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The following is a timeline of events relating to the 2b2t Minecraft server, including relevant events that take place in and out of the server. Events in bold denote server-wide and/or technical changes or events, usually made by the server owner, rather than in–server events.

Note: This timeline is a work–in–progress and can be added to. Please take an extra moment to check your grammar if you decide to add or edit an event.

Pre–Minecraft server

See also: Hausemaster § Early history, 2b2t § Origin, 2fort2furious, and 2b2t (Garry's Mod server)

This time concerns all relevant events that lead up to 2b2t's creation as a Minecraft server.

  • November 7, 2005 – Hausemaster creates his Steam account.[1]
  • February 2008 – 2009 – Hausemaster is active on the Team Fortress 2 server 2fort2furious (2f2f). He also creates an account on the 2f2f forum on February 20, 2008.[2]
  • Hausemaster meets Kalash (Reima) on 2f2f, who invites him to a Team Fortress 2 group called the "Axeassins".
  • August 29, 2008 – Hausemaster starts the 2b2t Steam group with the aim to host game servers, titled "2builders2tools (2b2t)", a parody of 2f2f.[3]
  • August 2008 – between April 2009 and December 2010 – 2b2t's Garry's Mod server begins after Kalash is banned from 2f2f for exploits. After creating the Minecraft server, the group is still active and continues hosting servers, although none are as significant as the Garry's Mod and Minecraft servers.[4] The group was deleted by Hause in 2019 or 2020.
  • August 3, 2010 – Minecraft survival multiplayer is released.


Player Count: 50–70 (Accounts vary)

Nothing much is known about the early days of 2b2t, except that the server began in December this year. According to pYr01v1aniac, the server was on update Alpha 1.7. However, such a version does not exist. [5] There are rumors that the server began months earlier than this (due to Hausemaster's wording in a Facepunch thread) but they are little more than rumors.

  • December – Hausemaster and/or georgebush420, the two server operators, begin 2b2t. 2b2t is populated by people in the already existing 2b2t Garry's Mod community (such as Rage639 and BennyGun)
  • Late December – Spawn is griefed, according to accounts. pYr01v1aniac claims that most of the damage at Spawn was caused by creeper explosions in "the first couple of days",[6] as well as lavacasts.[7]


Player Count: 50–80

During 2011, several events occurred, the most significant being the formation and rise of the Facepunch Republic. This year was one of the most active in the server's history prior to 2016.

  • Early 2011 – the owners advertise 2b2t on 4chan and SomethingAwful
  • Early 2011 – Hausemaster teleports to random players to check the progress of his server. He would sometimes give players random items.
  • February 2011 - The current world of 2b2t is started. The exact date is not known, but it must have been after February 9th but before February 22nd.
  • Early 2011 – Swastika Base is created by members of the /v/idya; it is griefed by April 2011
  • April 2011 – The Facepunch Republic begins; 4channers, who are the majority and on 2b2t previously to Facepunchers, take notice of this and try to stop them.
    • April 26 – Chezhead joins 2b2t and discovers the ruins of a griefed castle. He creates a small base with Mattyyy and Coolity.
    • April 27 – At 4:57 PM UTC, Chezhead advertises 2b2t on Facepunch's forums, and he becomes the leader of the brand new Facepunch Republic. Facepunchers apply for membership in this thread, including one user known as Luke2thebun. Chezhead moves out of his first base, citing proximity to spawn, and establishes Camp Facepunch, probably on the same castle ruins he had discovered.
    • April 28 – At 12:45 AM UTC a player named Luke2thebun on his alt mweorz attacks Camp Facepunch. Starting the Facepunch War. Later that day a temporary castle built by the Facepunchers is also attacked and destroyed.
    • April 28 – Hausemaster makes the first known server stats post, stating that there had been 8,164 unique players, and the map size 9.36 gigabytes in size.
    • April 29 – Chezhead leaves a memorial at the remains of Camp Facepunch: "Here lies the ruins of a proud nation, made by blood, sweat, and tears. R.I.P. Camp Facepunch. Love, Chezhead."
  • July 2011 – First post of the 2b2t Comic by THEJudgeHolden. The base known as Zion is also built.
    • July 2011 – The first dupe on 2b2t, the Piston Dupe, was discovered a posted on YouTube. This involved pushing the piston real fast to duplicate items.
    • July 7 – Within creates the second Facepunch 2b2t thread, titled "2b2t V2: there is no FP republic". The Facepunch Republic begins to decline. By now, 37856 players have joined and the map size is 29.7GB.
    • July 29 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the first two chapters of his 2b2t comic series.
  • August 2011
  • August 8th 2011 – Player data corruption and change of world generation cause spawn to look strange. Seed changed to -1373982429803982829.
    • August 14 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the third chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
  • September 2011
  • October 2011
    • October 9 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the fifth chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
  • November 2011
  • December 2011 – The Second Backdoor of 2b2t occurs. popbob created a plugin for Hausemaster, and using this backdoor, gave himself permission to use the TooManyItems mod. He also gives several Facepunchers permissions too, including xcc2 and policemike55, meaning that they were virtually working in Creative Mode with an endless supply of blocks.
    • December 16 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the sixth chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
    • December 25 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the seventh chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
    • December 29 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the eighth chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
    • Late December – Plugin Town is constructed in the wake of the destruction of PassieTown. The town is built using backdoor access.
  • Sometime before December 2011 – The First Backdoor occurs when Hausemaster installs a plugin made by popbob that would allow her to teleport around the server.
  • November 18, 2011 - January 6, 2012 – The seed is changed to -4100785268875389365 for unknown reasons.


