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Thnks CJ
"Some 2b2t players could start a small war with their programming skills but they instead use them to place virtual cubes"
Thnks_CJ's skin
JoinedSeptember 30 2021
BasesPTF Spawn Base, Phaedra, Sanctuarium, Alpha Town
TypeProgrammer, Builder, Base Hunter, Griefer
Alternative AccountsThnks_CJ, ThnksCJ2b2t/INetHandler
CurrentThe Collective, DonFuer
PastThe Imperials

Thnks_CJ is a programmer who develops Sync Client, and also helps to lead the Collective.


Early History

Thnks_CJ joined 2b2t for the first time in September 2021 after watching various videos by SalC1 and Fit. He was accompanied by his close friends at the time, DanielC07 and Law. They founded 'PTF Spawn Base' together, although it was swiftly abandoned, with the three then co-founding Phaedra together. Following this, Law and CJ joined Imperials, and Phaedra became an Imperials base. CJ went inactive for several months before coming back in November and continuing with the group.

The Collective

When many of the high-ranking Imperials members left the group on February 23, 2022, he left with them, and became a high-ranking member of the group they started together; The Collective. He became a member of the Council soon thereafter, and helped to develop a discord bot for them to manage bases and members with easily.


Thnks_CJ joined donfuer with the purpose of helping them with keeping up with the lastest in programming technology within the 2b2t community, this included custom proxies and custom utility clients.

Sync Client

Thnks_CJ joined the Sync Development team (previously just Skillnoob_, Taxionic and Bloeckchengrafik) on May 1st and resumed development on the client after it had not had updates in several months. Much of his work to the client was geared towards the loader and overall security, but nontheles served to bring it active again. The client itself is still private but the discord is still active and regular updates on the status of the project are posted.