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UBERSLUGCAKE was a shitposter that joined in late 2013. Most notable for his Team which was set out to repair spawn. The team had a slogan that would grow to become a 2b2t meme for a while, that being "DEDICATION MOTIVATION ACCELERATION". Imagine the Team as a predecessor of the Vortex Coalition.



UBERSLUGCAKE joined 2b in late 2013 and escaped spawn on his first try. He also was disgusted with the state of disrepair spawn was in, and decided he would try and rebuild spawn. After escaping spawn he established his first base, THE FIRST UBER BASE. He also created a new group, TEAM UBERSLUGCAKE, with the mantra "DEDICATION MOTIVATION ACCELERATION." He began to recruit new players with a common goal of rebuilding spawn.


Next UBER Base & Rebuilding Spawn

After some time, UBERSLUGCAKE gathered his things from his original base and set out to create a more permenant UBER BASE. He wanted it to be a stable base of operation for TEAM UBERSLUGCAKE while gathering material to rebuild spawn. At this time, he said TEAM UBERSLUGCAKE had around 10-15 members making recruit bases around spawn. Eventually the team had everything ready, and went to spawn to build melon farms and destroy lavacasts.

UBERSLUGCAKE infront of one of the base's builds
Overhead view of the base
Inside the base's main building

Backdoor and Quitting

Around April 2016, UBER became worried as "the spirit of Hausemaster as we knew him had left completely." He talked to some old players and discovered the server had been backdoored. Shortly thereafter, all TEAM UBERSLUGCAKE bases were destroyed, and UBER quit the server shortly after.

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