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JoinedMarch 2020
TypeDeveloper, Digger
Alternative AccountsWabbitEmu, Kraft_Heinz
CurrentMotorway Extension Gurus, Gold Mesa

tycrek is a developer, digger, and notable player on 2b2t. He is partly responsible for one of the largest projects in survival Minecraft, and is the co-founder and developer of ttRMS.


tycrek meets ThunderStorm_12
tycrek and ThunderStorm_12 find a stash

tycrek learned about 2b2t in March 2020 through someone's signature on an old forum post about 2b2t. Around the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic started to have a global impact and quarantine started, leading to tycrek becoming extremely bored. Being extremely bored, he decided to try it out and immediately got hooked. Once he joined 2b2t, he escaped spawn fairly easily and wandered around within 150K blocks of spawn with no real goal. Eventually, he started travelling up the +x -z highway where he met ThunderStorm_12, who gave him a few basic survival kits, one of which contained his first elytra on the server. They travelled up the +x -z for a bit, once in a while going through nether portals but not finding much. Just past 1M on the +x -z they found an unfinished build and a small stash, which they raided and then griefed. The items from that stash supplied him for most of his first year on 2b2t. In early June 2020, tycrek went back to spawn, then partway back up the +x -z to build his first spawn base, Gezellig (meaning "tiny hole"). He has intermittently checked up on this and the last time he checked it was still standing, over a year later. He continued up the +x -z and built another base with CementedWall101, as well as some smaller outposts including a tiny woodland campground.

Motorway Extension Gurus and highway work

On July 7th, while again, travelling up the +x -z, he ran into 187K187K which was one of illville502's alternate accounts. illville told tycrek about the Motorway Extension Gurus, and tycrek expressed interest in joining the group. tycrek's first task was loading illville's ender pearls so he could move the group's stash further up the highway to supply the dig. After that, he was given access to MEG's digging bot, and became an official member of MEG. tycrek is also a part of the Gold Mesa Consortium "Core". Gold Mesa has built various outposts on the server to serve as supply stations for highway groups including MEG and the Highway Workers Union. This group was very active during the 2020 donkey Dupe, but is now mostly inactive as of June 2021. Some projects tycrek has participated in as a part of MEG are:

  • 3x3 dig for the +x -z and -x +z nether highways
  • 6x4 dig for Leg 6 of the World Border Ring Road
  • Discovered ufocrossing's shop stash which supplied many MEG projects
  • Made the official MEG website
  • Helped make the Traveller bot which MEG uses to track their Digger's Netherrack Mined counts

Other Projects

tycrek is also a developer and has coded many projects for 2b2t in his time on the server. Some of his projects include the following:

  • Co-founder and co-developer of ttRMS
    • ttRMS is a one of a kind 2b2t proxy service that is extremely popular and has led to his involvement in other projects as well
  • Creator of 2bqueue.info
    • A service made for 2b2t developers to easily get info on queue/server player lists and player counts
  • Creator of 2b2tclients.org
    • WIP site that lists various clients for use on 2b2t, out of date as of June 22, 2021
  • Creator of 2queue2timer
    • A basic program made in Go that joins 2b2t for you at a specific time
  • Member of the RusherHack support team (temporarily retired)

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