The Pekora was a Spawn logo constructed by the Nihongun in 2021.


The Nihongun—also known as the Japanese Army—started the project when 2b2t went viral in Japan in early 2021. Many new Japanese players joined the server but were completely inexperienced. 2b2t player Cityboss1—who had joined the server himself in 2016 and understood Japanese—decided to grab the Minecraft IGN ‘Usada_Pekora’, based on the Japanese ‘V-Tuber’ of the same name that pretends to be a rabbit-like girl. A V-Tuber is a content creator that uses a virtual avatar to represent themselves in videos.

After this Cityboss was contacted by the Japanese player usadajunichi, with whom he started the group Nihongun to unite the Japanese player base. After constructing a spawnbase the group decided to construct a spawn logo based on Usada Pekora. The logo would be 2.1 million blocks in size and be located in the southeastern quadrant of Spawn. Beforehand a member called Sicko6—also known as ‘Woof'—was removed from the group due to inactivity.

The project was started on February 18th 2021. An obsidian battleship called the Yamatosen, based on a battleship that served during the Second World War, was constructed as a base of operations. On February 27th the OwO Sky logo, which was constructed by the Watchmen in the opposite quadrant, was revealed to the public. By accident players also discovered the Pekora, which was still under construction.

‘Woof’ who was out for revenge, mistook the obsidian ship as the main project, and was distracted by it for days without realizing the real project was still being completed. Despite some setbacks the logo was completed on April 3rd 2021. The logo contained over 2.1 million blocks of obsidian. This meant it beat the OwO Sky logo and was the second-biggest logo behind the Masonic Eclipse at the time.[1][2] The logo was partly griefed and eventually absorbed into Project Dead.