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JoinedDecember 2020
TypeBuilder, PvPer
Alternative AccountsUnknown
CurrentBookhood, 2b2t Event Discord, Followers of the Crafting Table
PastVortex Coalition, Suits, Linked Horizon, T-Gang, SuperVillians, Conquest, Mew Revolution, Gulag, Apollo, The Group, The Axis, The Imperials, New Facepunch Republic, Donfuer

Boss0nTop, more commonly known as just Boss, is a newfag who joined in December of 2020. He is most known for his participation in many different groups and his numerous 2b2t related archives.


The Beginning

Boss0nTop joined 2b2t in 2020 after watching a SalC1 video. He escaped spawn and decided to set up a small spawnbase under 75k overworld. The base mainly consisted of a stone castle and a small village surrounding it. Boss joined many 2b2t related discord servers and decided to join the Vortex Coalition.

Although Boss played 2b2t, he also enjoyed playing clone servers such as but he continued to play 2b2t. After the Vortex Coalition dispanded in March of 2021, Boss slowly left 2b2t but came back thanks to the groups he joined earlier on.

March-May 2021

Boss became friends with a player called Manoma who invited him to a Jballs group called Team Rocket. Boss would meet a lot of players in that group which would bring him back to 2b2t. He joined many spawnbases and would remember these times very fondly. The Team Rocket discord server would later get nuked which would lead to the dispandment of the group.

After the nuke, Boss would temploraly leave 2b2t to play on constantiam and build with a private group of builders. He would also join other 2b2t groups (see previous affiliates) but went inactive in those groups. His journey on constantiam would come to an end after the bases he was at went inactive.

Summer 2021

Boss decided to try crystal pvp because he found 2b2t boring at the time. He would practice often on practice servers such as and learned to enjoy pvp. He joined a couple of small pvp groups during the month of June but in July he managed to join a big pvp group called The Group which was ran by Big__Grin. Boss would particpate in group fights and made a lot of allies which would come in handy in the future.

At the end of July, The Group was transformed into a new group called Suits. Boss would rise the ranks of the group and would end up as admin near the end of August. The leader of the group, Jake Orgen, gave all responsibilities of the group to Boss. Under his leadership, he would turn the group into one of the biggest pvp groups of the time with over 1300 discord members and 100 pvp members.

Unfortunately, Suits got a lot of attention and a lot of enemies. A group of people was trying to dox the high ranking members of the group. This would pressure Jake Orgen into dispanding the group and banning all the admins including Boss.

Many players were very disapointed and wanted a new pvp group as a lot of pvpers were group-less. Boss saw the opportunity and with 2 other players by the name of 4plus4 and Peanuts, they created a brand new pvp group called Apollo.


Apollo grew very quickly thanks to the dispandement of Suits. The group produced many 2b2t pvp montages and pvp events. Near the end of September, the group had amassed 750 discord members and over 120 pvp members. The large amount of pvp members would cause problems as it was hard to keep track of everyone in the group. There would eventually be a small amount of super active members and a lot of inactive members.

Apollo went downhill when 4plus4 lost his alt account which had ownership of the discord server. There was a big fight between the 3 leaders and would result in 4plus4 banning Boss and Peanuts. He decided to turn the group into a pack archive. Boss would get admin back thanks to Infisrael and decided to nuke the discord so that 4plus4 wouldn't be able to take advantage of the discord he helped build.


After Apollo, Boss went inactive on 2b2t from November 2021 to January 2022. He would eventually come back after becoming staff in a dying 2b2t archive called Anarchy Links Hub (also known as ALH). Boss started a project called Boss Pack Hub which was an archive for 1.12.2 and 1.16 texture packs. The pack hub grew rapidly as texture packs are very important in the 2b2t community, especially for pvpers. The pack hub at its peak had 2300 discord members and 700+ unique texture packs. The discord server would get terminated the 28th May 2022 after a lot of people reported the server for using a "restore member" bot.

Fortunately, Boss still had Anarchy Links Hub so he revived the archive. He also moved his texture pack operation there and he added more things such as maparts and renders. As of the 30th of August, Anarchy links Hub has 2300 discord members.

2b2t Oscars

At the end of June, BachiBachBach created the 3rd event in the 2b2t Event Discord server. Boss asked Bachi if he could join the committee and he accepted. From the 28th June to 25th July, Boss helped run the event and moderate the discord server. Boss made a lot of friends during that 28 day period and would join multiple groups such as Donfuer.