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Heres the rules, which ones am i breaking?

"Do not create pages that exist only to advertise your fagtion" Im just trying to document it because it exists on the server and i'm not part of it. I'm not even creating an entire page.

"Do not be biased" If i broke this rule it was mostly as a joke, saying they are the best faction. Its pretty obviously sarcasm

"This isnt a place to advertise your "OLDEST SERVER ON MINEKREFT!!!11111" letsplay." I am not FloatTea and like i said you can delete the youtuber parts of it.

"Being extremelly toxic isn't allowed" The group is the one being toxic

There is no rule against documenting cancer and even if they are a joke faction because they are small and maintained by one person thats ok because this it a page for small groups, its entire purpose is for the groups which people think dont deserve to be an actual group. Deciding whether something is cancer is based on opinion, and I agree that the group is cancer but I don't think thats an ok reason for it to not be allowed.