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The following are the 2b2t Wiki's Rules for editing, page creation, page content, and wiki organization. Note that anything pertaining to page layout and appropriate phraseology will be found on the Style Guide. It is mandatory to read the rules before editing, posting, or contributing to the 2b2t wiki. Failure to obey the rules will result in a ban or suspension.


Draft creation and Page editing

Minimum requirements for an article

  1. All new articles must originate as drafts. To create a draft, please see the Draft Creation Guide.
    1. Wiki users that have adequately demonstrated knowledge of the Rules and Style Guide, strong writing abilities, and repeated objectivity may be promoted to Trusted Editor, which enables them to bypass the draft creation process for articles they author. This also enables them to review drafts and vote on the deletion of existing articles with Staff members.
  2. All pages must follow the Manual of Style.
  3. Do not create drafts/pages that do not not relate to 2b2t or the 2b2t community.
    1. Brief mentions of non-2b2t institutions are permitted where they are important to the page's structure, e.g 'OreMonger moved to Constantiam after the grief of KGB.'
  4. Discord invite links are not allowed on the wiki, excepting the invite for the wiki discord itself.
  5. Individual pages on Shops are prohibited.

Additional requirements, notability

Each article must clearly fit into one category, listed below. For example, there cannot be a page on "relationship between X player and Y group".

The below requirements should be seen as a rough estimate of what will be accepted as an article. The decision on what drafts become articles is made by a majority vote of trusted editors who take into account the subjective context of the draft. If your draft meets these requirements, it is very likely to be accepted. However, a draft that meets these requirements but is very badly written may be denied, and, similarly, a topic that doesn't quite meet these requirements, yet is written very well and would be a high quality contribution to the wiki, may very well be accepted.


You must have some sort of connection with the subject matter. This can be direct, such as the page being about you or your group. It can be indirect, for example, you may interview someone to write a page about them. At a bare minimum, if all else fails, you can write an article based on an interview conducted by a third party, such as if you are writing an article about a player that has left the server a long time ago, and can no longer be contacted. In any case, you need to justify that you aren't just making it all up. If your edit is challenged or disputed, you are expected to provide an explanation of how/why you believe your edit to be truthful.

YouTube videos do not automatically count as interviews, see the interviews section for how to conduct one. Avoid third-party YouTube videos and similar sources unless for objective information such as dates or the existence of an event or base. See 2b2t Wiki:Reliability of sources for a list of common YouTubers and their reliability as concluded from consensus.

On other wikis, such as Wikipedia, the function and purpose of the wiki is to collect reliable sources in citations, and write an encyclopedia based solely on those sources. This is not the case on this wiki, as there are no reliable sources. There are no textbooks or news articles about the minutiae of 2b2t. Therefore, while "citing yourself" as a primary source is banned on Wikipedia as "original research", the opposite applies here. On this wiki, the highest quality source is "because I was there".

Primary Category Guidelines

Guideline for all pages:

  • must have an existing incoming link. In other words, your new page must turn at least one existing red link to blue. Pages may not be orphaned upon creation (meaning: a page that no other page links to). For example, if you were writing an article about player X who was a member at base Y, the "list of builders" in the infobox of Y should include X, so you could change that mention to a link once X has a page. The link should already exist when the draft is proposed, as a redlink (meaning: a link to a page that does not exist (yet)). It will likely be obvious what other page could link to your new page, but if it is unclear, you may be asked to share how you plan to integrate your new page into the links on the wiki. The link cannot be frivolous or shilling, it has to actually fit into the page it's coming from and make sense.

Guideline for players:

  • be appropriately sub-categorized as a Builder, Griefer, etc. OR have affiliations with at least three (3) other players who have player pages.
  • have participated in either a base, event, or group that also has a page.

