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Team Veteran
Veteran Banner
FoundedJune 16, 2016
DisbandmentOctober 9, 2016
MembersNo official amount, estimated at 500> joining for their causes

Team Veteran was a community initiative with the ostensible goal of repelling the influx of players brought to the server by famous YouTubers. This goal was pursued mainly through mass killings of new players at Spawn and attempts to hunt down the YouTuber in question. The group was formed in June of 2016 to stop the invasion of TheCampingRusher's fans, also known as "Rushers". However, the group's true motive was later revealed to be an attempt to cause infighting among new players, though additional ulterior motives have been suggested (see controversies). Established players with an antagonistic attitude toward Rushers were originally referred to as "OGs" by Rusher, until the formation of the group popularized the term “Veteran” as a replacement.

Veteran Flag

Team Veteran was one of the two main belligerents in the Rusher War, the other being Team Rusher.

Although Team Veteran was not a structured group, it was closely associated with the Fourth Incursion. While Team Veteran was considered a broader initiative that anyone could join if they wished, the Fourth Incursion was seen as the more exclusive counterpart limited to pre-Rusher 2b2t players. Members of the Fourth Incursion were sometimes referred to as "generals" or were otherwise considered to be important members of Team Veteran.


The Team Veteran campaign was started on June 16, 2016 by Fit and Sato86, announced through a post on r/2b2t[1] as well as a video[2] on Fit's YouTube channel. The movement's stated goal was to repel the Rusher invasion, and was open to anyone who desired to fight alongside the existing Veterans, so long as they could fend for themselves. However, according to co-founder Sato86, the movement's true intentions were to enable a “divide and conquer” strategy by turning Rushers against themselves through recruitment to Team Veteran.

On October 9th, 2016, Fit released a video[3] calling the Rusher War to a close and suspending the Team Veteran initiative. By this point, Team Veteran had become more of a community in-joke mostly used to mock Rushers who “switched sides.” However, on February 4th, 2018, Fit and five other players temporarily reformed Team Veteran to grief Offtopia’s Viper Base, concluding a long running feud between the two players.


As mentioned earlier, several oldfags disliked Team Veteran due to their inclusion of newfags. However, according to Sato86, Fit intentionally did this to create a ruse. The idea was, by making war propaganda videos for Team Veteran, newfags would be under the impression that they were "helping" Team Veteran in the “war”. Sato's point was to use the newfags that were in Team Veteran to regain territory on the temp map as they were losing ground. Once temp map ended, oldfags, independent, and midfag Team Veteran members alike, would begin to slaughter all newfags, no matter their banner. Fit's apparent ruse was also to cause the Rusherfags to turn against each other, causing distrust and less team formation. Oldfags did not care what banner the newfags had so they were all slaughtered.

Whether this was true or not was unknown at the time, however many people probably looked at this as a cover up from Sato that they kept newfags in the group as no oldfag, Veteran, or independent showed any evidence where they attacked a rusherfag with a Veteran Banner. Although, as most rusherfags were poor in both resources and intelligence to actually make the banner, Veteran sympathies right were probably slaughtered. Sato has said that not all oldfags were in this ruse during temp map. This may have also been a cover up for the long belief that the group was actually a meme and was used to fuel the war, meaning the group actually welcomed newfags.

As stated, many believed during the war and afterwards that Team Veteran was founded in order to encourage the war and make it a publicity stunt, rather than solely being out to eradicate the Rusher threat. This also caused oldfags and midfags to move away from Team Veteran as the group wasn't truly out to hate Rushers. Post war, Veteran leadership later implicated or blatantly confirmed this as without the war and the publicity it brought, the server may not have recovered from the backdoor crisis before the war. Whether or not the group was simply always a meme, it cannot be denied that people had a general dislike for the rusher floods and that many were massacred and followed the original intention of Team Veteran to get the rushers off the server.

In recent history, Team Veteran is highly looked down upon as the initiative is highly ironic. The group has barely any oldfag support with most of the actual Veterans long departing from the group. Even Sato86 and Offtopia, two of the three initial leaders, have since loosened ties with the initiative. At this point, Team Veteran is really just used for Fit's click-bait and is essentially a pseudo group that fitfags and "for the meme" people join in order to "fight" newfag invasions.


  • Team Rusher - The main enemy of Team Veteran.
  • Peacekeepers - Team Veteran is enemies with the Peacekeepers as they are a Pro-Rusher group and could be called a Rusher sub group due to their close relations with Team Rusher. They also hate the Peacekeepers because of Napkin0fTruth who betrayed Team Veteran to join the Peacekeepers.
  • Resistance - Team Veteran is enemies with the Resistance as the Resistance griefed the Valley of Wheat and were a Pro-Rusher/Anti-Veteran group. The two teams had many skirmishes with each other during the Rusher War and one of the Resistance's dupe bases was griefed by Team Veteran during the 4th Incursion. During the Biggest Battle in 2b2t History, the two teams had a temporary truce and teamed up against Rusher.
  • Team Aurora - While technically not a sub group, the group can be considered a Team Veteran sub group of sorts during the course of the Rusher War. Its relation with Team Veteran is similar to the relation between Peacekeepers and Rushers. It was mainly the "Rusher" part of the group as the members are mainly newfaggots and players that joined due to Rusher. Neda T, their leader, was a Veteran spy who insided the Resistance and moved on to create her own Pro-Veteran group. The group is now in somewhat of a civil war with the 4th Reich.
  • The 4th Reich - Despite being comprised of new players who joined after TheCampingRusher, they have worked with Team Veteran in several Anti-Rusher operations. They also have been present in many of the major battles during the war and contributed to the Rusher Massacre of Spawn and the 4th Incursion. The relation between the 4th Reich and the Veterans was very strong and the Reich could be considered a sub group of Team Veteran during the Rusher War. Some oldfags have worked with and actually joined the 4th Reich during and after the Rusher War (ie Babbaj, jared2013, Sato86).
  • The Vortex Coalition - At first The Vortex Coalition worked with Team Veteran to destroy sanctuaries and kill new players, but they declared neutrality after a few weeks due to many new players being interested in the group.
  • The Incursions - It should be noted that all incursions have specific incursion groups that are independent of any other group/faction. Team Veteran had overlapping members and "goals" with the Incursions but are separate entities entirely. Confusion may also come with the fact that Fit tends to reawaken the group at the beginning of the Incursions.

The Team Veteran banner consists of 3 layers on top of a black banner base. Crafting this requires 1 Black Banner, 1 Oxeye Daisy, 5 Ink Sac and 6 Light Grey Dye. The banner is crafted as follows.


Notable members

The exact number of Veterans is unknown. Several other oldfags, midfags, and newfags have contributed to the Team Veteran cause. The group is mainly full of newfags now as several oldfags began to give up on the cause and Fit's newfag fanbase on his YouTube channel.