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jddinger, also known as Tomah or tomah54660, is a builder who joined 2b2t in early 2016.

Joined2013 or May 15th, 2016
BasesAcacia, Imperator's Base 2, Viper Base, Viper ruse, Rapture 3, Rocket Town, Wintermelon, Rhodes
CurrentThe Museum
PastProject Vault



jddinger joined 2b2t on May 15th, 2016 after seeing the Motherboard article on 2b2t, although possibly earlier. It wasn't long before he based with another player named Fuffer and made many friends with other players on the server.[1] He also became a part of the 4th Incursion and Team Veteran.

Later Escapades

Two days after the Crystal Islands was griefed, he travelled to its location and tried rebuilding the base, but it was futile as it was incessantly griefed multiple times by WildX, The Resistance and many others. Offtopia invited him to Viper Base not long after. jddinger also based at Acacia with Fuffer and theloneloner. After it was griefed they all moved to Wintermelon. After the coords were leaked by DeadlyDarkDragon due to boredom, jddinger was informed by his friend and 4th Reich member Sun_Wukon that they were coming. After a battle took place between 16 players, Wintermelon was griefed on March 16th, 2017.

Project Vault and The Museum

Meanwhile, jddinger became part of Project Vault, a project made to preserve 2b2t builds throughout history by compiling world downloads into a single server. The server was supposed to be released publicly by mid-summer of 2017, but when numerous delays were announced, jddinger and Offtopia downloaded Project Vault and created their own similar project called The Museum on June 14th, 2017, creating outrage within Project Vault. jddinger later apologized to Spartan512 (the creator of Project Vault) for making a new server.[2]


Jddinger repairing Crystal Islands in July 2016

Fit vs Offtopia

After the loss of Wintermelon, jddinger was invited to Rocket Town. In mid-June 2017, jddinger gave 2F4U his alt so he could obtain a book, but accidentally leaked the coords of Rocket Town to 2F4U in the process. Fit and the other basemates self-griefed the base. A month later, Summermelon was griefed by Fit for "revenge" despite jddinger nor 2F4U being a part of the base. Around the same time, Llane became a member of Viper Base. Fit was eager to get back at jddinger and 2F4U, so he asked Llane for the coordinates in exchange for 32k swords. The members of Viper Base, including jddinger, decided to create a copy of the entire base far away to trick Fit into thinking he griefed the actual base. On January 2nd, 2018, they were finished and sent the world download of the Viper Ruse to Fit. A month later, Fit and his friends griefed the Viper Ruse, thinking it was the real base. The actual Viper Base was not griefed until June 2019.

BoeMeccan Witch Trials

After the after the leaks and associated griefs of Boedecken and Block Game Mecca, members of the bases investigated to find the culprit during the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. When Beardler, who was a member of The Museum staff, was brought up as a suspect, jddinger and Offtopia defended him, but Beardler eventually admitted to griefing the bases. This caused serious issues for the Museum, although there had been talks prior to those events concerning the temporary closure or turnover of the museum to Offtopia and xcc2.[3]