Guideline for bases:

  • contain at least three (3) players that have pages OR have been founded at least a year ago.
  • have been griefed in-game by the date of article creation.
  • list all known contributory members.
  • include dates of foundation and completion/grief, be specific as possible.
  • include one or more pictures of the major build/base.
  • exist on (test server bases are permitted on the page, temp map/April fool's map bases are permitted on the Temp maps page)
  • already be griefed.

Guideline for groups:

  • have at least twenty-five (25) members, with at least five (5) of whom having player pages OR have at least three (3) members with at least 50% of members having their own player page.
  • be associated with at least a total of two (2) bases OR events that also have pages.
  • must not request wiki users to join said group.

Guideline for events:

  • have had at least twenty (20) participants, with at least four (4) of whom having player pages OR have had at least one participant with at least 50% of participants having their own player page.
  • be associated with at least one base OR at least two groups that have their own pages.
  • have ended by the date of article creation.
  • have lasted at least as long as a week (7 days) OR have lasting implications.

Guideline for items:

  • be uniquely named in-game OR be a generic type of item, such as bedrock, mob spawners, or unbreakable armor.
  • be associated with at least one (1) player who has a player page AND at least one (1) base OR event that has a page.
  • not be duplicated in-game OR not be publicly distributed, with the exception of generic items as defined above.

Secondary Category Guidelines

A player may only be in one Secondary Category. A Secondary Category may be applied if a player falls, beyond reasonable argument, within a single specific Secondary Category. Should a player not meet this requirement, rather than applying multiple Secondary Categories, a player will not be subcategorized with a Secondary Category.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • have been a builder of at least one (1) base that has its own article.
  • be known primarily for building by members of 2b2t’s community.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • have participated in at least one (1) digging event that has its own article.
  • be known primarily for digging by members of 2b2t’s community.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • have destroyed or participated in the destruction of at least three (3) bases that have their own articles.
  • be known primarily as a griefer by members of 2b2t’s community.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • be known primarily as a pvper by members of 2b2t’s community.

Tertiary Category Requirements

If a player is not in a Secondary Category, a player must be in at least one (1) Tertiary Category. A player may be in multiple Tertiary Categories.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • be known as a collector by members of 2b2t’s community.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • possess a leadership role within a group that has its own article.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • be a member of Secondary Category: .
  • be known as a map artist by members of 2b2t’s community.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • be known as a programmer by members of 2b2t’s community.
  • not be a skid.

In order to be included in , a player must:

  • possess a YouTube channel with more than 25,000 subscribers.
  • have created YouTube content primarily relevant to 2b2t on at least four (4) separate occasions.

Group Subcategory Requirements

As affiliations are liable to change, all past groups for which a player meets the following criteria will be required to include the player in their categories . In order to be categorized as a member of a group, a player must:

  • have been a member of the group for at least three (3) months.
  • be recognized by members of 2b2t’s community as a member or past member of the group.
  • have participated in at least one (1) base or event associated with the group.

Image uploading rules

  1. Do not upload images that pertain to events, individuals, ideas, etc outside of the wiki's scope.
  2. When uploading an image, affix a title that properly discloses the contents of the image.
    1. This is EXTREMELY important as the images you upload may be used in other articles, it is imperative this is adhered to so that the Image Library is navigable.
  3. When uploading an image, provide as much information about the image itself as you possible can, most importantly:
    1. What the image is of (should be similar to the title).
    2. When the image was created/captured.
    3. Who created/captured the image.
  4. DO NOT upload ANY images of a player in real life, their place of residence, place of work, etc. This will be viewed as a dox. See #Personal Information for more information.

Personal information

  1. The inclusion of real-life information of any kind in any article is absolutely forbidden.
  2. The mentioning of doxxes as events are permitted, (i.e. 'Chrisleighton was doxxed'), but to link or take information from a dox is not permitted.

