The Vortex Coalition

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The Vortex Coalition
Approx. FoundedMay 2015
Notable Members
iZac, Salamander, Ringiohux, fowlup67
Notable Bases
VoCapital II, Trinity base, VoCapital II, Babylon Builder's Cult 2, Aenidad, dh-8-m, The Hidden City of Pantheon
Phase I: May 2015 - January 2016

Phase II: May 2016 - January 2017

Phase III: June 2017 - January 2018

Phase IV: June 2018 - February 11 2019

Phase V: June 15 2019 - February 28 2020

Phase VI: June 15 2020 - present

The Vortex Coalition (widely known and shortened to VoCo) is the longest-running and second largest faction in 2b2t history from 2015-present, and has had a concurrent 150+ members for the past several years, even with inactive members being removed and applicants being subject to rigorous vetting. It was founded by Coltsnid and AmericanOreo, the former being the more widely known, in May 2015 to "mock" the late Valkyria following an incident between the two entities.

VoCo owns one of the most populated 2b2t-related Discord servers, which has over 2900 members and counting. VoCo has its own economy which is based on its own currency: VoCoin™️. Players can buy rank-ups, in-game items, or priority queue and paid clients with VoCoin™️. The group's motto is "The Vortex Coalition is an elite group of players dedicated to making 2b2t a better place".



Before creating The Vortex Coalition, Coltsnid joined 2b2t on August 17th, 2014. During his first few months, he explored near spawn, walking around until his hunger bar depleted, dying, and exploring more. Colt would sometimes invite friends to play on the server with him.

In December 2014, AmericanOreo, an IRL friend of Coltsnid for 7 years, first joined 2b2t. The two founded a small base 100,000 blocks out from spawn (overworld). This base would later become the Phase I VoCo HQ.

Phase I

The Vortex Coalition Banner

During the 3rd Incursion began on 2b2t in May of 2015, Sato86 and the rest of Valkyria had amassed their members at spawn. However, this was largely unknown to Coltsnid and AmericanOreo, who still didn't know what an Incursion was.

Colt and Oreo were on a trip from spawn back to their base, when they encountered a player in the nether named FuzzyFutureFox. At first, the two befriended the player, however, Oreo later killed him for his items.

FuzzyFutureFox was a participant in the 3rd Incursion, as Colt and Oreo quickly found out through an angry chat praising Valkyria and the Incursion.

Within 15 minutes, Sato86, in full god-gear, killed Colt and Oreo quickly.

This chain of events is what inspired Coltsnid to create a group that would mock, meme, and satirize Valkyria, to take revenge against Sato.

The Vortex Coalition was founded by Coltsnid and AmericanOreo in late May of 2015. A logo was designed by Colt which resembles the spiral of a vortex. Efforts to harass Valkyria began with VoCo's infamous "Did you know?" Spam Bot.

The VoCo Spam Bot, which originally ran on the accounts InvisibleGecko18 and DeadlyMause, would frequently post satirical, over-the-top messages that were designed to annoy Sato and other members of Valkyria.

The bot would post messages such as ">Did you know? The Vortex Coalition is currently occupying and renovating Spawn." and ">Did you know? The Vortex Coalition single-handedly carved out all of the Nether highways." These messages are the source of all 2b2t "Did you know?" memes.

The VoCo/Sato86 rivalry was one of the oldest on the server and was often memed. The nickname "VoCo" came to exist through constant arguments in the 2b2t chat about the group, with the term being coined by someone as saying very negative things.

Over the next couple of months, VoCo rose in membership, peaking around 25 members. 2b2t only had an average of about 40 active players around this time in 2015. As such, VoCo still represented a relatively large percentage of the 2b2t player base, thanks to the ease of joining and the lenient nature during the later half of 2015.

