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Asgard I

  • Asgard I was a project anticipated by the Valkyrians after the 2nd Incursion . It was supposed to occur at the same time as the biome update, but due to interference w/ Popbob, the project was a failure. (WIP)

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  • Kinorana, who was previously known as the Blacksmith of 2b2t during the Valkyrian Era as mentioned by FitMC, is an oldfag who is most known for the Kinorana Map Crisis and his ability to make stacked armor (the exploit has since been patched).

In May of 2017, kinorana had access to the SSH of 2b2t from the April 1 map. He used this to recreate the legendary 32k weapons. He also sold the exploit for $3500. It is unclear of what else he may have made, but because he had it for well over a month it can safely be assumed he did some damage to the server itself. It is rumored that he made his base out of bedrock and added numerous end portals for his own use as well as for his friends, such as Nukkuh.

He is known for his catchphrase, "Buy Kinorana goods today!", which has always been spammed in chat by himself and others who wish to promote his services.

Subreddit Page

  • The 2b2t Subreddit is a subreddit on reddit (duh) where people who play on 2b2t (or at least know of it's existence) can submit 2b2t related content. Memes, Shitposting, and Drama relating to 2b2t are here. The 2builders2tools admin is speculated to be owned by Curtis.

According to the queue, the subreddit itself is one of the three official contacts of 2b2t (all owned by Hause (with the reddit being te only discrepancy)). The other two being 2b2t.org (which has been down for atleast 4 years) and 2b2t.org@gmail.com which is the server's email (where you can freely spam and shitpost Hause :DDD).

The 2b2t subreddit admins are known to delete any post criticising or questioning Fit as well as banning users for posting them. This raises questions about admin abuse on the subreddit as well as confirming the theory that Fit is being used to bring more money to the server owners.


  • YellowstoneJoe joined 2b2t in January 2014. Group bases he has participated in include King's Landing, Aureus, Kinograd Basee (KGB), The Boedecken, and Block Game Mecca (BGM).

YellowstoneJoe designed and built much of the 'nether ring road' 1 kilometer out from spawn. He is also known for being one of the largest enemies of The Vortex Coalition. Following the leak of Block Game Mecca, YellowstoneJoe worked tirelessly to find the culprit, as a part of the controversial, but conclusive BoeMeccan Witch Trials.

Jerico City

WIP Jerico City was a city created by Bigdon. It was toured byFit in a video in late 2016. It is/was a fairly large and detailed walled city built mainly out of sandstone, cobblestone, and acacia wood, located on a desert peninsula, and originally built around a generated NPC village. It is/was home to a large population of villagers as well as a few iron golems, and a collection of gold blocks salvaged from Aureus before its destruction.

Corrupted Uncornz

CorruptedUnicorn was the leader of the Resistance. He rose to infamy after griefing the historic monument "The Valley of Wheat". Since then, he has been a greater threat to Team Veteran then TheCampingRusher himself. Corrupted and the Resistance prefer to patrol spawn in great numbers, forcing players to either run away, log, or accept death.

CorruptedUnicorn first joined 2b2t on June 22nd, 2016. He made his first video on 2b2t about a floating island base. He continued to make videos until he began making friends on the server.

He later came back to the server releasing a new video on his channel HectorC on January 30th 2019 titled "Corrupted unicorn is dead"

2 porkie boi 2 beep boop

2pork2bot is a spam bot that was created by DaPorkchop_. Originally it served to praise Team Pepsi and quote memes that could be given to Pork over Discord.

Now it's the Minecraft side of a 2b2t web overview, with chat viewing, tab+player list viewing and DM sending/recieving. The site can be accessed via http://www.daporkchop.net/pork2b2tbot


Museums are bases made by players with the intention of keeping some of 2b2t's artifacts such as various [[map art]]s , rare blocks, armor of notable players, and some of the oldest items on 2b2t. WIP

Fit's museum

0xymorons museum WIP WIP and MORE WIP

To Do
Mc placeholder.svg
Status Unknown
Builder(s) The Nether Highway Group

X: 15,000,000

Z: 0

The 15 Million Town is a base that was built by the Nether Highway Digging group. It was a milestone for completing half of the Nether Highway. Construction began on February 2017 and is a free place for anyone to build on or destroy. (Most likely lavacasted by now)


  • Popbob Head
  • The Hall of Maps
  • The 15 Million Temple
  • HermeticLock's SpawnMason lodge
  • Househousehouse1's gape
  • Megasteel32's Tower to the Heavens

Grand Lotus (OBVIOUSLY questionable, bias, and needs a rework)

The Grand Lotus is the leader of the Highland, and is infamous for spamming about the group in chat. Easily gets angry. Supports giving free stuff to newspawns, as well as communism. Comparatively somewhat of a decent person, except when annoyed. Attempts to brainwash people and use them for experiments. He quit 2b2t as confirmed on the subreddit, because his girlfriend made him.


Jacktherippa is a longtime player who has participated at many bases such as Asgard II, Aureus, and several others, and is famous for being the builder of Space Valkyria.

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