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Toshie is a 2b2t player who is the chief architect of Wintermelon and Summermelon. As the "Prophet of the Melon goddess", his self-given title, he leads a group of devotees styled the Followers of Melon. At Wintermelon and Summermelon, he framed and constructed a significant portion of the city. During the invasion of Wintermelon by the 4th Reich, he rallied his basemates and tried to organize a defense and negotiate, but his calls were ignored.

"All hail the Melon goddess, the ruler of the 247 dimensions."
JoinedMay 2015
CurrentMelon Followers, Mu Group

Since the griefing of Wintermelon and Summermelon, Toshie has been semi-active on 2b2t, building at Mu Megabase as well as being part of the nascent Mu 2/Autumnmelon before its grief early on in construction.

Toshie was a chief architect of Summermelon.