Toro's Theater

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Toro's Theater
Torogadude's massive staircase inside of the theater, courtesy of Thanata Craft's base tour linked below.
StartedFebruary 25th 2017
LeakerTorogadude (by accident)
GriefedMay 25th 2017
GriefersPeeke, Babbaj, http_logan, 0x22, Torogadude
World download
LinkNot Available

Toro's Theater was a base built by Torogadude while he was getting back to the base Death Star II.


On the 25th of February, 2017, Toro's Theater was started as a stop-gap on Torogadude's channel, because he had accidentally died in the End while afk at Death Star II. As Death Star II was rather monotonous to construct, as well as difficult to reach, torogadude began construction on his theater.

After about two months, Toro showed off the complete build, but during his live stream, he accidentally leaked the coordinates while taking a world download of the theater. But eventually griefers quickly arrived to blow up the base, namely, Peeke, Babbaj, http_logan, and 0x22. Torogadude assisted in the grief as well.


The base was completely underground and, as the name implies, was a large theater. The base was completely made out of wooden planks and other wooden material (specifically birch and acacia) it was also built with clay blocks and stone bricks.

External Links

  • A tour of the theater can be found here.