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"Singleplayer with chat"
JoinedSummer 2012
BasesAtlantis, Turrim, Summermelon, Block Game Mecca, Smibville, COVID-2147, Electric Boogaloo, Adamantium, Chunk Haven, Block Game Jerusalem, Rat House, Sky Masons, Spawn Migration, The 2b2t Museum
Past0Neb Appreciation Group, Shortbus Caliphate, Emperium, Guardsmen, Astral Brotherhood

Todarac is a 4channer who joined in 2012 along with a few friends. Following years of inactivity, he rediscovered 2b2t in July of 2016 and went to be a part of many groups and bases, such as Turrim (The City of Towers), Summermelon, Shortbus Caliphate, Block Game Mecca, and the SpawnMasons.


Early History


Led to the server from a thread on 4chan's /v/ board in 2012, Todarac joined 2b2t with a few friends. Upon reaching 160k blocks from spawn, he made his first base on the server which he called Atlantis. Todarac and his friends played for a few months, but then quickly became inactive and quit the server. For 4 years, 2b2t remained at the bottom of Todarac's server list, where he would log in every couple months to see if Atlantis was griefed. In July of 2016, after an imgur post about 2b2t, Todarac saw the server had become popular again and decided to rejoin the server and play actively. Having already escaped spawn 4 years prior, Atlantis proved to be a very good "jumping off point" to start.


Turrim Render by Jumbo_Warrior

When Todarac rejoined the server in 2016 he immediately knew he wanted to build a city, and roughly what he wanted it to look like. He left Atlantis in order to start Turrim, The City of Towers. Turrim, literally meaning "tower" in Latin, was founded July 2016 and lasted until December 2019. The goal for Turrim was to remove all nature from the island and to replace it with towers. Todarac wanted a base where if you stood in the middle, you would see towers as far as the eye could see in all directions. The journey from Atlantis to Turrim took around a week, manually walking to 1 million blocks away from spawn. When he got to 1mil out, he decided that it was far enough, and dug a tunnel off the axis. To quote him, "if I knew how big the base would become I would have gone farther, but I had no idea at the time." He was constantly paranoid about how close it was to the axis, and it haunted him until the base was griefed.

Todarac mainly played at Turrim with a "singleplayer with chat" playstyle. Regardless, he would invite many friends over the years, including McNeo, Dryg_, Nordic93, Negative_Entropy, and Jumbo_Warrior. Dryg_ would build a massive head in the water, Jumbo_Warrior built a massive stone and vine pavilion, and Negative_Entropy built the Tower of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movies. The base grew slowly over the years, with the last year being the slowest due to Todarac being at multiple other bases. In December 2019, Turrim was griefed by jared2013.

Membership in other bases

Turrim: City of Towers

In early 2017, he left his city for the first time since he arrived there to visit the recently griefed Wintermelon. He took some banners and when he got there, got in contact with Toshie and Vaxent to give them a world download. While talking to them he made it incredibly clear that he wanted to be apart of their next project. He showed Toshie everything he had built on 2b2t at the time, including Turrim up to that point. It took them over 3 months for them to invite Todarac to Summermelon, but unfortunately he was invited the same week as Bigdon50 so he didn't get to build anything before the base was leaked and griefed. Still, Summermelon humbled him extremely, as he had never seen a true base on 2b2t before that point. The builders even remarked at Todarac's lack of enchanted diamond armor. It was Todarac's first experience with "Real 2b2t" and got him out of his singleplayer with chat bubble. After the grief, the builders asked him if he wanted to be apart of their next project, but he rejected the offer as he wanted to keep working on Turrim. In retrospect, Todarac said that decision "made him want to fucking kill himself since they were inviting him to Mu in 2017", unknown to him at the time.

The SpawnMasons introduced Todarac to many new people, including _m_o_t_h_r_a_ and AutismBot, who invited Todarac to the Shortbus Caliphate, and later, Block Game Mecca. Todarac was invited to Mecca in its last batch of recruits, the other two being Doctrzombie and Beardler. Beardler leaked the base's coordinates on June 1st 2018, within 24 hours of Todarac's arrival. This act would give rise to the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. In the wake of the fall of Mecca, Todarac was invited to Block Game Jerusalem, where he built his embassy to Turrim.

Following the grief of Turrim, Todarac relocated to Smibville, then to COVID-2147, where he contributed significantly to the large hole in the middle of the base. After the grief of COVID-2147, Felino invited Todarac to Electric Boogaloo after a large homage to Turrim was started there.

Todarac is also a member of the Guardsmen and was inducted at Adamantium on 5 January, 2020.


After befriending Willyroof from Summermelon, Todarac was invited to the Map Artists of 2b2t Discord server where he met a person named Ain. The timing was perfect, because Ain had just recreated the SpawnMason Discord server after HermeticLock banned everyone, ending the first degree of SpawnMasons. Todarac was invited as a "Summermelon Refugee", and had no trouble getting into the group as a guest. After building at Torogadude's Death Star and turning it into a soup bowl, Todarac was the first SpawnMason to be initiated into the second degree, marking the next chapter for the group.

Todarac has remained in the SpawnMasons continuously since August 2017.

References - Turrim as of 2/23/17 - Travelling to Summermelon - Day at Summermelon