Phase II

The Vortex Coalition was not as active during the first half of 2016, and consequently suffered a loss of members and relevance. However, they began to increase in activity just before TheCampingRusher joined the server, who subsequently brought hundreds of players onto 2b2t. With the influx of new players ready to make their mark on 2b2t, and the group's policy of accepting anyone regardless of being a newfag/oldfag, The Vortex Coalition was able to recruit far more members than they ever had before.

The Vortex Coalition worked to expand its reach by advertising through memes on /r/2b2t as well as /r/TheVortexCoalition. They also began actively uploading videos to their YouTube channel. This allowed the VoCo community to expand very rapidly. The Vortex Coalition was so prevalent at the height of its popularity that the 2b2t subreddit implemented a new rule forbidding low-quality posts due to VoCo memes that completely covered the subreddit's front page for 4 days.

Roles in The Vortex Coalition had remained relatively static up until mid-2016. After the large increase of activity, The Vortex Coalition was able to obtain a large number of members, which required a shift in roles to distinguish trustworthy members and new members. In mid-August, the Vortex Coalition added its first new Executive member since Cyan; Ovnel (now known as Joe as of 2017).


Lag machine built by Sengorn_Leopard

The Vortex Coalition has remained relatively peaceful during its existence, not antagonizing other groups, and declaring themselves a noncombatant third party in the Rusher War. They are neutral with many groups and have allied with many over the years. They view PVP as "pointless" and the vast majority of their members do not partake in PVP at spawn.

Phase II Lag Machine

In September of 2016, Sengorn_Leopard built one of the server's largest lag machines (pictured below). He was later granted an Executive role in VoCo as a reward his efforts, as well as to solidify the group's control over the lag machine. The coordinates of this lag machine were later leaked by Coltsnid in retaliation of Sengorn_Leopard betraying the Coalition during the disciple/religion meme.      

The Wrath of VoCo

The Wrath of VoCo

During 2016, The Vortex Coalition created their own take on the Wrath Outpost at X: 420 Z: 911 (pictured right), which they built overnight. It was unfortunately destroyed within days of its creation during the 5th Incursion. This was the first consecutive summer that The Vortex Coalition had renovated its spawn base. They have continued this trend into 2017 with another renovation at 420/911 (which has already been destroyed). Structures build near spawn are not expected to last long, and VoCo knows this.

End of Phase II

Coltsnid began to call himself a god, and VoCo members that accepted him as their Lord and savior were accepted into his group of disciples. While many thought this was funny, some were not happy with this change of pace, and this caused controversy within the group. Some members who outright denounced Coltsnid were banned.

Around this time, one of the group's executives, HermeticLock, who was responsible for running the website, decided to change the home page to a meme displaying the DonFuer logo, which further escalated the tensions within the group. On January 13th, 2017, this controversy caused executive member Sengorn_Leopard to ban all users from the discord. When Coltsnid became aware of this, he deleted the discord server and posted an "official" disbandment on /r/2b2t. This post gained a lot of attention and once again the focus of /r/2b2t was The Vortex Coalition. 

Before going inactive for the next several months, Coltsnid had a few more memes up his sleeve, such as "VoCo II" and "selling" the server to "RockyEric" and HermeticLock.

Phase III

On June 2, 2017, The Vortex Coalition ended its second Off-Season and began recruiting new members. With 2b2t falling into decline, it was thought that activities in The Vortex Coalition would likely never reach the levels it had during the Rusher Era (however, the group itself has since grown past the size it was during the Rusher War). Despite the decline in 2b2t popularity, their discord server is one of the most populated 2b2t related servers with over 330 members (Phase III numbers, purged of inactive members regularly).

Salamander, Joe(ovnel), Cyan, and househousehouse1, remained as the executive members.

During Phase III, The Vortex Coalition built 11 separate group bases, two of which are major bases sprawling across thousands of blocks. One being a large above-ground city, another being a large underground cave housing a dwarven fortress. They also renovated their 420/911 spawn base for 2017, although it has already been griefed heavily (pictured right).

