The Purge

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The Purge
DurationMay 27th, 2019 - June 2019
Groups InvolvedVortex Coalition, The Emperium
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The Purge sometimes also later known as IX Incursion was intended to be the "spiritual successor" of Spawn Incursions. The term “Incursion” had been temporary retired due to the failures of the 7th Incursion, and Sato86 calling for Incursions to be over. When YouTube streamer Etika joined the server and continued streaming, the first phase of the Purge began when it was evident that a mass killing of newfags was unavoidable as Etika had declared war on the community. The term "Incursion" was revived during the Eighth Incursion and no second purge was established since then.



As the invasion of Etika and his fans clogged the queue along with previous players joining from the Minecraft craze, Etika poked at the idea of flat out starting the 9th Incursion, with fans spamming “9cursion” in stream and server chat. Some players resorted to a rebranding of the Incursion name, such as the first Recursion, to counteract the Etika fanbase. However, these attempts quickly failed. The Purge would later be initially invented in the Spawn Mason discord, with members creating ideas of what could succeed an Incursion. It was not until May 27th, 2019, that policemike55 opened the Purge discord to the public with the purpose to exterminate all new players at spawn.

The Etika Purge ("Phase I")

Duration: May 27th, 2019 - June 16th, 2019

The first Phase begun along with the opening of the discord to the public on May 27th, 2019. The original generals of the Purge were policemike55, ufocrossing, HermeticLock, and TheDark_Emperor. The first announcement by policemike55 made it clear that the purpose of the discord was solely to eradicate new players and discourage them from joining. The Purge would later be organized into 4 (and later 5) separate regiments, each with different tasks and assigned leaders. The first regiment (The Lava Role, later the Water Role) was originally dedicated to building a lava wall around the 2000 block radius of spawn, making it more difficult to traverse the trench made in the 7th Incursion. However, due to encounters with the Anti-Incursion that slowed progress, the regiment was reassigned to the removal of water and surface lakes within 2000 blocks of their designated quadrants. The second regiment (The Highway Role) was responsible for the destruction of all highways in the general spawn area to make it difficult for new players to traverse. The third regiment (The Lag Role) was responsible for the lagging of the server to render it unplayable for both newer players and Etika and to use any sort of disconnection exploit. The fourth regiment (The Patrol/Portal Role) was dedicated to spawn patrol, the killing of newfags, general pvp encounters with the later Anti-Incursion, and the destruction of Nether portals around spawn. The fifth regiment (The Base Hunt Role), which was added later during the Phase, was dedicated to the searching and destruction of any farms or bases that would benefit new players within a 10K spawn radius.

The Purge's operations had been successful for the first few days, with the lava wall beginning construction, highways, and portals quickly being destroyed, and the third regiment managing to constantly lag the server, especially during Etika's streams. It would be a nuisance enough for Etika to even threaten to "lag the server back" despite him not realizing it would only affect his fanbase. It would not be until May 30th, 2019, that the Purge would face its first real opposition, the second Anti-Incursion. Many of the members of this iteration were denied entry to the Purge, similarly to how many were also kicked from the 7th Incursion. The Anti-Incursion had been determined to undo all Purge operations, such as rebuilding highways, relighting portals, and destroying the lava wall. They were also determined to helping newfags escape spawn. The Anti-Incursion had been successful in hindering the progress of the lava wall, with several sections of the wall cast into cobblestone. This forced the Purge to cease focus on the wall operation. There would also be several spawn encounters between the two parties, with several casualties at times, and a few dupe stashes were destroyed. On June 5th, 2019, the Purge managed to convince YouTuber AtlanticCraft with 5 million subscribers to take down an anarchy related video and insided an attempted SIG splinter group, started by the Anti-Incursion.

Members of the Purge at Wrath Outpost

Spawn encounters continued to be prevalent with the Anti-Incursion making several montages and videos, giving a false sense of success that would even confuse Fit into believing the conflict had been mostly one-sided, when it was actually mostly leveled. This would cause several members of the Purge to begin retaliating with their own videos and montages. The Anti-Incursion would later attempt on June,10th, 2019, to rebuild Wrath Outpost, with the Anti-Incursion holding the position for an hour until the Purge arrived and destroyed all the progress made and forcing the opposition out. This would be the last major event of the first Phase of the Purge as Etika had seemingly stopped streaming, and the hype created by him began to slow down. The queue was brought down to roughly half of the queue when the Purge began, proving that efforts were successful. With these facts in mind, the first phase of the Purge came to a close on June 16th, 2019, with the discord being kept active in the event another YouTube invasion occurs, rather than being deleted or archived like Incursions

Throughout the Purge, several generals had stepped down, and several overseers would take their places. One of the larger step-downs was that of policemike55, who on June 5th, 2019, was exposed by iTristan to be a fake policemike55. The fake policemike55 would later leave the discord without a word, with several of the members confused. Other general step-downs and promotions included HermeticLock (stepped down), Scribblefoxx (promoted), TheGrandLotus (promoted and stepped down), JayAmazingness (promoted and stepped down), and ThejumpyblazeFTW (promoted).

End of the Purge

After Phase I, the Purge went into waiting for the next potential YouTuber. However, people began to complain that the Purge was solely created as an advertising platform for the Emperium, causing inner conflicts to arise.

They advertised that Phase II would continue on the Emperium discord to destroy any remaining Etika fan assembling. Eventually, the VoPerium alliance would end between VoCo and the Emperium, leading VoCo members to inside and delete the Purge discord.

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