Trump_17, or simply Trump, is a 2b2t YouTuber who creates videos about the 2b2t's history. Trump has made several video series, such as his 2b2t timeline series, player history series, and cinematic video series. He joined YouTube on June 15, 2017, and has since amassed over 30,000 views and 600 subscribers. His first four videos consisted of cinematic tours of 2b2t, until October 2017 when he uploaded a video documenting the history of the "4Chan Period" of the server.

Trump 17
"Pretty good at making minecraft machinimas about a wasteland."
JoinedJuly 2016
Alternative AccountsObama_09
CurrentNew Facepunch Republic


Trump joined 2b2t in July 2016 following the Rusher War and based at multiple semi-large bases with friends he met on the server and in real life. He visited notable landmarks such as the Valley of Wheat and eventually was a prominent Gold Member of the New Facepunch Republic.

YouTube career

Trump_17 uploaded his first public YouTube video on August 29, 2017, titled "This is 2b2t". Early videos made by Trump_17 are just a slideshow of pictures and videos relating to whatever topic he was covering, with text over it. However, on November 10, 2018, he made a very influential video titled "History of xcc2 - 2b2t Player History". The video concerns the experience of xcc2 and is the earliest example of a YouTuber using players to act out a historical 2b2t event, or so-called "Machinimas". He used player heads to act out different characters, and later began using skins.

He has since increased the length of his videos and began citing his sources in the descriptions, many of which came directly from people involved in the events being discussed. There is little to no bias in his videos as he is not personally involved in any of the topics. He has a very delayed and inconsistent upload schedule, with his most recent videos being uploaded upwards of six months apart, though he has claimed this is due to in real life and other 2b2t projects. Trump has also been noted for constant frame drops in his videos and the spelling errors in his videos.

Trump also got VillagerFilms, an active New Facepunch Republic member and 2b2t 2011 history buff, into YouTube. VillagerFilms is still an actor in Trump's videos. Trump assisted in the production of the 2b2t Chronicles along with VillagerFilms.

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