On September 28th, 2017 The Vortex Coalition expanded onto the me_irlcraft server as a side project/recruitment scheme outside of 2b2t. This expansion proved hugely successful, with The Vortex Coalition receiving over 50 applications from the playerbase, as well as completely dominating all other forces on the server. me_irlcraft closed down on November 22nd, 2017.

The Vortex Coalition continues to be the largest and oldest active group on 2b2t, with over 110 active members as of January 21st, 2018. Recently VoCo has been heavily investing in spawn operations, such as public infrastructure, spawn bases for new players, and public builds. They are also actively working on a streamlined currency system for VoCo members called VoCoin™.

In mid-December, reports began to circulate that members of The Vortex Coalition had been griefing public infrastructure, such as the Southern Canal. To push back against this destructive behavior within the group, Coltsnid refined the VoCo Terms & Conditions to prohibit public builds being targeted by group members.

On December 28, 2017, The Vortex Coalition announced that it would be taking over executive operations of the Spawn Infrastructure Group (SIG), and provide VoCo with resources to further mobilize spawn efforts and to efficiently produce reliable roads, bridges, and outposts for all spawn travelers.

End of Phase III

On January 30, 2018, Coltsnid announced that Phase III of VoCo was coming to a close. In this statement, it was also announced that all VoCo staff members, including Executives and Trinity members, would be fired, and new staffs would be chosen during the Off-Season and at the beginning of Phase IV. The position of Discord Moderator was the only staff position, which anyone could apply for.

"This was the most streamlined phase VoCo has ever had, and it yielded great success, not only for our Coalition but for 2b2t as a whole.

...It has been an honor working with you all throughout the past 7 months to take The Vortex Coalition to new heights, never seen before by any 2b2t group. Our reach is nearly endless when we work together. Our dominance on 2b2t is so unbreakable even I couldn't truly end VoCo, and that means something.

I will see you all in Phase IV!"

-Coltsnid, Phase III closure announcement.

Phase III Off-season

The Phase III’s Off-Season went on record as The Vortex Coalition's most active Off-Season in history (so far). While overall activity within the group decreased as expected, a handful of members and staffs remained dedicated to ensuring activity never came to a standstill.

During the 2018 Off-Season, VoCo was a major participant in the 6th Incursion, continued further development of VoCoin™, and kept up consistent recruitment levels. In many ways, the 2018 Off-Season is foundational preparation for the beginning of Phase IV, which was expected to begin in May or June.

On April 12, 2018, Coltsnid announced the first Executive members since all staffs were fired at the end of Phase III:

joe/ovnel - Executive

HermeticLock - Executive

househousehouse1 - Executive 

iZac - Executive 

Starting in Phase IV, all staff ranks in VoCo are required to be maintained with activity. 

Phase IV

On June 15, 2018, on the three-year anniversary of VoCo, Coltsnid announced that The Vortex Coalition Phase IV was starting.

After a purge, the group was sitting at just over 150 active members. VoCo has not had this many members since the height of the Rusher War.

Prime Minister Elections

On Tuesday, June 19, The Vortex Coalition held the first Prime Minister election of Phase IV, with 8 candidates running.

HouseCasterly won the popular vote, with 44 members choosing him to become the first PM of Phase IV. He went up for re-election after his 2-week term concluded. He chose not to run for re-election.

Casterly had overseen a large-scale VoCo event on 2b2t with several dozen members in attendance. This event, while successful, was the only event that happened during Casterly's term.

On Tuesday, July 3, VoCo held the second PM election of Phase IV, with 6 candidates running.

Ross won the popular vote with 38 votes, with Zoe coming in closely behind at 33.

On Tuesday, July 17, VoCo held the third PM election of Phase IV, with 3 candidates running.

Ross won the popular vote once again having 33 votes. Zoe came in second again with 20 votes. This election was surrounded by drama and led to fighting between members, though this was later resolved.

