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JoinedJune 2016
BasesOasis Outpost, 15 Mil Town 24 Million Cave, Point Nemo, Point Dory, Mu, Sniper's Peaceful Island, Victoria
TypeBuilder, Map artist
CurrentNether Highway Group, South Canal Corp

Toysoildier is a builder that built at Mu and was a member of the Spawnmasons.


Toysoildier joined 2b2t in June 2016 following TheCampingRusher's video. He kept to himself until the start of Byrnsy's X+ Nether Highway world border dig with the Nether Highway Group in December 2016. He participated in the dig for much of its duration, and based at Oasis Outpost, 15 Mil Town 24 Million Cave, Point Nemo, and Point Dory in the process before being invited to Mu following the completion of the dig. While at Mu, he helped to make 32K Weapons widely available, the sales of which funded priority queue for many Mu members. He was the first player to get the 'How did I get here?' achievement on the sever.[1] In the interim, he built at Victoria and participated in the South Canal Corp, with whom he participated in the 100K OW Mapping Project[2]. He also became a member of the Spawnmasons, with whom he participated at a variety of lodges and events with. Following the grief of Mu in February 2020, he stopped playing 2b2t.