Player Count: 20–50

This year marked one of the most barren times on the server. The server faced drastic player loss during this time due to several Facepunchers leaving, the IP changed, and the server was down for three months which caused many players to believe that the server shut down for good.

  • January 2012
    • ZiggyBase is constructed. popbob's backdoor allows builders to construct bedrock structures, such as the Bedrock Dam and the Bedrock Comet. popbob then uses the backdoor to teleport to many bases and grief them, as well as create hacked items. Hausemaster disables/patches the plugin, ending the Second Backdoor.
    • January 3 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the ninth chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
    • January 6 – Server returns to its original seed of -4172144997902289642.
    • January 13 – THEJudgeHolden uploads the tenth chapter of his 2b2t comic series.
  • February 2012
  • March 2012
  • April 2012
    • ImperatorTerrae finds Viking base and 'reforms' it.
    • April 1 – The first April Fools Map is released. Every ten minutes, Hausemaster changes the map. He also spawns shitloads of mobs.
    • April 4 – Zion is raided and destroyed. It turns out that Phagocytic had given the coordinates to Zion to xarviar. Initially unaware that Phagocytic was now the leader of the Facepunch Republic and was promoting 2b2t on Facepunch, the discovery of the fact convinces him to leak the coordinates. He ends up on Phagocytic's exclusive "TOTAL FUCKING FAGGOT LIST". Phagocytic moves the Facepunchers to 2k2k, which is later renamed Zion (though many still call it 2k2k).
  • May 2012
    • May 23 – website is set up and Hausemaster demands donations to keep the server up.[8]
  • June 2012
    • Around the middle of the year, Chrisleighton, the self–proclaimed "king" of 2b2t, is doxxed by x0XP and SionThePhion after SnackyNorph (a friend of chris in real life) sends chris's mobile number to x0XP. Chrisleighton leaves 2b2t forever.
    • 2k2k is founded.
    • The Facepunch Republic fully collapses.
  • Mid 2012 – x0XP and popbob attempt to backdoor 2b2t again, but they failed when Benjojo (one of the moderators) caught them. Benjojo would soon leave the server when he began to believe that the server was populated by actual Neo-Nazis.
  • July 2012
    • 2k2k is obliterated and lavacasted.
    • July 20 – Hausemaster creates the second known spawn lightning storm. The strikes are no longer focused precisely on 0,0 but strike all around the immediate surroundings. ComputerTechie captures footage of this storm. It is unknown if Hausemaster ever tested other lightning storms.
  • October 2012
  • Late 2012 – The first wither is spawned in by Rickenman, and then the second is spawned in by Shougun
  • 2b2t is shut down for three months.


Player Count: 10–30

2013 is mostly painted by Valkyria, as most other groups of this period have all been forgotten.


Player Count: 20–30

During 2014, Valkyria broke up into a few smaller groups. These include the Gape Group and the Legion of Shenandoah.

  • January 2014
  • March 2014
    • March 12 – first recorded instance of the 2014 new map [9]
    • March 31 – The third April Fools Map is released.
  • May 2014
    • 2k2k is buried in lavacasts and many ancient bases are annihilated by Withers (Including the NFE and Plugin Town).
    • May 15th – First Citable evidence that the 2 month new map ended[10]
  • June 2014
  • July 2014
    • July 31, 2014 – Infamous message shows up on the server website stating that Hausemaster has left the server forever, leaving it in the care of "an anonymous friend."[11] The owner's personality changes immediately after this post.
  • August 2014
  • September 2014
  • October 2014
  • December 2014


Player Count: 20–40

A large population boost happened during this year, mostly from the numerous articles and a massive Reddit post. However, most of the newer players did not stay for long.


Player Count (pre–June): 1–10

Player Count (post–June): up to 2500 or more

The birth of modern 2b2t, this was caused when TheCampingRusher made a video series and posted it onto Youtube.