Notable Events
  • In June 2018, VoCo acquired the domain, which redirects to the Apply page on their website. According to statistics released by Coltsnid, this has dramatically increased the rate of new users joining the group.
  • On July 1, 2018, The Vortex Coalition Discord server reached 600 members for the first time.
  • On July 3, 2018, The Vortex Coalition had 219 registered members. The former record number for any centralized group in 2b2t history.
  • As of July 17, 2018, The Vortex Coalition has 242 registered members. This completely smashed its own record of 219 members - previously the largest number for any centralized group in 2b2t history. The Vortex Coalition continues to gain new members every day so the number is constantly changing.

Phase V

On June 15th of 2019, the fifth phase of the Vortex Coalition commenced. An event took place on the same day to celebrate, in which over 100 VoCo symbols were built and up to 30 members were in a voice chat at one time. Many new benefits to VoCo members were introduced in a short period of time.

Shortly after, the Vortex Coalition Server Network launched, at the IP It contained PVP, survival, creative, and more. At the launch event, there were 21 players online at one time. The start of Phase V was deemed successful.

Not long after the start of the server, the alliance with Emperium that lasted over a year abruptly ended, due to "immature members' lack of respect and failure to uphold the alliance", the ties were quickly cut. Emperium members also killed and/or provoked VoCo members, thus intensifying a rivalry.

Aggression towards Emperium escalated quickly, as VoCo started taking down multiple Emperium stashes and bases while exposing their wrongdoings. Emperium also increased hostilities towards VoCo, destroying a few bases and attempting to turn VoCo members against the group.

Phase V was another successful and historic season of VoCo activity, including reaching a new peak membership count of 270+ during the 2019 summer, the return of VoCo Server Network, the construction of the Wrath of VoCo II, the construction of the largest ever vortex, and the expansion of the VoCoin™️ economy for more versatility and spending opportunities.

Phase V ended on February 28, 2020.

Phase VI

VoCo Phase VI began on June 15th, 2020, 5 years after VoCo was initially founded in 2015. It should be noted much of this phase takes place on their discord server and little to nothing publicly on 2b2t, and thus cannot be truly verified until documented or shown.

Phase VI launched with many updates to VoCo, including an overhaul of the group's basing system and media branch, as well as implementing the VoCo Credence System for additional security measures at Bases and Events.

In September of 2020, The Vortex Coalition surpassed 7500 applications since 2015, which is an average of ~4 applications per day (at the time).

On November 15th, 2020, The Vortex Coalition released its updated VoCoin™️ 2.0 update, which completely overhauled its currency system. This update included the addition of VoCo XP, a new rank (Ascendant), transactions logging, and an experimental VoCoin™️ API for use with developers.

As VoCo has grown larger over the years, the group has expanded onto other anarchy servers alongside 2b2t, such as Constantiam and 9b9t. VoCo has sub-groups of members who play on different servers. VoCo is still active on 2b2t, and considers it their primary server, but most official business and activity is now done in private on 2b, out of the public eye.


The Vortex Coalition claims to maintain around ~365 bases (although the logistics of this number are up for debate, Coltsnid claims this is an estimate (Most others see it as a meme)), which are spread throughout the 2b2t map in all quadrants. As the years have past, and VoCo presence and documentation has decreased, it is safe to assume this number is lower although an exact approximation cannot be given due to many being private bases and the nature of 2b2t.

VoCo defines a base as "a relatively safe and controlled area outfitted with amenities including beds, ender chests, defensible fortifications, and renewable food sources." Many of these bases are small outposts that serve as "checkpoints" for members to set their bed and possibly farm/autofish. Some, on the other hand, are large, active bases that can have up to 15 members. It should be noted a base does not have to have active resident members to be considered a base, possibly inflating numbers.

Bases (inactive/active)

VoCo HQ (Phase III-V); VoCo Trinity base; VoCapital II; Babylon Builder's Cult 2; Aenidad; dh-8-m; The Hidden City of Pantheon; & several other unnamed small to medium sized bases.

