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"Let us get wild "
JoinedFeb 20, 2013[1]
BasesValkyria, KinoGrad Base, Fenrir
TypeBuilder, Group Leader
Alternative AccountsMelkor91
PastTeam Veteran, Valkyria, Spawn Masons

Sato86 is an oldfag who joined in February 2013. He participated in founding Valkyria, aided in the construction of several bases, and is a historian of the server. He is also known for his participation in The Rusher War, as well as his widely-recognized server timeline.


Early History

Sato86 first joined 2b2t on February 20th, 2013. He eventually teamed up with Pyrobyte and Drewbookman, despite not having much of a reason to trust them, to create the Black Flag Group. Eventually, the Black Flag Group fused with Hitlerwood to create a new base project known as Valkyria, which became the name that people around the server began to refer to the group. Hitlerwood was recognized as the last Facepunch base as the members were all Facepunchers. Members of it were Coldwave, Hinderjd, zach3397, KnightVista, Otto, Misschihiro, and infiltrate.

Sato would spend his time as one of the founders and leaders of Valkyria and remain with the group until its disbandment after the 3rd Incursion. During this time, he would found bases with his comrades and explore the server to find relics of the early days of 2b2t. During his explorations of the server, he found the base known as Rhadamantis in which he claimed for Valkyria as the base was long abandoned.

He would also begin to create the 2b2t timeline during his time in Valkyria and began to learn about the server's history. This is when he started to become a historian and posted on James_Rustles' 2b2t blog.

Post-Valkyria, Pre-Hype Period, and Rusher War

When Valkyria disbanded after the Third Incursion, Sato continued to participate in bases with his former comrades and explore the server during the early days of the Pre-Hype Period. He participated in Project Vault in order to preserve 2b2t's most famous landmarks. Sato also disappeared a few times off the server due to the whole backdoor fiasco with the hacking of an OP'd account. When the Rusher Period began, Sato was one of the heads of Team Veteran, being temporary general in the Fourth Incursion, and participating in several Rusher Massacres.

Post-Hype Period

Once the war was over, Sato continued to play on the server, with a few in and outs. He eventually joined the Spawn Masons in May 2017. This was his first official group since Valk, due to Team Veteran being more of a meme and a movement of sorts. He has been a member since, even after the Masons’ initial disband and eventual revival in 2018. In mid 2018, Sato opened up a discord server named "Sato's Mudhut", where he'd invite his friends and friends of friends. This is where many of the 2b2t wiki admins (ElliotRodger523 and Dark_Annihilator) would talk in Voice Chat, along with some other people. The server became inactive over time during mid 2019, as a part of the active user base left the discord server.


Sato’s comic edit
Sato’s meme timeline

During 2016, Sato86 has received a lot of hate from several players due to rumors of his supposed "bias alongside attention seeking behavior" and how "he considered himself to be superior to others" attitude. This was mainly due to the fact that a few midfags and oldfags, most being those who opposed the group Valkyria or left the server and had catching up to do, began to spread these rumors to the newer user base during the Rusher Era alongside the Fourth Incursion. These rumors spread to several places all around 2b2t media, which included the 2b2t subreddit. These rumors were never true as Sato86 has, on many occasions, acknowledged his flaws and claimed that "he is an average Minecraft player".

The idea of Sato86 being a legendary player resulted in various memes being created around this player. The origin is unknown, but it could have been from Fit's exaggeration[2] or from TheCampingRusher. The Rusher claim is unsourced. This, of course caused an uproar and eventually was turned into a meme. Even Sato86 acknowledged this meme himself.

He has also been accused of portraying a lot of Valkyria bias due to having most of his timeline being dedicated to the group (not to be confused with the 2b2t Wiki's Timeline). This was also prevalent during 2016, but the group in itself was at least half of the small population at the time. The group just happened to gain immense member count and of course the group was going to have some sort of hand in most major events on the server. This has also turned into a meme that Sato acknowledged with a meme timeline. The Valkyrian ages were scrapped in 2018, and now their time is summed up as the "Age of Resurgence". Of course, that does not mean Sato’s timeline is completely perfect, as nothing truly is.

Sato86's latest iteration of the 2b2t timeline.

Sato quitting

As of July 2, 2020 (8:16 PM EST), Sato86 made a post on r/2b2t_uncensored stating why he quit[3], and later, at 10:31 PM EST, he deleted his Discord account. His YouTube channel[4] and Reddit account (u/Sato-of-2b2t) will be left for archival purposes.

  • Sato left because the roof of his hut was destroyed by intense rains in the jungle - Miłośnik liptona#1390
  • Sato rage quit due to Hause - SoiledCold
  • Sato is leaving 2b2t because he has to go do shopping for his isolated amazonian village - Dr_MMK


"I am gonna post this here because it would obviously get deleted by hausemaster in seconds on the main sub.

As the title suggests, I am leaving the 2b2t community permanently. Which is not a big loss for the community as a whole besides maybe the timeline project I was still taking care of and modding in this subreddit.

There is a number of reasons behind this decision and many of them have been building up over the years. The server itself is not the same it used to be to me. 2B2T has changed in ways that I no longer enjoy taking part of it. Clout-chasing has always been a part of the server since its first day, but I believe that certain standards on how to chase that clout have been put out the window. Youtube has a big part in this due to the glamourization of the server.

2B2T used to be this dark niche corner of minecraft no one knew about. And now there is million of views about the server. Obviously the server wouldn't remain the same and I have no hopes it ever will return to what it was.

I am not saying however that the current community is not valid or good. Its just a different community. I know of a lot people that are passionate about the server and creative, but ultimately I can no longer identify myself with it (and believe me, I tried)

And with that said, I will now talk about another big issue that I have with the server currently. And its the fact that 2b2t became nothing more than a cashcow.