  • November 2016
    • November 11 – The 11/11 Dupe, otherwise known as the Drop Dupe, is discovered and leaked by RusherIsAutistic (xxq). The dupe worked by simply throwing the chosen item out of your inventory, immediately disconnecting, and then reconnecting, which would leave the item in your inventory and create a thrown dupe on the ground. Mass–duping takes place across the server.
    • November 19 – Kinorana develops a client that simplified the 11/11 Dupe, allowing players to dupe their entire inventory. Later, it was found out that the client was backdoored, leading to many leaked stashes being raided. Other clients, such as Impact and Wurst, still enable duplication without backdooring.
    • November 25 – AgentGB makes a video on 2b2t. He later states that it will not be a series.
    • November 28 – The Fifth Incursion is organized by jared2013, however, this fails, and is now widely recognized to have been a meme. 2b2t is updated to version 1.11, killing the 11/11 Dupe.
    • November – The Bedrock exploit is discovered and used to find Fitlantis.
    • November – Large battle at Fitlantis.
  • December 2016


Player Count: 80–200 (50–100 during Temp Maps)

The server population lowered, and the Rushers that stayed became a part of the regular player base. This year was marked by the first highways being dug all the way to the World Border of the Overworld.

  • January 2017
  • February 2017
  • March 2017
    • The Llama Dupe, an alternative to the Donkey Dupe, is discovered.
    • Early March – The 4th Reich is disbanded.
    • March 3 – Maps are reset and old maps are deleted off 2b2t. The death spam protest takes a short ceasefire.
    • March 9 – Byrnsy and crew make it 70% into his journey to the +X World Border (Ov. X: 21000000).
    • March 13 – Byrnsy and crew is make it 80% into his journey to the +X World Border (Ov. X: 24000000). 24 Million Cave is constructed.
    • March 15 – The Donkey Dupe is leaked to the public.
    • March 18 – The Donkey Dupe has been patched.
    • March 21 – Wintermelon is griefed.
    • March 22 – fr1kin discovers an exploit that can bring the server below 1tps.
    • March 23 – Around this time, players continue to complain about maps being broken. Many spambots flooded chat with phrases to demand Kinorana to fix this.
    • March 26 – The +X World Border is reached legitimately through the +X Highway. xxq, rasqi, MiningMinecraft, househousehouse1, and Auion are the first players to arrive. The +X Highway is completed, and Point Nemo is founded.
    • March 27 – At 2:42 PM local time, Byrnsy made it 90% into his journey to the +X World Border (Ov. X: 27000000). At 11:44 PM local time, Byrnsy finally reaches the +X World Border (Ov. X: 30000000), the site of Point Nemo. Dozens of signs have been placed to greet Byrnsy. Point Nemo is expanded for a whole week, and Point Dory is constructed later.
    • March 29 – Point Nemo is griefed.
    • March – A coded bot by the name of PriorityQueue is seen at nether spawn floating and not taking any damage, it was initially thought that he backdoored the server, however, this was later proved to be incorrect (possibly the usage of MineChat).
  • April 2017
    • The Llama Dupe is patched.
    • April 1st – The April Fools' Map 2017 is put into place, and the queue is removed. The server's message of the day is a flashing green and cyan line that says "HACKED BY #TEAMRUSHER". The world border is set to just 400x400 and mob loot tables are altered to drop things such as spawn eggs and ender pearls.
    • April 2 – The Highland group is formed.
    • April 3 – The April Fools' map is taken down, and 2b2t goes back to normal.
    • April 9 – Apocalypse Exploit patched, /kill temporarily disabled.
    • April 13/24 – Fit makes the journey to the +X World Border.
    • April - First water cube is drained by the "Make Spawn Dry Again" movement including Joeilk, ImmortalYogurt, 1_7, and jared2013.
  • May 2017
    • May 15 – AntVenom uses a clip of 2b2t in his video titled "HOW MANY MAPS will BREAK MINECRAFT?!", and states "there are some very large–scale anarchy survival servers out there" when speaking about servers and whatnot that have reached the map limit with a clip of him entering a nether portal at spawn, hinting at the video about 2b2t that he made a year later.
    • May 18 – Fit visits Point Dory without the permission of its builders.
    • May 20 – Point Dory is griefed.
    • May 25 – Torogadude leaks the coordinates of his own theater by accident. It is destroyed almost instantly.
    • May 31 – mrking039 griefs what is left of the Crystal Islands, leaving it unrecognizable.
  • June 2017
  • July 2017
    • July 6–7 – Server shut down, as a preparation for the 1.12 update and the addition of new plugins.
    • July 8–21 – A new tempmap starts with the goal of transferring the server to 1.12.
    • July 10th – The 12th City of DonFuer is completed.
    • July 21st/23 – The original map returns. The owner announces the deletion of all non–vanilla items. In the process, he also accidentally deleted sharpness off axes, efficiency on shears, and all dungeon spawners. The crafting dupe (also known as the stacking dupe), was also discovered, which involved spamming in the crafting book.
    • July 24 – Dupe patched sometime around 10:00 AM (EST).
    • July 28 – Summermelon griefed by Fit and his crew.
    • July 29 – Fit is exposed by Offtopia in the 2b2t subreddit for making stuff up just to get a reason to grief Summermelon.
  • August 2017
  • September 2017
    • September 9 – The 12th DonFuer is griefed by Llane.
    • September 15 – A Spanish YouTuber, ElRichMC makes a video on the server, causing his fans to join and fill the chat with Spanish. Despite the video being quite popular, ElRichMC decides not to make another video and the server returns to normal in a matter of a few weeks.
    • September 17 – SpawnMasons are revived with members assembling once again.
    • Mid September – Project Obsidian Sky is completed. The 500x500 region of spawn now has an obsidian roof at Y256.
    • Late September – Elytra are disabled due to large amounts of chunks being loaded in a short amount of time, causing both lag and the server file size to grow much too quickly. Elytra remain disabled for almost two years.