Bases (griefed/abandoned)

VoCo HQ (Phase I); Ecotone; VoCoBo; Cobalt; Alpha I, II & III; Bravo I & II; Don Fuer; Epsilon; Gamma; Base 276; Hemholtz; 420/911 (spawnbase, repaired annually); Fort VoCo;  Breakthrough Starshot, 魔の海 Ma no Umi; Lyra and Vega; Nodus; Silver; Arae; Rigel; Castor; Cobalt; Syrma; Canyone; City of Ash; Sargas; Apollo; Necropolis; Mira; Vault-21; Votropolis; Volantis; SCPM; Theta; Pre-Base-Project; Kepler-22b; Voasis; The Solstice; The Nexus; 800; Hema; Dawns Crown; Neon Base; The; R'lyeh/Babylon; VoCo Mega Base; Chroma; Hikari; Pickle Forest; New Andalos; Helm's Deep; Urbe-Insomnia; Requiem; Araxius One; Zanaris; Unamed; Vocastle; VoCo SS; Earthguards II; Wet Cactus; & several other unnamed small to medium-sized bases.


The Vortex Coalition is one of the largest centralized 2b2t group ever assembled. However, despite this, they rarely ally or war with any 2b2t groups or factions. VoCo is generally pretty friendly towards most groups unless antagonized. VoCo allows members from other friendly 2b2t groups to participate in their ranks without issue.

VoCo has had two conflicts with Emperium over the years, due to VoCo claiming that Emperium was too toxic and immature. The two groups allied after their first conflict ended, but this alliance eventually fell through.

Many new groups and players rely heavily on The Vortex Coalition's infamous tactics to gaining members, attention, and relevance; such as creating in-game bots, posting countless memes onto the 2b2t subreddit, and setting up a structured group Discord server with an application process, attainable ranks, and sometimes even a currency system. However, most of these attempts, with few exceptions, fall short of the precise methods used by VoCo for years, and ultimately fail after a short time.

As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The Vortex Coalition has wiped several small groups off of 2b2t permanently, notably Malaria. Other group names have been lost to time or were never relevant, to begin with. VoCo has also had its fair share of small subgroups.


As the longest-running group in 2b2t history, VoCo has become a somewhat controversial group on 2b2t. Much of this is due to many claim VoCo claims to make that all cannot be backed up. One being its activity. Formerly being a large and public group, it has since declined to a smaller more private group on 2b. This has been pointed out due to a lack of any pvp presence it once had, lack of public player interactions, lack of public events/builds, and lack of updating it's information to reflect it's quiet and slow move to other anarchy servers (Mainly Constantiam). It is because of this, VoCo has largely become a meme to other groups, known for being "alive" when in reality being a "dead" group as far as the general public is concerned.

Ranks and their Meanings

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ranks are not necessarily examples of active players. Some players in the past have worked their way up to VIP or Elite, only to withdraw in activity from the group or 2b2t as a whole. As with the ranking of players, they are mostly suggestions of how players fit into the hierarchy of the group.

Supreme Leader: Coltsnid - The owner and operator of The Vortex Coalition and it's affiliated projects.

Co-Founder: AmericanOreo - Involved in the foundation of VoCo.

Senior Executive: Coltsnid's right-hand men, helping guide VoCo.

Executive: A rank given to members that are trusted with Discord power and secrets of The Vortex Coalition.

First Class™: This rank is for those that have shown immense leadership capabilities within the group, and is a precursor to the Executive rank.

Moderator: A rank chosen by the executive team to keep the discord civil.

Prime Minister: An elected official from the lower-ranked members of the group. (No longer in use as of Phase V)

Ascendant: The most reputable non-staff rank in VoCo. Ascendants are granted extra permissions in the Discord and are usually involved in most if not all VoCo activities.