When your edit is reverted

Sometimes, your edit might go against the rules of the wiki. For example, it might add a new page about a topic that is outside the scope of this wiki (e.g. a page related to Minecraft but not to 2b2t). Some other things are banned non negotiably, such as pages about bases that still exist ungriefed on the server (this rule is to prevent the wiki being used as a tool for griefing), or edits that add IRL information, such as someone's age. In these cases, a staff member might revert your edit and tell you that this edit is not up for discussion as long as the rules of the wiki stand. In this case, you will be blocked from editing, or the page may be locked, if you continue reverting. Other times, someone else might have disagreed with your edit factually or based on opinion. They might disagree that something happened the way that it did. Or they might think that a particular wording lends bias towards or away from a particular party. In this case, discussion on the article talk page is preferred. Working it out with the other editor through other channels (such as Discord) is allowed but not encouraged. If no resolution can be achieved, the last resort is that a staff member may evaluate the discussion on the article talk page and institute their decision. Staff may or may not, at their discretion, vote internally to arrive at such a decision. The decision may be a compromise or it may entirely favor one side, as sometimes people are just wrong. Note that if one side calmly explains their perspective based on sources and the rules of the wiki, staff will almost certainly decide in their favor, rather than a side that stubbornly reverts with almost no explanation. Patience and civility will be rewarded because the strongest argument will win, not the loudest voice, and not the editor who is willing to camp at their computer clicking the revert button for the greater number of hours per day. Following the same logic, a numerical majority vote of editors is never given binding authority, as it is too easy to create alt accounts or ask your friends on Discord to come and take your side. In any case, if your edit is reverted (by a staff member or by another editor), you may not engage in back-and-forth reverting. A staff member may, at their discretion, block all parties involved from editing, if back-and-forth reverting continues beyond a few. You are expected to go to Talk:ArticleTitle and talk to each other like adults and present your case.



  • Any person who seeks to contribute to the 2b2t Wiki in any way must behave in a mature, logical, and objective fashion.
  • The 2b2t Wiki administration reserves the right to remove any persons whose behavior they deem unsuitable for the 2b2t Wiki.

Language and Grammar

  1. The 2b2t wiki is an English-language site, all articles should be written in English.
  2. Pages are expected to be written using proper English grammar.
  3. The first time you mention any noun (i.e player, base, event, group, etc.) in an article, you are expected to link to that respective article (using two square brackets [[ ]] on each side of the term.


The 2b2t wiki ABSOLUTELY encourages players to conduct interviews in order to boost article quality with the introduction of additional primary sources (see #Sources). Keeping this in mind, it is imperative the following rules be followed strictly; this is the first impression of the wiki for many in the greater community, make it a good impression.

Proper selection of an interviewee

  1. To interview a player, you must have an idea of what you are looking for from them before proceeding.

Proper conduction of an interview

  1. To start an interview, disclose that you are from the 2b2t wiki, and ask politely if they would be interested in an interview.
  2. 'NO MEANS NO If an interview is denied, DO NOT harass prospective interviewees if an interview has been denied.
  3. The direction of an interview will vary wildly depending on the circumstances and what you are looking for, but be thorough so that you do not have to keep requesting more information.
  4. Request any associated graphics, reddit posts, primary-source videos, etc for the additional supplementation of related articles.

Administration of the 2b2t Wiki

General staff rules

  1. Staff is defined as the Bureaucrats and the Administrators.
  2. There are only to be 3 Bureaucrats at any given time.
  3. There can be as many Administrators as the staff members deem necessary to the operation of the wiki.

Promotion and demotion

  1. The Bureaucrats are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  2. The Administrators are voted in and out by the staff members, with a simple majority.
  3. Miraheze Stewards are permitted to demote democratically-removed or inactive Bureaucrats and Admins, should the staff team be unable to remove them.
    1. Democratic removal entails a discussion page being created, and left up for a period of 7 days. A simple majority shall be the deciding proportion.
    2. To be considered inactive, the offending Staff member must have under 10 edits in the last 3 months.

Changes to 2b2t Wiki Rules

  1. The Rules may only be changed with a simple majority vote to do so.
  2. No changes to the rules will take effect until voted upon by the staff members, and achieving a simple majority to do so.