And no, I am not talking about youtubers. I am talking bout hausemaster and however else is getting a piece of the pie.

I am confident to state the in february, the server was making between 16k to 20k dollars in that month. And this was before the whole quarantine stuff that happened the following months.

Now before I continue I wanna make clear that making profit through a minecraft server is not bad. But I do have an issue on how are you achieving that profit and what are you giving in return in exchange of that profit to your costumers.

I know that priority queue techinically is a donation and not a purchase of a digital good, but thats a move server do so they can avoid a number of legal shit, so nothing new under the sun, right?

The issue I have is that the people in charge of the server are not earning that profit in the means of actually putting some work.

Hausemaster barely communicates at all with the us. Just between april of this year to last year, he only addressed the community 8 times. And the year before that, he only did 3 posts for the entirety of 2018.

To put in perspective, a much smaller, but known anarchy server called Constantiam has communicated with its community 32 times in that same time period of 2019 to 2020. And again, Phantom is not the guy making 20k dollars a month.

In fact, recently he has been on the hospital and is unable to fix a map issue over there and has placed a temporary map meanwhile and the amount of support he received was... just wholesome. Completely different from what you would expect from the anarchy minecraft environment. So good on him for being a good admin.

I am not gonna sit here and pretend to know whats the cut hausemaster, rusher and curtis are getting. If you use your logic, one can assume hause gets the bigger cut since he is ultimately the owner of the server and without it, the queue wouldn't make a single dime on its own. In fact, If you use the logic again, one would assume it is in the best interest of rusher to keep hausemaster happy with his part given how he probably has enough money on his pocket to do his own queue operation without needing the infrastructure Rusher gave. He could just make his own and remove Rusher from the equation

But you know whats funny about all of this? is that the only reason we know about this partnership is because Rusher came forward with it and told us. If it wasn't for him, we would never know. This leads me to the second issue I have.... transparency.

Back in the day, on the old 2b2t website, you could actually see how many months were paid in advance by the community. We can't anymore... because each month, the server is being paid for almost 2 years... In a whole year of profit, its probably enough to sustain the server for the next decade. And lets not forget that hosting costs have a tendency of getting cheaper over time.

There is a reason why we haven't gotten any transparency about the server since 2017. Its because the truth of the numbers would make people go ape shit.

And to make matter worse, recently hause removed all of his previous update and announcement posts from his account, which means even less transparency. Why would he do that? probably to not get called out anymore when breaking more promises, but hey, thats just my assuptiom.

You can very much still find his post history and some of the posts through the wayback machine. Sadly some posts are lost, unless someone archived them somewhere else.

There is just a lot of shady stuff going on... It has been for a while, but the reason why I am only talking about this now is because I am a hopeful person. I always try to expect the best of people. I assume good intent. But my hope has been running out for years.

"But wait Sato, if there is all this shady shit going on, why hasn't the community got together and demanded clarity?"

Well, the answer for that question is really funny: youtubers.

They are the punching bag of the community. Everything bad on the server is blamed on them. From queue wait time, to lag, to toxicity, etc. Its hard to focus on the real problem, when you are too busy trying to fix a consequence of the problem.

I am not dumb. Obviously youtubers increase the queue times, but I would like to remind you all that Hausemaster was the one that opened the door for them in 2016, like a whore spreading its legs, even going as for as directly making a partnership with one of them.

Youtubers are basically getting the scraps that remain at the bottom called content. The true big sharks are the soon-to-be millionaires running the show behind a fucking iron door.

Obviously not everything can be pinned on hause. Minecraft server code sucks dick. And because of that the queue needs to be in place to organize it better. I understand that. I believe everyone understand that, but the truth is that they could have done better.

Many solutions have been proposed over the years, from lobby servers, to brand new servers. Some of them are met with skepticism, like the new servers ones. But honestly I think it would be a good idea to open more 2b2t servers. In fact, hausemaster and co lost a great opportunity in 2016 of opening open more worlds, which would allow 2b2t to basically get a monopoly of anarchy minecraft.

And there is crazy people out there saying that people come to 2b2t because of the map. Look at how many people are playing 9b9t. Look at constantiam. These servers are now what... 4 years old? Thats older than what 2b2t was when I started playing and they have FAR more people then what the server had in 2013-2014.

So if you think about it, the entire queue system in place has actually been choking out the potential 2b2t has. But they are not going to change it because its making them a lot of money. Which is alright, but can you truly say that current queue is good? No. Its actually barely legal with the Minecraft EULA.

Imagine if a free-to-play game forced you to wait between 6 to 8 hours to play a match. Thats 2b2t. Can you truly have a fullfilling block game experience like the one I had back in 2013 without paying these days? Absolutely not. Can you really call it free-to-play then? Technically yes and thats the problem.

And the worst part is that even paying you are getting an hour or two of wait these days.

The entire queue system needs to be rethink... But If I had faith of that happening I wouldn't be writing this post in the first place.

No one is beyond redemption. Hause and however else is associated with him can still do the right thing to the community. They can still try new things. They definetely have enough money to do so now.

And look, I could go into an even bigger essay about how hause has been censoring any criticism towards him in the main sub, but everyone knows that by now. Its reason this sub exists, right?

I used to love 2b2t, but now I just like the community. Its why I stayed for so long.

For those that stay, don't feel ashamed for still enjoying the server. Playing edgy block game with friends is great.Its not your fault 2b2t has reached to this state.

The truth is that Hausemaster gives nothing to a community that gave him everything. We made this server interesting in the first place. We paid for it for years before Rusher came along.

Anyway, thats all I had to say. I love you all.