Eternal: A highly reputable player who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and loyalty to VoCo.

Exalted: An extremely well-respected rank in VoCo.

Elite: A prestigious rank for those that are fully trusted within VoCo.

Eminent: A respected player with significant sway within the group.

VIP: A trusted player with more privileges in the group. These players typically spent time working on bases with the group and growing the empire as large as it could possibly be.

Member+: A player who has earned the trust of the general population is granted this rank as a testament to that trust. These players are typically well settled into the group and have begun to take part in activities with other players and bases.

Member: The basic confirmed rank. You have been admitted to The Vortex Coalition if you bear this rank.

Initiate: A two-month trial role given to fresh recruits. Extremely similar to member trust-wise, however, not officially a member of The Coalition.

Notable Members

These were the most prominent members of The Vortex Coalition during the respective phases. They are not necessarily accurate in their rankings and should, therefore, be taken as a suggestion of the role played in the group's history.

Names in italics represent members no longer in the present-day Vortex Coalition.

Phase II (2016)

  • Coltsnid (Supreme Leader & Co-Founder)
  • AmericanOreo (Co-Founder)
  • Cyan (Senior Executive)
  • househousehouse1 (Recruiter, Executive)
  • HermeticLock (Developer, Executive)
  • Salamander (Executive)
  • Ovnel (Executive)
  • HolyBruhBrine (Head Recruiter, Elite, First Prime Minister)
  • iTavux (Third Prime Minister)
  • Sengorn_Leopard (Executive)
  • Rula (Recruiter, Elite)
  • Pikachu2204 (Elite)
  • D_loaded (VIP)
  • Dakras (VIP)
  • ImportedSocks (Elite, Second Prime Minister)
  • RedTechEngineer (Member+)

Phase III (2017)

  • Coltsnid (Supreme Leader & Co-Founder)
  • AmericanOreo (Co-Founder)
  • Cyan (Senior Executive)
  • Salamander (Senior Executive)
  • househousehouse1 (Executive)
  • Ovnel (Executive)
  • HermeticLock (First Class™)
  • iZac (First Class)
  • 02v (Exalted)
  • HouseCasterly (Elite)
  • kekkekkek1 (Elite)
  • Cortstar (Eminent)
  • enchBarry (Eminent)
  • Pickleman360 (Eminent)
  • RedTechEngineer (VIP)
  • dragonworm (VIP)
  • JobyJumble (VIP)
  • ShRules (VIP)
  • Killet (VIP)
  • ericsprenger/zoe (VIP)
  • Pikachu2204 (Member+)
  • xyzvp (Member+)
  • Crazy (Member+)
  • InfantryMan (Member+)
  • pepsi boy (Member)
  • ThatOneGuy (Member)
  • tbi (Member)
  • Error_Code503 (Member)
  • RussianMinecraft (Member)

Phase IV (2018)

  • Coltsnid (Supreme Leader & Co-Founder)
  • AmericanOreo (Co-Founder)
  • Cyan (Co-Founder and Executive)
  • Salamander (Executive)
  • househousehouse1 (Executive)
  • HermeticLock (Executive)
  • iZac (Executive)
  • Adriano1804 (Executive)
  • Casterly (First Class™)
  • fowlup67 (First Class™)
  • InfernoPickaxe (First Class™)
  • Ringiohux (First Class™)
  • Skylar (First Class™)
  • Erazael (Exalted)
  • kekkekkek1 (Exalted)
  • Mikey/DqwnSyndrome (Exalted)
  • Xianex (Exalted)
  • Golden (Exalted)
  • Jaxx2456 (Exalted)
  • Wandachamp (Exalted)
  • Clev (Elite)
  • KeKo (Elite)
  • HolyBruhBrine (Elite)
  • Changyurraptor (Elite)
  • FarmerJoe (Elite)
  • RussianMinecraft (Eminent)
  • Individual (Eminent)
  • Stronkfish (Eminent)
  • ThePencilWriter (Eminent)
  • ADifferentPerson (Eminent)
  • John | Simul (Eminent)
  • MrBen (VIP)
  • PeTro (VIP)
  • RedTechEngineer (VIP)
  • Ross (VIP)
  • TheSuperiorEnder (Member+)
  • trapbob/klubTHEminecart (Member+)
  • unroot (Member+)
  • drewbookman (Member+)
  • IceBreaker263715 (Member+)
  • AceMuffins (Member)
  • Tyr4nnic4l (Member)
  • DeluxeEmerald (Member)