Player Count: 100–250

This year is most known for two incursions (Sixth and Seventh Incursions) as a result of the player influxes caused by AntVenom and Fuze III. and the grief of Block Game Mecca. Most of the major factions in the server also attempted to unite in the United Group Embassy. This year is also known for the major duplication glitches, which caused the 2b2t server economy to deteriorate rapidly.

  • January 2018
  • March 2018
    • March 20th – Temp map begins while the main map is being transferred from a 4 Terabyte HDD to a 6 TB SSD[13], as it was rapidly approaching the upper size limit of its current hardware. Server traffic is lower than usual but still high. The TPS range is around 10 to 13.
    • March 27th – Main map returns.
    • March 28th – Severe rubberbanding and lag occur at high TPS as well as several plugins being removed temporarily which allowed for people to use illegal items for a short amount of time, as well as being able to use the Nether roof while taking heavy amounts of damage.
  • April 2018
    • March 31/April 2 – An unnamed April Fools' tempmap starts on March 31st, 2018, and ends April 2nd, 2018. During this period, AntVenom confirms he will be releasing his video on April 3rd. The Sixth Incursion is declared by Sato86 on the temp map (aka, the sixth April Fools Map).
    • April 2/6 – 2nd tempmap after the failure of reverting the world.
    • April 3 – The highly anticipated "Face of Minecraft Anarchy" video is released by AntVenom. New players flood the server.
    • April 6 – The main map comes back, and the owner adds AAC to the server, which causes frequent disconnects and problems in general.
    • April 8 – ArchQuantum extends the overworld –Z Axis Highway to Z: –719000.
    • April 9 – The alpha is launched by HermeticLock.
    • April 12– 14 million subscriber YouTuber PopularMMOs is seen logging onto the server and is geared by an unknown player. He is later seen at nether spawn and killed with an end crystal. He claims he is not making a video on the server.
    • April 16 – 24th – The Great Spawn Wall, surrounding 1000 cubic meters of spawn is constructed by the Sixth Incursion members with the use of slave labor. Armorsmith's Followers establish the Anti-Incursion movement dedicated to griefing the wall.
    • April 26 – The obsidian wall fails since it was being destroyed by the Anti-Incursion faster than it could be repaired.
  • May 2018
  • July 2018
  • August 2018
    • Mid August – The server's economy is at a point that anything is worthless, including Hacked Items.
    • August 1st – The pathfinding bot Baritone is created by Leijurv.
    • August 22 – Builders Haven is griefed and disbanded.
  • September 2018
  • October 2018
    • October – New nether roof access exploit discovered with minecarts.
    • October 8 – jared2013 is demoted from the head of the Seventh Incursion due to internal drama.
    • October 13 – The Seventh Incursion is called off by _Henry_ due to a lack of leadership initiative.
    • October 13 – jared2013 makes a new discord and an Incursion revival initiative to complete the original goals of the Incursion.
    • October 30 – jared2013's Incursion Reloaded revival officially ends a day earlier than the initial deadline of the October 31st due to an inside attempt on the Emperium.
    • October 31 – The 1st 2b2t Halloween party is hosted.
    • October – Fit is kicked out of the Seventh Incursion due to drama between him and jared2013.
    • October – Book Banning is discovered.
  • November 2018
    • Early November – Second water cube is completed.
    • November 11 – The Chunk Dupe is leaked to the public.
    • November 15 – Coordinates to the Valley of Armorsmith are leaked.
    • November 17 – Many of the builds at Block Game Mecca are found to be schematics.
    • November 23 – 1.13 is announced for 2b2t coming “soon”.
    • November 29 – FuzeIII duels Fit at the Ruins of Aureus City. Fit wins.
  • December 2018
    • December 23 – Coordinates for planned Christmas party is leaked.
    • December 27 – Iridium is disbanded.
    • December – U.G.E is dissolved after a long period of inactivity.


Player Count: 200–800

The server's largest activity boom since 2016, as the YouTube algorithm began to recommend 2b2t–related videos. Hausemaster threw down the gauntlet on many long-time exploits and reverts a whole bunch of illegals too.

