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“Economy genius” - Lord_Mahan
Shulkerroad Logo
FoundedMid 2020

Shulkerroad is a shop hub founded by SoiledCold and ExoRamX in mid 2020. The hub is a website consisting of multiple shops and sellers.

Early History

In early 2020 SoiledCold had an idea to recreate Silk road but for 2b2t but he needed help to expand on this idea.


Cobtopia was a base inhabited primarily by Redstoner, Lord_Mahan and Steve3. At this base all 3 of them would dupe day and night to eventually accumulate one of the largest stashes on 2b2t. With all these items they decided to sell them as they wouldn't be able to use all of it. Two other unnamed base members didn't like this idea and decided to leak multiple Brownmen exploits and the base itself. Once this happened all of the Cobtopia / BMHQ items were moved across 2b2t and a good sum of these items reside with the general public today. If you've bought from a shop its likely you bought one of their kits.

SoiledCold Controversy

Sometime between May 2021 and June 2021 the Shulkerroad team started noticing SoiledCold acting odd and him having excuses for when stashes were griefed. After a bit of investigation the team found out that SoiledCold was insiding his own store just to steal the dupe Redstoner was using to supply them with items. After the team found this out they decided to gather more evidence of this behavior to have a solid case against soiled if they decided to kick him out. Meanwhile coming to the end of the team collecting evidence SoiledCold decided to purchase nudes from an underaged individual with his crypto currency Browncoin pressuring the individual until they gave in. After this transaction the individual came forward and showed this evidence to the team giving enough reason to kick SoiledCold then on August 8th 2021 a document was released with info pertaining to SoiledCold being kicked out and removed entirely from Shulkerroad.


In the current day, Shulkerroad is doing fine with over 3k Users on their website and 40k visits to it. Most shops have two options now a days, Join Shulkerroad or buy from Shulkerroad. An example of option 2 is Herme's shop which stays open due to Shulkerroad selling them dubs and dubs of Cobtopia items.


Shulkerroad / Cobtopia has been featured in over two Fit videos (and counting) of course he wouldn't name Shulkerroad but they are still videos.

Shulkerroad Team

Shops Within Shulkerroad

  • Shulkerroad Main
  • Huddy Shop
  • 2B2TDeals Shop
  • MindHax Shop
  • Wave Shop
  • Fortune Shop

Sellers With Shulkerroad