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Travel is an important part of every 2b2t player's life. Players travel all over the server for a wide variety of reasons; some players travel far, some do not.

Methods of Travel

There are several methods of travel used by players on 2b2t. Some of them being exploits and other being natural minecraft methods.

Highways and Speed Hacks

The main way of travel is to use speed hacks on the main highways (obsidian paths that extend from spawn all the way out to the edges of the map). Many players tend to use the Nether highways rather than their overworld counterparts, as traveling one block in the Nether is the equivalent of traveling 8 blocks in the overworld. This extremely simple math which reduces travel times substantially.


Players on 2b2t often use animals to travel. Travel using horses and pigs was the dominant form of movement across large distances using an exploit called Entityspeed, which allowed players to travel extremely fast on animals. Entityspeed has been patched since 2019, however, making animals largely useless for transport and causing them to lose popularity in favor of other methods.


Boats historically have been used often, especially when escaping spawn for the first time, as you could travel tens or even hundreds of thousands of blocks thanks to 2b2t's enormous oceans and the Southern Canal[1]. However, a player riding a boat is often kicked off as a result of 2b2t's low TPS. This makes boats difficult to use as a method of transportation, and they are rarely used now. The aptly-named 'Boatfly' is also a method sometimes used. Although often patched, it was popular in late 2020.


Elytras are an extremely popular method for getting around on 2b2t. Players use elytras in combination with fireworks to glide along nether highways. Many hacked clients include the mod "ElytraFly" which allows players to use an Elytra without ever falling down or having to boost themselves up using rockets (sometime it also allows Elytras to maintain their durablity). It was thanks to this module that certain milestones were achieved, such as Armorsmith's successful journey to the End's World Border Corner. The Elytra is an essential item for fast travelling in the End. ElytraFly is also automated by many clients, allowing for a player to AFK as they fly down the highway to make AFK travel possible with the help of the Baritone bot. This process can be somewhat tedious, given 2b2t's low TPS. However, due to the incredibly fast pace of ElytraFly, many players now use it to travel on 2b2t. But unfortunately ElytraFly Hacks were patched in September 2020 making fast travel much harder. This also effected vanilla flight, making it buggy and risky to use. Finally a workaround for ElytraFly Hacks (using elytra-packet settings) was found near the end of 2020. It was eventually patched in the beginning of 2021 by Hausemaster.

Clients that have good ElytraFly (using elytra-packet-mode) are Rusherhack, Future, Forgehax 2.10.0, and Kami-blue.


Airships have been intermittently used to fly around, though not commonly. When airships are used, is is usually in the End.These machines could be militarized (until the patch of infinite TNT) or used for different tasks.[2]

Bed Travel

A popular travel exploit was the Bed Godmode exploit, which allowed a player to leave their beds while still communicating bed occupancy to the server. The player could then go through Nether portals to teleport to the nearest bed (which could be millions of blocks out). This exploit was pioneered by C4RTM4N, however, it has since been patched.

Another version of this exploit was found by househousehouse1. It involved setting up a nether portal next to the bed, waiting until night time, and then going in the portal. Before teleporting to the Nether, the player would then sleep in the bed, automatically exiting the bed in the Nether at the coordinates of the bed in the Overworld. This was also patched before it was released to the public, but was involved in the grief of The Lands by Nerds Inc.

A varient of BedTP was also used extensively by Slappnbadkids, which allowed him to stumble on LaRosa by mistake. It was also used to bring Joey_Coconut from Ironfarm Base to Block Game Mecca.


A project called Baritone is complete with real-time pathfinding capabilities, which allows players to type in coordinates and AFK as Baritone walks to their destination. Baritone can parkour, mine blocks, and perform other cool tricks; however, it is not 100% safe, as the laggy conditions on 2b2t can leave it struggling to make its next move. It is a feature integrated in several clients, the most notable being Impact.

Many clients now also integrate automated Elytra Flight, which is even quicker than walking.