  • January 2019
    • January – Lag and queue issues are getting worse. SpawnMasons revive after a long pause of inactivity.
    • January 12 – The Astral Republic is founded.
    • January 19 – Around 18 Vo–Perium members fight 6 Highland members at spawn, making this the largest battle to unfold since the Sixth Incursion.
    • January 30 – The owner changes the server message on the player board, saying "1.13 and temporary map expected in February 2019, with new server hardware. Elytra's planned to be re-added. Death messages and end portals re-added."
    • January 30 – End portals re–disabled.
    • January 30 – CorruptedUnicorn attempts a revival of the Resistance.
  • February 2019
    • February 3 – It is rumored that jared2013 was arrested in real life.
    • February 10 – jared2013 returns with the allegations proven false.
    • February 20 – Indonesian YouTuber with 187k subscribers, Kurus, makes a video about 2b2t. Nothing comes of the video besides a minuscule, if not nonexistent, influx.
    • February 23 – The owner changes server message on the tab screen, stating "1.13 expected in late March, Book Duplication now Patched due to an update of Waterfall."
    • February 27 – Player bflyza uses thousands of signs at Nether 0,0 to create a Chunk Ban.
  • March 2019
    • March – YouTube algorithm promotes Minecraft videos due to "nostalgia craze" and as a byproduct, promotes 2b2t videos, flooding the server with new players and extending queue to wait times last seen during the post–Rusher era. Queue issues persist. Potential incursion discussion begins to arise throughout the community.
    • Early March – Chunk ban using signs patched.
    • March 20 – Astral Order unofficially disbands.
  • April 2019
    • April – The Godmode exploit is discovered by Satisfaction.
    • April 1st – The April Fools temporary map is released. The event was shorter than previous maps, only lasting for 12 hours. Admin claims to have used the map for 1.13 testing, announcing that main map transfer to 1.13 is still an unattainable option.
    • April 23– The Resistance is officially disbanded following a leadership crisis.
  • May 2019
    • May – Nerds Inc. hosts another 31days31griefs.
    • May 24 – 200 thousand YouTuber PrivateFearless begins a series on 2b2t..
    • May 25 – Etika joins 2b2t for the first time and streams his attempts to escape Spawn. Hausemaster, the server owner, sends a rare broadcasted message through server chat responding to Etika's stream where he told viewers to type '9' in the 2b2t chat.[14]2b2tEtikaServerMessage.png
    • May 27 – The Purge is created in response to the Etika Invasion..
    • May 30 – TheCampingRusher is seen online again for the first time in 3 years.
    • May 30 – The Second Anti–Incursion begins
    • May 31 – The server is continually being lagged to stop the 9 Gang and other new players, including Etika.
  • June 2019
    • June 3 – The owner makes an announcement discussing multiple things regarding the server such as the limited amount of slots and the server updating to newer versions. Book banning is reported to be officially patched. 2b2t may stay on 1.12 indefinitely due to the consecutive versions being too unstable for the server, however, future tests will continue.
    • June 5 – 5 million YouTuber AtlanticCraft makes a general video on anarchy servers. Purge members Jumpyblazeftw and Nifty successfully convince him not to continue making videos about anarchy and to take down his video.
    • June 5 – YouTuber ShotGunPlays was spotted on 2b2t.
    • June 6 – GS Trading Co. spams clicks on End Portals, creating loud sounds that can be heard across the entire server.
    • June 10 – Members of the Anti–Incursion attempt to rebuild Wrath Outpost, but they are thwarted by members of The Purge.
    • June 12 – Lightning was heard for the first time after it was disabled due to the coordinate exploit.
    • June 14 – Elysium 1 is founded by Kyr0.
    • June 16 – The first phase of the Purge concludes, as the queue significantly drops due to the lack of Etika streams.
