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JoinedOctober 31, 2019
BasesAndromeda, Avalonia, Avalonian Research Station, Avalysium
CurrentAvalonia, TEA, The Republic
PastTeam Trees, Zisteau

Noah3J is a player who joined in late 2019. After getting his start in the community as a high-ranking member of Team Trees, he became a founder and leader of Avalonia and later Avalysium.


Noah3J joined 2b2t in late 2019, during the conflict between TeamNoTrees and Team Trees. He chose to join the latter group and became a member of its inner council. After becoming friends with the group’s leader, Rex1258, they decided to form a new group, Avalonia, along with another friend named TimeRapier. On December 15, 2019, they started a base named Andromeda around 300k from spawn. After merging with the White Lotus Society and The Monastery, they founded the main Avalonia base in March 2020.

Around this time, Noah3J learned about the end portal dupe from TimeRapier and traveled back to spawn. He met and befriended many players there, including DrBeardStash, IHackedXVIDEOS, and SpeedDemon0. DrBeardStash later joined Avalonia and shared another dupe that used the Salhack client. These dupes were used to supply the building materials needed for Avalonia.

Noah3J also gained an interest in mapart after meeting with HighAtWork. He learned how to make mapart himself, and founded TEA on May 24, 2020 after befriending several map artists. This group held several meetups where players could share and trade mapart.

In August of 2020, Noah3J was caught by Carlll_, the leader of Elysium, while trying to steal an Elysium II stash. The two became friends, however, and after Avalonia was griefed on August 12, 2020, they decided to merge their groups into Avalysium and form a new base of the same name. Noah3J helped build many parts of this base, including the storage center, Nether hub, and Grand Central Station. Avalysium was griefed on April 16, 2021, and the group fractured due to internal drama shortly after. Noah3J returned to his position as leader of the newly reformed Avalonia.