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The Non-Bozo's Of 2B2T
The Non-Bozo's Troll Face.
FoundedAugust 2021
LeaderCarezo, S0ggay, Dom1405 and _Handyman

The Non-Bozo's Of 2B2T are a griefing group Founded by Carezo & S0ggay and lead along with Dom1405 & _HandyMan at this moment of time. While these four players were griefing a DonFuer Spawn Rangers base, Carezo & S0ggay decided that they were going to start a griefing group, as both players were getting bored of just PvPing at spawn. And as Dom1405 & _HandyMan were griefing the Spawn Base with them, the two decided to invite them along to lead with them. Over the last week the group has managed to get a strong series of members and have griefed bases & stashes over a short amount of time.


The Non-Bozo's of 2B2T only had 3 roles, in an effort to make the group more laid-back.

  • Not A Bozo: Member.
  • Trusted Not-A-Bozo: Trusted.
  • Un-Bozo'd: Leader.


Currently the only enemy of the Non-Bozo's is DonFuer as it is known that the Non-Bozo's have had people insiding DonFuer for their base coords. [as seen on Osmobyte's wiki.


  • WebZone
  • SpawnFuer XX
  • Byrnsy's Stash
  • WoodKeep & more


ITristan telling Carezo to not re-create The Non Bozo's- 2023.png