    • June 16 – The Etika Invasion effectively ends.
    • June 17 – The Anti–Incursion disbands.
    • June 18 – 1 million Fortnite YouTuber Insanity is spotted on 2b2t.
    • June 20 – It is reported that Etika has gone missing in real life.
    • June 25 – Etika is found dead in real life by the NYPD in New York City. His death was confirmed to be suicide the following day.
    • June 25 – Various memorials are built across 2b2t in honor of Etika. Most are griefed within a few hours and or days.
    • June 29 – The server is temporarily offline due to the server provider upgrading and migrating their network.
  • July 2019
  • August 2019
    • August – Entityspeed is patched, and VHop starts to become a popular alternative, but it gets patched too.
    • August 8 – TheCampingRusher officially comes back to 2b2t with a new video and plans on making more. He never posted again after his first video.
    • August 10 – BachiBachBach starts The Infinity Incursion as a replacement for the failed Eighth Incursion.
    • August 14 – Elytra are reenabled once again. "Elytra time.png"
    • August 18 – The Cloud Club is constructed by the SpawnMasons and other people.
    • August 25 – Fit claims that Pyrobyte, one of the builders of Asgard II, accidentally leaked the coordinates of the base, but managed to hide it.
    • August 26 – The Cloud Club is griefed by FarmerJoe.
  • September 2019
    • Early September – Small YouTuber BobbyBoJanglles joins 2b2t and brings a small influx of players
    • September 1st – Hausemaster opens a new test server called, intended for testing new plugins like a new anti-illegals plugin along with testing a new backup solution.
    • September 13th – changes maps to the 2b2t one.
    • September 21st – A version of the Donkey Dupe used by the Inertia Client's freecam is patched.
    • September 25th – Hausemaster patches entity speed hacks, making them unusable.
  • October 2019
  • November 2019
  • Yet another Donkey Dupe, this time using End Portals, is discovered.
    • November 4 – The Brownmen are formed
    • November 5 – The Book Club splits up due to player dq6 selling out to Hausemaster.
    • November 7 – The Astral Republic officially disbands after a long bout of inactivity.
    • November 10 – Infinity Incursion completes construction on the then-largest spawn symbol.
    • November 16 – SpawnMasons hold their 100th lodge.
    • November 22 – 100K mapping project goes public.[15]
    • November 23 – The 2b2t Wikipedia article is made official.
    • November 25 – #TeamNoTrees is created to destroy all dirt and trees within 10k blocks of 0, 0
    • November 26 – Leuphou attempts to leak the coordinates of his project, Eldorado, to /r/2b2t in the form of a puzzle, severely overestimating the intelligence of the subreddit. Nobody gets it right.
    • November 29 – jared2013, _Courier6_, Steve3, and Househousehouse1 take over r/2b2t temporarily through a hacked Reddit account.
      Reddit Backdoor – November 29th
  • December 2019
    • December 5 – The Last Templar abandon and grief their main base, Argonath, after Emperium create a base ~1500 blocks away.
    • December 7 – 2b2t's 9th birthday party spawn event lasts for all of 10 minutes.
    • December 8 – Elysium 1 is griefed by its members after being compromised due to its terrain showing up on maps caused by a map reset.
    • December 9 – End water cube by SkullerG and Gsmack is finished.
    • December 18 – The donkey dupe is patched
    • December 20 – The tab list displays “NINE YEARS” at the top of it. Hausemaster introduces a patch removing all illegals from the game permanently, including unbreakables and 32k’s. Death messages are brought back. The Book club / The Brownmen ceases player head chunkbans, #NoServerNovember ends.
    • December 20 – jared2013 griefs Omega II shortly after Fit makes a video of him and AlphaComputer stealing historical artifacts from the base.
    • December 25 – The biggest spawn logo at that time (in overworld; until March 09, 2022), The Masonic Eclipse, is completed.


