The Turtles

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The Turtles

The Turtles
FoundedSummer of 2016
DisbandmentSummer of 2016
BasesSome noob bases

The Turtles were a group that existed on 2b2t during the beginning of the Rusher War . Their leader was xTurtle, a smaller YouTuber known for using and testing hacked clients on Minecraft servers.


xTurtle posted a video about 2b2t on June 17, 2016, and created an 11 video series on it. This prompted his fans to form a team similar to that of Team Rusher. However, this group would not last long as Team Veteran completely eradicated the group by slaughtering most of his fans early on during the war. xTurtle would also leave 2b2t due to dying in the End and losing most of his gear. The group was similar to Team Rusher as the group was completely disorganized.


  • Team Veteran - The Turtles were treated in the same hostile regard as Team Rusher by Team Veteran. Due to a much smaller population in comparison to Team Rusher, most of The Turtles were completely forced off the server by Team Veteran and the server's harsh environment.

Notable Members

  • xTurtle (Leader)