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Flag of Unity (created by Sato86)
Bases~1 (Unity)

The Unity (2014)

The Unity was a small group that based at spawn and began in early 2014. Their task was to help out newfags out of spawn.


The movement was started by Akod in early 2014 when he founded the base which he named New Unity. It was less than 5,000 blocks out and was made to show new players that not everyone is hostile and that there could be safety within spawn. Anyone who found their way to it was sent off with an inventory full of items, food, weapons, and armor to help them on their journey out of spawn.

It caught the attention of several large players, who joined and helped build up and maintain the place, which brought even more large players who would stop in from time to time. It was hit by griefers a number of times, but was rebuilt each time to show it would not fall so easily. That was true until mid 2015, when it was destroyed almost beyond recognition by a large player and was finally abandoned by those who stood for it.

Notable Members/Affiliates


  1. 25:00 (c1yd3i explains Unity)