Player Count: 500–1400

What seemed like a new Youtuber every week following COVID–19 pandemic and many individuals in quarantine. Fit reached one million YouTube subscribers. Hausemaster was on autopilot for the entire year as the server got hit hard by the authentication exploit. This year hosted multiple of the largest community projects on the server. ever.

  • January 2020
  • February 2020
    • Yet another version of the Donkey Dupe (the one involving End Portals) is leaked to Team Wao, who leaks it publicly. The dupe is patched.
    • February 15 – TapL makes a video on 2b2t.
    • February 16 – One of the oldest surviving bases, The Monastery (also known as Gape Haven), is griefed by The Backstreet Boys after lasting eight years from 2012 to 2020.
    • February 21 – Russian YouTuber Zackviel makes a video about 2b2t following TapL's video.
    • February 25 – The 2b2t Video Archive is founded as a branch of the 2b2t Media Archive.
    • February 28 – X–Topia is griefed by The Backstreet Boys.
    • February 28/March 1 – Nerds Inc uses the Authentication Exploit, which is quickly patched by Mojang. Many high-profile bases like Mu are griefed along with countless inventories and ender chests dumped.
  • March 2020 – Beginning of quarantine hype period
    • March 3 – The Backstreet Boys hack the Emperium YouTube account and post a meme video of The Backstreet Boys griefing an Emperium dupe stash, and delete all other videos on the channel.
    • March 3–4 – The Nether World Border is reached by IronException and l_amp with the help of an exploit.
    • March 9 – COVID–2147 is constructed by the SpawnMasons.
    • March 11 – Sato86 updates the 2b2t timeline.
    • March 11 – After the Authentication exploit from February 28, many bases are griefed in the next couple of weeks, including Mu, Equilibrium II, and Poseidon.
    • March 22 – Mu Megabase is revealed to the general public. The base lasted from 2017 to 2020.
    • late March – IP limit is reduced to 2 to stop bots filling up the player slots
  • April 2020
  • May 2020
    • May 4 – FitMC reaches one million subscribers. 2b2t becomes evermore prevalent on YouTube.
    • May 20 – ElytraFlight is nerfed. However, clients find bypasses for it in mere minutes.
    • May 25 – popbob and iTristan have been seen on the server. popbob and 0x22 grief The Brownmen's chunkban stash, HAUSEVULT's private stash, and others for "misgendering".
    • May 26 – The Motorway Extension Gurus complete the diagonal –X, –Z Nether Highway, the first completed diagonal Nether highway on 2b2t.
    • May 29 – COVID–2147 (labeled by Fit as DonFuer 18), is griefed by D_loaded, HermeticLock, AlphaComputer, and Fit. The griefing is initially not a big deal until Fit makes a video on the subject, stirring controversy.
  • June 2020
    • June 24 – A crash exploit using scaffolding and fast-breaking at build limit is discovered.
    • June 27 – Redstoner builds auto priority ban machines around 0,0 in the overworld. Many players, including streamer Jakethasnake52, are prio banned.
    • June 28 – Hausemaster unbans the majority of priority banned accounts due to innocent people being banned.
    • June 28 – Popular YouTuber TommyInnit makes another video on 2b2t. It racks up over 200,000 views.
  • July 2020 – Quarantine hype ends, and queue times fall drastically compared to previous months
  • August 2020
  • September 2020
    • September 2–3 – Anti–speed plugins on 2b2t break, allowing players to go at very high speeds on elytra. For the first time in years, the nether roof and void are accessible.
    • September 3 – A stricter plugin against elytra cheats is implemented. All blocks located above the bedrock in the Nether are deleted if the chunks are loaded.
    • September 4 – Elytra become buggy, unreliable, and virtually unusable, even with rockets. Average TPS dramatically increases as a result.
    • September 10 – The 2b2t Media Archive discord is nuked by The_Grand_Lotus. The 2b2t Discord Archive is created in its place.
    • September 11 – Two unrelated 9/11 events take place. First, a slime block powered aircraft was crashed into a large replica of the twin towers. Later in the day, at 6:09 PM, Ground Zero was set off by members of the Shortbus Caliphate.
    • September 17 – The /kill command is disabled.
    • September 23 – The Infinity Incursion completes the 0,0 water cube project after 18 days. It spans 1000x1000 blocks and was one of the largest operations in 2b2t history.
    • September 28 – Brownmen dupe leaked by ionar, required Pyro Client.
  • October 2020
    • October 8 – Priority queue is completely disabled from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM EST. Every account with priority queue is unable to join the server.
    • October 12 – MrBeast and 3 of his friends join the server for about an hour or more (2 to 3 PM EST), staying at 0,0. Within minutes, the Tenth Incursion was prepared to combat the millions of people the video would've exposed the server to. Fit then confirmed MrBeast would not make a video on 2b2t due to toxicity and hatred on the server.
    • October 12/31 – The Tenth Incursion continues operations to make sure MrBeast doesn't return.
    • October 21 – The client Phobos is discovered to be backdoored, as well as the cracked version of the Pyro client.
    • October 31 – The Tenth Incursion ends.
    • October 31 – The third annual 2b2t Halloween Party is held, and lasts for just over two hours before being self griefed. Only one player attempts to grief the party before that, and they were driven off by the attendees.
  • November 2020
    • November 1 – No Server November begins, Boat bans released publicly and abused. Redstone is disabled the same day.
    • November 12 – The 2b2t Wikipedia article appears on the front page of Wikipedia.
    • November 13 – E.M.P machine used to completely freeze server for the first time, player invincibility exploit discovered.
    • November 21 – Hausemaster attempts to patch placing boats in the nether[17].
    • November 22 – Boatfly patched. Brownmen Boat Dupe patched
    • November 24 – Steve3 finds bypass to Hause's patch, duping resumes privately.
  • December 2020
    • December 2 – Hausemaster's PayPal account is suspended. It was under investigation from November 24 concerning over 40 chargebacks. During this time, priority queue was unable to be purchased.
    • December 3 – Hausemaster's PayPal account is reenabled, and priority queue can be purchased again.
    • December 14 – The Spanish Youtuber ElRichMC returns to 2b2t and starts a new series on the server with his friend Farfadox, called "PvP Server 3", where they pretend to start a faction and attack the server. This goes ignored by the community due to his small viewer base.
    • December 17 – The Autumn Drain, the server's largest reconstruction project of a griefed base, is leaked by Armorsmith and destroyed.
    • December 18 – The third annual 2b2t Christmas Party is held, doubling as a 10th-anniversary celebration for 2b2t.[18] 140 players visited the same area in a period of 7 hours (78 in a mere 15 minutes), setting a new record for the most players in one location at one time.
    • December 31 – The Infinity Incursion and Brownmen create a cube of over 1 million blocks of TNT in under 24 hours for New Year's Eve. This sets a new world record for the largest number of TNT blocks placed on the server, taking the record from Ground Zero.