Phase V (2019)

  • Coltsnid (Supreme Leader & Co-Founder)
  • Salamander (Executive)
  • iZac (Executive)
  • Adriano1804 (Executive)
  • fowlup67 (First Class™)
  • kekkekkek1 (First Class™)
  • Ringiohux (First Class™)
  • Skippy (First Class™)
  • Deepfield (First Class™)
  • Rathaus (First Class™)
  • Golden (Eternal)
  • Elaphant (Eternal)
  • Uncannytrack (Eternal)
  • BeeVa (Eternal)
  • RussianMinecraft (Exalted)
  • Erazael (Exalted)
  • KeKo (Exalted)
  • Stronkfish (Exalted)
  • Xianex (Exalted)
  • Clev (Elite)
  • Changyurraptor (Elite)
  • Citruz (Elite)
  • ThePencilWriter (Elite)

Phase VI (2020)

  • Coltsnid (Supreme Leader & Co-Founder)
  • iZac (Senior Executive)
  • Salamander (Senior Executive)
  • Ringiohux (Executive)
  • fowlup76 (Executive)
  • kekkekkek1 (First Class™)
  • Rathaus (First Class™)
  • Pickled (Ascendant)
  • Vacant (Ascendant)
  • ADifferentPerson (Eternal)
  • aok10000 (Eternal)
  • Bear_03 (Eternal)
  • Forfy (Eternal)
  • Nimitz (Eternal)
  • Stronkfish (Eternal)
  • Wandachamp (Eternal)
  • ArcInferno (Exalted)
  • flies (Exalted)
  • Gappy (Exalted)
  • Porkupine (Exalted)
  • Sjp020203 (Exalted)
  • SneeryPigeon505 (Elite)
  • snowslushy (Elite)
  • Sound (Elite)
  • Pepsi boy (Eminent)
  • tree who (Eminent)
  • RedTechEngineer (VoCo VIP)

Please note that there have been several hundred other members throughout the span of VoCo. 


  • The Vortex Coalition was the first group on 2b2t to pioneer its own functional group currency on discord. Known as Vocoin.
  • The Vortex Coalition is responsible for the "Did You Know?" meme due to the group's bot. There are over 150 original VoCoBot DYK messages.
  • The Vortex Coalition has its own queue skipping system, known as VoQueue.
  • The Vortex Coalition spawn base was at x420 y69 z911, and features the ruins of an obsidian megastructure built there, known as "The Wrath of VoCo."
  • The Vortex Coalition official motto is: "The Vortex Coalition is an elite group of players dedicated to making 2b2t a better place". However, this is a meme and was specifically designed to trigger those who are not fond of VoCo.
  • The Vortex Coalition has created many bases and destroyed others, organized up to 20 members to be online at the same place all at once, they have had up to 30 players logged into 2b2t at the same time, they have utterly destroyed 5 different smaller groups, and they are the reason The 4th Reich exists.
  • Each VoCo base is named with a corresponding number since the first VoCo base. For example, VoCo base 297 (AKA Gamma Base) is the 297th base built by VoCo. Other examples include VoCo base 276 (base raided by Tumorous) and VoCo base 329 (AKA Delta Base).
  • The Vortex Coalition has a Christmas Album, which it expands every holiday season with song parodies.
  • On January 17th, 2021, The Vortex Coalition acquired the vanity URL.