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Welcome to the 2b2t Wiki, the go-to encyclopedia for information regarding the Minecraft server 2b2t, created by you. Whether you are a long-time player or a visitor, feel free to help and contribute to developing project. To get started, click on the Navigation page to view popular pages faster. Or if you want to help new pages, you can check the Recent Edits.

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About 2b2t

2b2t is a ruleless Minecraft server that has been on the same map since December 2010, which has reached over 10 terabytes in size, and is owned anonymously. The server is often called the worst Minecraft server for the toxic playerbase it has maintained. It is known for players taking the game to its absolute limits, and being at the forefront of exploits, hacks, and PvP. The server is the second oldest running server in Minecraft, behind MinecraftOnline. The server has seen hundreds of thousands of players, and thousands of groups and bases rise and fall throughout its 10-year history. It offers players a Minecraft experience unparalleled in any other server or video game. The 2b2t Wiki aims to document the history of the server.

About the 2b2t Wiki

We, the wiki staff, work to our best efforts to put forward the best wiki we possibly can. We rely on you, the readers, the writers, to provide feedback, and to document your experiences. We are here to support you and to keep the quality of this page up. Contained within these articles are nearly 10 years of the history of 2b2t. There are a wide variety of experiences, events, and happenings cataloged here, that span all of that time.:

The fact that 2b2t is an anarchy server does not make this an anarchy wiki. Vandalism will be reverted and violators will be banned. Please check out the rules for further information. Also, due to the convoluted history of 2b2t, some information may not be correct, unbiased, or up to date.

The editors and administration of this wiki are not responsible for legal consequences of viewing or sharing content hosted here, which may arise due to the presence of imagery related to totalitarian regimes and/or organizations that promote(d) such regimes.

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