Player Count: 700-1400

  • January 2021
    • January 22 – Endromeda, a large end base, is self–griefed after the base is discovered.
  • February 2021
    • February 12 – The Motorway Extension Gurus completes the final diagonal highway, marking the completion of all highways to the world border.
    • February 14 – The second Space Valkyria 3 is griefed.
    • February 16 – Packet Elytraflight is patched.
    • February 24 – The Terminal Base on the Old Spawn Road is griefed and made public.
  • March 2021
    • March 6 – Popular Minecraft Twitch Streamer "Tubbo" joins and streams 2b2t with popular streamer Ranboo.
    • March 9 – Hausemaster secretly launches a new 2b2t test map on, testing version 1.16, which is discovered by players.
    • March 10 – The Vortex Coalition is disbanded.[19]
    • March 13 – .peek is reenabled, some books are also wiped by a glitch with a plugin.
    • March 13 – Donfuer 20 is griefed by Carezo & Averil
    • March 27 – "Block 36" is leaked to the wider public by FitMC and Forceken, with the method of creation and ability to fly through them being shown. The creation of them is patched the following day.
  • April 2021
    • April 3 – The Giant Usada Pekora Obsidian structure made at spawn by the Nihongun is revealed to the public.
    • April 3–11 – The Bakery v2 event runs, banning 1300 people (cumulative) utilizing mass player client crashers.
    • April 12 – goes offline and is marveled for the high TPS it had maintained; many expect the main server to update to 1.16.
    • April 16 – Avalysium is griefed by the Backstreet Boys.
  • May 2021
    • Early May – The Watchmen disband.
    • Early May – FitMC hits 2 million subscribers.
    • May 12 – The Motorway Extension Gurus reach the Nether world border.
    • May 17 – The map marker exploit discovered by cityboss1 goes public after a group of new players found one of the maps near spawn and placed it everywhere, many people get kicked and banned from it.
    • May 28 - The Highway Workers Union completed all 8 obsidian nether highways to 1 Million Nether.
    • May 29/30 – Imps 2 is griefed by jared2013, Orsond, and HermeticLock. Due to the sheer size of the base, the grief lasts several more days into June.
  • June 2021
    • June 5 - Chunk Haven is griefed by Team Rocket.
    • June 6 – Acheron[20], a 4 1/2 year old Goodwill Trading base/stash, gets griefed through use of NoCom.
    • June 16 – Block Game Jerusalem is griefed by the SpawnMasons at the request of the base builders, due to jared2013 leaking the coordinates.
    • June 16 – Whitehaven is self griefed by the base members after the coordinates are leaked by jared2013.
    • June 18 – The server is subject to a DDoS attack and shuts down along with many other Minecraft servers, including Hypixel and GommeHD by Twitter user TheTalkingBear
    • June 18 – Hausemaster relaunches, the 1.16 testing server, and makes his first reddit post in over a year.[21] The test server is also subjected to multiple DDoS attacks and is brought offline repeatedly.
    • June 20 – 2b2t comes back online at 2:55 PM EST, after being down for over 60 hours.
    • June 22 – The Nether World Border is reached by the +X Nether Border Diggers on the 0z axis, completing the highway.
  • July 2021
    • July - Linked Horizon Sky begins
    • July 5 – Boat Phase[22] and Portal God Mode are patched by Hausemaster after a short downtime.
    • July 11 – The test server restarts after five days of uptime.
    • July 15-16 – The Nocom exploit is leaked publicly and a barebones client is sold and mass distributed to many dozens of players, it is widely used on the server for 16 hours. (Priority queue peaks at a record low of 15 players during this day)
    • July 16 – Nocom is patched by Hausemaster after Paper had patched it 4 hours prior.
    • July 18 – Yggdrasil is self-griefed.
    • July 18 – Server experiences a huge influx of players due to knowledge of Nocom's death being widespread. Priority queue times double overnight.
    • July 29 - The Highway Workers Union finished the +X obsidian highway world border, marking it as the first-ever obsidian highway that goes from spawn to overworld world border.
  • August 2021
    • August – New method of removing bedrock with Nether portals is made public and used by the Anti Bedrock Society, Breakery, and others to delete most of the public illegally placed bedrock and End portal frames on the server.
    • August - The 2b2t Times is founded by Forceken, and Franknificant
    • August 1 - The Motorway Extension Gurus finished digging the Nether world border ring road.
    • August 22 – The Infinity Incursion is disbanded.
    • August 22 - The Astral Brotherhood is founded.
  • September 2021
    • September 2 - New Argonath is made public by The Last Templar after c1yd3i tried to sell its coordinates.[23]
    • September 4 – New method of removing bedrock with sticky pistons and End Crystals at the End is leaked and used to remove bedrock and End portal frames in this dimension.
    • September 11 – The coordinates to the event to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11 are leaked to the public before the event starts, and the location is griefed.
    • September 13 – Max single-session playtime lifted to 8 hours (from 6), reconnects per hour limit lowered to 10 (from 20) and remote chunk loading exploit patched by Hausemaster.
    • September 18 – Bypass to boat dupe is patched due to imminent public leak.
    • September 20 – "Black Holes" are made public, a new method involving falling sand through cobwebs which causes the server's TPS to instantly drop to 0 is used by Armorsmith's Followers to remove the priority queue access of players by chunkbanning them.
  • October 2021
  • November 2021
  • December 2021
    • December 10 – A remote code execution (RCE) zero-day exploit in the popular Java logging tool log4j is leaked to the public. The server goes offline to mitigate the damage. It is unknown for how long the exploit has been used before the leak.
    • December 13 - The SpawnMasons go public with their main base, Sky Masons, and begin streaming it regularly.[26]
    • December 17 - DonFuer 22 is griefed.[27]
    • December 30 - Max single-session playtime dropped back to 6 hours (from 8).


Player Count: 150-450

Due to a lack of updates and the server falling out of the YouTube algorithms favor, the player count drops to pre-pandemic levels. However, a new test server implementing more modern features of Minecraft goes online.


  • January 2023
  • February 2023
    • February 5 - The Connect 4 event is held after its orignal location was griefed by DonFuer, After the event in retaliation Many groups would grief a total of 15 DonFuer bases in a single day.

See also


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