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8000 Base, colloquially called Tugboat Base, is a base which was built by a group called The Fellowship of the Diamond sometime in 2015. It was amongst the last bases of the Fellowship before they all quit after their resurgence in 2015.

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History of the Base

The base was built relatively near spawn, like many of Fellowship's bases in mid 2012. It consisted of a large cobblestone castle, a stone brick tower, and a cartoony tugboat in a harbor outside the castle. The tugboat is how the base got its common name due to not many people knowing it's original name name.

In 2013, most members of the Fellowship became bored, or had other things in life, so they quit 2b2t. Tugboat Base became abandoned, and was forgotten until late 2013, where it was griefed heavily, and was forgotten again. In 2014, individual players came across the decimated Tugboat Base and across many months, different players rebuilt Tugboat Base. When the Fellowship eventually resurfaced in 2015, it returned to its former glory, and the signature Tugboat was built. By the Rusher War. many rushers began using the base as a milestone, and had setup many farms at it. It should still be noted that during this time, the architecture was built by the rushers, as the structures of before where long gone.