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JoinedWinter 2016
BasesAliesenberg, The Coliseum, Sunzy Castle
TypeBuilder & Base Hunter
CurrentSun Knights
PastSpawn Builders Association, Highway Workers Union

HighwayMaker is a builder, base hunter, and Elite Knight in Sun Knights.


HighwayMaker joined 2b2t after seeing various YouTube videos about it. As a Minecraft Veteran who was heavily involved in the Minecraft server space, creating many servers himself, he joined 2b2t to try something new. After escaping spawn for the first time, he ran far out and began building his first base. He built many highways around the nether on his own, and had a small bout in the Highway Workers Union, but would be a frequent and became a well known highway builder on Constantiam.

He played off and on over the years, and joined again in 2021 after playing Constantiam for around 6 months, with players like RobinCoffee and Carbon. He would later have a feud with OreMonger on Constantiam. After joining 2b2t again, he would join the Sun Knights after meeting CuppyK, and would become a base member of many bases including Sunzy Castle, The Coliseum and Aliesenberg, as well as various spawn bases. He would also base temporarily with xcc2, chatting to him after stumbling on one of his bases.

He used to stream his base hunting ventures on Twitch, having found many stashes and old landmarks. Afterwards, HighwayMaker spent his time in the spawn region, helping new players escape spawn and start their own journeys. Some of his spawn activities involved repairing and creating highways. As of 2023, HighwayMaker is inactive.