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AnarBoss/ Vojtees /draft
You have three days to finish your schematics
JoinedMarch 14, 2015 (nine years ago)
BasesThe Homeland, Kobald, Arrarat, Farlands, Buccaneer Bay, Adamantium, Whistler, Mediano, Canopy, Whitehaven, Bloxico, Clout Club 1, Clout Club 2,The Spike,Erebus
GriefsSky Masons
TypeGriefer, Programmer, Builder
Alternative Accountsorsondmc
CurrentFifth Column, Clout Club
PastPact, Guardsmen, PVG, Team Rocket, Team Catgirl, Shortbus Caliphate, 0Neb Appreciation Group and Watchmen

Orsond is a player mostly known for co-leading the Guardsmen and leading the griefing group the Fifth Column.

The Guardsmen

Orsond joined the server in mid 2019 and played intermittently for several months. On a journey to the world border, he met DannyWith2Ys with whom he based for about half of a year. During this time, Orsond befriended HermeticLock. Hermeticlock tried to get Orsond initiatied into the SpawnMasons but this failed.[1] Thereafter in May 2020, Orsond and Hermeticlock founded the Guardsmen. The group revolved around an area called The Homeland, a mesa biome, which the group would build at and repair after griefs.[2] At The Homeland, Orsond built his 'Great Spawn Library'.

Orsond's Great Spawn Library

Following the initial grief of the Homeland in June 2020, the group established a series of bases, including Kobald, Arrarat, Farlands [3] and Buccaneer Bay.[4] The group also rebuilt the base Aureus City and initiated Fit at the site.[5]

In August 2020, the group started the 'Obsidian Labyrinth' project. Orsond designed a structure to trap players in, basing it on a 'ball-in-a-maze puzzle'.[6] Construction was significantly sped up by Orsond's custom-written baritone code additions that caused baritone bots to build the structure, using a schematic, one layer at a time. Following construction, a Fight Club event hosted by Forceken was organized at the location to lure players in.[7] Later on in 2020, when activity around the Guardsmen decreased, Orsond started a base called Whitehaven with Jared2013, Krobar01 and Yarnamite.

Orsond's Obsidian Labyrinth

For Halloween 2020, Orsond led efforts on Camp Spooky, which proved to be a well-attended Halloween party and book exchange near The Homeland. Several months later In December and January, Orsond co-lead the construction of Adamantium with Joey_Coconut.[8] The base featured many members and large structures, and saw the introduction of many new guests and friends to the Guardsmen. Following the grief of Adamantium, Orsond moved to Whistler, where he built a large Ice Castle. He followed along to the group's various bases subsequently at Mediano, Canopy, and Bloxico respectively.

Fifth Column and griefing

Following the conclusion of the Obsidian Labyrinth project, Jakethasnake52 began communicating with Orsond about becoming a member of The Guardsmen. Finding Jakethasnake52's activities on and off the server to not be properly 'dignified', Orsond refused to have him in the group. Conflict bubbled up as a result which concluded in Orsond griefing two of Jakethasnake52's Christmas bases, Fratbase, and Jake's 10Mil base.

Early in 2021 Orsond, HermeticLock and Jared2013 acquired the coordinates to 'Imps 2', a backup of Imps base that iTristan had made back in 2015 during the Third Backdoor, and subsequentually griefed it.[9] Soon thereafter Jared had a falling out with Orsond over personal differences and Jared not receiving footage of the grief. Leaked chatlogs showed that Orsond had lied about the way he obtained the location of Imps 2 and that he was also actively insiding multiple groups and planning on insiding others, such as the SpawnMasons.[10] These chatlogs caused Orsond and many Guardsmen members, such as Joey_Coconut, to have a falling out, leading to Orsond leaving the Guardsmen and the community temporarily. When he attempted to come back to the Guardsmen, a vote was held as to whether he should rejoin, causing Orsond to cease these attempts, and leave the group for a time. Orsond would hold this against Joey and a fierce conflict between the two began.

In the upcoming months Orsond 'declared war' on the Guardsmen. He started a short-lived group called Pact, that established 2 bases but never really gained much activity. Orsond also began investing more time in the Fifth Column, a griefing group he, Pepsilord420 and Sakuya had established late 2020. Orsond worked on a project called Copenheimer, a program that exploited a bug in Minecraft's code which allowed it to search for un-whitelisted servers. The group used the program to grief multiple servers and quickly gained attention.[11] In October of 2021, the group allegedly griefed the personal server of 'Jeb', the lead developer of Minecraft.[12]

Meanwhile the conflict with the Guardsmen continued. Under the guise of a 'renewed' Watchmen, Orsond and his allies griefed multiple Guardsmen bases, including The Crypt. Around the same time 'The Watchmen' constructed the 'Watchmen Citadel', an enormous obisidan structure designed by Franknificant, at The Homeland. Despite these controversies, Orsond eventually rejoined the Guardsmen in September 2021 and brought with him multiple players from Pact and the Fifth Column, including Gravixous, Franknificant and Bezopasan. Internal conflicts with Joey_Coconut began and Joey left the group along with many of his friends in October of 2021.

Orsond continued targeting Joey Coconut who started the Astral Brotherhood. In October the Fifth Column griefed the base Menegroth and triggered the self-griefs of other bases like Gaza, Halicarnassus and Astralia.[13] In the following months the Guardsmen stagnated, despite Hermeticlock announcing a 'cultural reset' in November 2021. Orsond would also be involved in several more internal conflicts. Several of his bases including Erebus and CloutClub were griefed in retaliation by Joey and his allies throughout 2021 and 2022. In June 2022, a second series of Joey_Coconut related-bases fell.[14] The Guardsmen stayed inactive until it was formally disbanded in July 2022. Orsond continues leading griefing efforts in the Fifth Column today.