. When MrAllNet founded Mew HQ 2.0, he met MicahSlash, who is now one of the oldest members who is still active. Meanwhile, CZ taught MrAllNet about proxies and said it might be a good idea for the higher-ups in Mew to have a shared alt with Prio. After making this, and inviting CZ to the base about a month or two into it’s existence, he blew up the base and stole the account. It was named “MewRevolution”. Around this time, The Gulag launched a war on Mew, and tried to inside every base they could. Soon MrAllNet met Frosty003, a “developer”. He said he wanted to code "Mew Hack", and one night, he said he wanted me to test an early version. MrAllNet decided to run it without a VM because he was unprepared, didn't have one set up, and couldn’t figure it out. That night after he went to bed, he nuked the entire discord (banned everyone) by logging into his discord account with my token.

Mew HQ 3.0 was a much better base, and several players such as KitNightingale, Skelza, MicahSlash, and MrAllNet all built there. However, Micah was streaming one time and someone was able to grab the preview and get coords. So, Kit and Micah had to nuke it themselves. After that, many of us made it out to Mew HQ 4.0. This was the second farthest out, at around 8 million diagonally. MrAllNet had plans for a giant schematic of a mew castle we had designed in single player. One day, he was building it with Baritone when he accidentally plowed through KingOfTheOcean‘s house. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it left KingOfTheOceans very upset. He left Mew for good, and convinced Buckle87 and Ugnar, who was actually an insider the whole time, to follow him. Present day Mew conflicts are very scattered, and tend to be just solo greifs for fun, not affiliated with any group.

In June, Mew and DonFuer had a small conflict regarding Spawnfuer 23, but it was quickly resolved.


Modern-day Mew consists of the following roles:

  • Recruits - New Recruits to the group, have the ability to work on projects, as well as a recruit base.
  • Corporals - An official full member of the group.
  • Lieutenant - Only the most dedicated of players will inherit this distinction. Lieutenants get to work on projects just like recruits and corporals, but also assist in planning and organizing the projects and events.
  • Inner Circle - oversees the group at large, and has a large say in the direction of the group.