Tim McNukepants

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Tim McNukepants
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PastThe 4th Reich

Tim_McNukepants is a newfag on 2b2t. Tim is a griefer, a member and co-founder of The 4th Reich, and will to go at any lengths to destroy what he wants, making him incredibly dangerous and a threat to any bases. He is famous for griefing many bases and being a very active bed and end crystal bomber. He is the most active person on The 4th Reich Youtube channel Tim McNukepants despite no-one having posted in a while. The channel was removed some time in 2019.

Recent Activity

Tim is the most active user on the 4th Reich's YouTube channel, posting videos of him griefing, meming, and other stuff. Tim has also claimed that he is jared2013, but this is up for debate among the community. Tim also runs the United Fags of 2b2t and 4th Reich Discord. While Tim still plays, he seems to not be uploading his fun of griefing anymore.