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TopStrix ​a content creator with 45,000 YouTube subscribers. This is a relatively large number of content creators in Israel. He visited the server 2b2t and saw that there was hatred for Jews. He has a Discord server and has accumulated more than 20,000 YouTube followers, saying in his deleted video that he wants to have an invasion and the invasion will take place on his Discord server. Player Armorsmith helped him in the invasion. TopStrix knew something was not going to be good and made lots of plans for himself. In his past, he was a relatively famous YouTube channel. He was a channel of tension and explanation and most of all he played Minecraft. At the beginning of the channel he gained relatively subscribed and then his channel was hacked by Anonymous hackers. After a while he returned to the channel's activity and this time he accumulated a registered amount. He had such motivation. He then uploaded videos for two months. Then school came and content dropped. No one was impressed with his channel anymore. He returned again this time. And this is where the invasion took place. The invasion was ready. There were problems with the programs. Israeli Jews who did not support the invasion came to the call and listened to every comment TopStrix gave and so they ruined the plan. TopStrix built a new plan to move to a location but he did not know that the Jewish Israelis who did not support them with the conversation and the plan was destroyed again. He told everyone in the conversation that the invasion would continue afterwards but everyone understood that it would continue now. Only the Israeli Jews who did not support understood. At the beginning of the invasion, everyone knew what time it was. So they came in one hour earlier. After all the plans were destroyed. TopStrix and ArmorSmith built an Israeli Jewish symbol called "Chanukah". He put a sign on it and so the invasion was accepted. There were more than 48 people in the invasion. TopStrix wanted to take revenge on the Israeli Jews who did not support them and asked their records if anyone knew where their base was. Of course someone told them but nobody knows. TopStrix and ArmorSmith invited a person who knew how to prepare for each invasion and how to arrange it. This person was in every invasion that was on the 2b2t server.

TopStrix and its viewers went to the structure of Jewish Israelis who did not support and demolished the base and built a Jewish symbol of the Star of David over the base.

In August, TopStrix uploaded a video explaining about this server and he was intimate. And asked its viewers whether to log into this server 2b2t.

The invasion had a justifiable cause. The Taiwanese community hated us because we were Jews. We set up an invasion of almost 50 people and the invasion began.