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Unidad Phase II Logo
FoundedDecember 2, 2017

Unidad Phase II Banner.


(The Akex Army): November 8, 2017 – December 2, 2017

YotoGamer and GamerAddict would found The Akex Army due to GamerAddict wanting to destroy Highland and YotoGamer’s desire for dupes. The operation known as “Operation Downlands” would take place involving GamerAddict going undercover to inside Highland leaving YotoGamer to run the group, despite his hesitations when it came to intergroup conflict. GamerAddict would announce his departure from 2b2t for a few months and leadership would be handled by YotoGamer, ParanormalDoctor, and Pepper. GamerAddict seeing this would try to take advantage by lying to Highland leadership that YotoGamer cooped him and wanted to destroy Highland. Highland would stay out however due to the group being of such a small stature it was deemed by them to be irrelevant. Shortly after, GamerAddict would delete the Akex Army discord informing YotoGamer he simply wanted a small griefing team as opposed to an army. YotoGamer would create the Unidad discord and message all available members a link. After spamming the invitation to Unidad to the players who were in Akex, almost everyone who was in Akex joined Unidad. The Unidad leaders banned GamerAddict and started an operation against him. The group was pacifist with other factions.

The split

YotoGamer would inform the members of Unidad that he would be inactive for 3 months, asking them to keep it alive in his absence. When he came back, he discovered that they created a new server with the same name and changed the name of his server to “Unidad Archival Version”. After YotoGamer joined their server, He would give ownership to PepperX, but changed his mind after he was denied moderator status. An argument ensued between the two leaders resulting in the decision to become two separate groups, Unidad led by YotoGamer and Exodus led by PepperX. Following this YotoGamer and Dr. Andrew decided to renovate the group inactive or Exodus members were kicked out. After 2Bot, which had unknowingly acquired administrator perms, nuked the discord all the roles and channels would be redone.


Paragon was created by AlienAgent124, Scully__, Sage_Mathias, rpb7191, and Mr_Butterman. The base's location was secret, but it was only a matter of time before it was accidentally discovered, due to its proximity to spawn. Eventually, YotoGamer found it by chance and sent AkexAddict the coords. Akex would join Inferno and give them coords as well. By this time Inferno had allied with VoCo, who were at war with the Emperium. Emperium would inside Inferno griefing the base amongst others, killing Inferno in the process.

Aqua Base

The construction of Aqua Base was announced around October 2018, being built by YotoGamer and Leeroy. The base was soon found by Emperium Which visited and raided the base, stealing the items however not leading to any griefs. By 2019, the Base was found again on the test server leading to the inevitable grief on the main server.

YotoGamer would relocate and rebuild the base in another location. The base soon was abandoned until around 2019 a player found the base on the temp server, leading to the eventual grief on the main 2b2t server.

Relation with Infrared

Retronautx would offer an alliance with Unidad due to the groups sharing members. YotoGamer accepted because they were also involved in the griefing of Paragon and could help with an upcoming operation. Infrared would be kicked from the United Group Embassy (UGE) following their griefing of an embassy base and subsequent war with Emperium. Unidad would break relations due to their participation with the UGE at the time.


By 2019 Unidad had low activity on the server. New members such as gomols and B0ris_Johns0n joined the server building a new Dupe stash on the +X Axis. After it was leaked on Reddit in addition to the Inactivity of the leader, YotoGamer, Unidad ceased to exist around 2020.

Foreign relations