The VoWers

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The VoWers
The VoWers' Logo
FoundedJune 2018
DisbandmentSeptember 2018
LeaderFloatTea (Original), WitBlue
BasesOutposts at the VoW and some stashes

The VoWers

The VoWers were a group founded in June 2018 by Alan_Foster who were dedicated to restoring the Valley of Wheat and eventually maintain it. They were one of the more successful groups that attempted to fix the Valley since its initial grief in 2016 as they were taken more seriously by the community and had much more resources at their disposal.


At first, the VoWers had plans to recreate the build within the mounds of cobblestone, creating a sort of cavern. However, they had instead planned to flatten the area in order to rebuild from the ground up. The VoWers would soon begin to use large flying machines to destroy the several lavacasts over the Valley. They had used a world download to map out different sections and builds, which would help them in mapping out trajectories. Sections would be cleared of the damage and restoration of the various builds and wheat would begin. However, they quickly realized that doing it by hand was unsustainable with such a small group.

The group would soon come up with the idea to use automated bots to maintain the Valley. They believed that by using bots, they would not only be able to reduce the effort necessary but to waste time of griefers as killing the bots would be useless. During the Donkey Dupe, the VoWers would begin to heavily dupe and create stashes with the assistance of new players who would be given free items. They would eventually open a store, which they called the Valley Trading Co, where they would sell the duped gear in order to pay priority queue for the bot accounts

Map render of a rebuilt section

However, by September 2018, the server had become so popular that many of the members were not able to log in. Along with this, several of the members would begin focusing on real life and activity fell as they had prioritized just duping enough gear and not enough time at the Valley itself. The group would then inevitably disband that same month and the project would remain unfinished.


The VoWer's destroying lavacasts

Notable Members

  • Alan_Foster (Founder)
  • Kippenator (TNT Engineer)
  • Coroag
  • Zeldon567
  • Gambino
  • CrispRhino
  • KingOda
  • Thready
  • Chromatikx
  • Namirnadi
  • Few more