Third Backdoor

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The Third Backdoor of 2b2t took place somewhere in the end of 2015 and ended in April 2016.


Connections to the admin

The backdoor happened after the new admin took over in 2014. It started when the 2b2t website went defunct, despite the player base wishing for it to stay up. The admin stated he would continue it if a donation goal of 250 dollars was reached, unlikely since the donations for the server itself were already hard to gather. Nonetheless, a group of players, including ImperatorTerrae and xcc2, ended up donating the money. Despite this effort, the website didn’t return. Players like iTristan, ImperatorTerrae and Offtopia were likely in contact with the admin at the time. iTristan was active in a group called Nerds Inc, which had been active through Steam and Skype since at least 2014. There he seemingly managed to get further into contact with administrators of the server. The plugins used for the 2015 April fools' map were developed by iTristan and present on his GitHub page, which became publicly known in the summer of that year. Right after this event iTristan and friends would destroy OreMonger’s Mesa Base. Withers—which had been disabled for a long time—were re-enabled temporarily on the same day.[1] Not too long after this the Third Incursion occurred. iTristan would turn his back on his fellow Valkyrians and helped jared2013 and popbob to grief Wrath Outpost.

Usage of the backdoor

Since the old website was never brought back, ImperatorTerrae, Clyde and iTristan developed a website themselves and handed it over to the admin. Around November the admin made the crucial mistake of running the website on the same host as the server itself, allowing iTristan to take over control of the server. In November 2015 iTristan used the backdoor to paste a clocktower into the map using worldedit, roughly 20,000 block Overworld from the base King’s Landing he was active at.[2] Once that succeeded, he copied the region files of Imperator’s Base and placed it on a new location in the same quadrant, around (3 237 730, -1 788 250), creating what is called Imperator's Base II[3] The backdoor was also used to create and copy stashes of illegal items, including 32k swords[4], barrier blocks, enchanted glass and End portal frames. iTristan and his friends from Nerds Inc also used the backdoor to mock players by giving them information about their join dates, leaving Withers at their beds and restarting the server. The admin was on good terms with Nerds Inc and even assisted them in creating illegal items.

Exposing of the backdoor

The backdoor was exposed to the public in December 2015. That month jared2013 managed to grief Imperator’s Base, where iTristan had been active. On top of that Jared decided to make some already public information about iTristan more public, most notably his GitHub page. On that page world-files of 2b2t were discovered, including iTristan’s and Pyrobyte’s megastash, located at (690 150, 439 850). Players like Jacktherippa, CainesLaw, Sato86 and YellowStoneJoe went over there and discovered traces of the Backdoor, such as a hole in the bedrock floor filled with glass, chests containing close to every item in the game and the presence of clearly hacked-in items such as Bedrock and Barrier blocks. This motivated Sato86 to make a public post on reddit in which he announced the server had been backdoored. iTristan on the other hand claimed these blocks were just the product of the Second Backdoor. He stated that he and Pyrobyte had spawned in random item ID’s, a few of which had turned into the Barrier Blocks. This claim was however refuted due to the fact that the stash was generated in terrain containing blocks such as andesite, diorite and granite, blocks that did not yet exist in 2013. Sato86 would go on to make a Reddit post about the incident, hoping the admin would intervene. Instead, the posts were censored and the accounts posting them were banned from the Subreddit.[5][6][7][8][9][10]

Creation of The Tyranny

After the destruction of Imps, Jared and taylo112 established a group which overlapped with the already existing Nerds Inc and re-unite previous opponents such as Jared and iTristan towards a common goal: the destruction of Jacktherippa’s base The Lands and a complete takeover of 2b2t. During March and April 2016—a period wrongly called the ‘Week of Destruction’—Nerds Inc used their backdoor access to destroy multiple bases. Around this time the group also started to be called ‘The Tyranny’. Among these bases were OreMonger’s Clock Base - for which once again withers suddenly were re-enabled - , Kinograd and Space Valkyria 2 - which they traveled to using a spawned in End Portal and left with a spawned in Exit Portal. Nerds Inc also used the BedTP Exploit at this time to travel to The Lands and finally destroy it. At one of taylo112s older bases at (-400 000, 400 000) the group created The Archive: massive bedrock dome containing an enormous stash. Players like Jacktherippa were suspicious. To manipulate Jack into giving away stash coordinates, Nerds Inc logged in on the account of his friend thePOMPANO, a former member of Valkyria who had quit the server for a long time. Nerds Inc was lucky that around the same time a giant Chinese data leak also occurred, convincing many players that was how certain information was being spread. On top of that, right after the grief of The Lands, Branillion—a member of Nerds Inc—kept telling Jacktherippa that The Lands were fine and could be ‘put back on the server’.[11][12]

It is unclear when the backdoor exactly ended, although it seemed to have ended when Rusher joined the server on June 1st 2016. Nonetheless there is reason to believe iTristan remained in contact with the server’s administration afterwards.