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"Singleplayer with chat"
Approx. JoinedSummer, 2012
BasesAtlantis, Turrim, Summermelon, Block Game Mecca, Smibville, COVID-2147, Electric Boogaloo, Adamantium
CurrentSpawnmasons, Shortbus Caliphate, Emperium, Guardsmen

Todarac is a 4channer who joined in 2012 along with a few friends. Following years of inactivity, he rediscovered 2b2t in July of 2016 and went to be a part of many groups and bases, such as Turrim (The City of Towers), Summermelon, Shortbus Caliphate, Block Game Mecca, and the SpawnMasons.


Early History

Led to the server from a thread on 4chan's /v/ board in 2012, Todarac joined 2b2t with a few friends. Upon reaching somewhere near 100k blocks from spawn, they made their first base which they called Atlantis. The group as a whole would go inactive after several months.

Return to 2b2t

In July of 2016, following an imgur post about 2b2t, Todarac decided to rejoin the server. He left Atlantis in order to start a new project, which he calls Turrim, The City of Towers, which was founded July 2016 and lasted until December 2019. He built at Turrim until he was invited to Summermelon, in early July 2017. The timing was most inconvenient, as the leaker of the base, BigDon, was invited at the same time. Summermelon fell near the end of the month. Following the fall of Summermelon, Todarac returned to Turrim.

Membership in the Spawnmasons

Having befriended Willyroof and Ain through connections from Summermelon, Todarac was invited to join the Spawnmasons. He was the first to be admitted following the departure of Fit and AlphaComputer. The Spawnmasons introduced Todarac to many new people, including _m_o_t_h_r_a_ and AutismBot, who invited Todarac to the Shortbus Caliphate, and later, Block Game Mecca. Todarac was invited to Mecca in its last batch of recruits, the other two being Doctrzombie and Beardler. Beardler leaked the base's coordinates on June 1st 2018, within 24 hours of Todarac's arrival. This act would give rise to the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. In the wake of the fall of Mecca, Todarac returned to Turrim, where he occasionally built until its grief on the 22 of December, 2019.[1]. Following the grief of Turrim, Todarac relocated to Smibville, then to COVID-2147, where he contributed significantly to the large hole in the middle of the base. After the grief of COVID-2147, Felino invited Todarac to Electric Boogaloo after a large homage to Turrim was started there. Todarac's involvement in the Spawnmasons continues. He was inducted into the Guardsmen at Adamantium on 5 January, 2020.